Multiple Meaning Words

Explore Multiple Meaning Words And Games For Kids

There are several words with the same spelling but different meanings. These words are called homonyms. In this article, we’ve listed a few multiple meaning words games that can help your child better understand homonyms.

You can explore multiple meaning words for kids. There are substantial lists of multiple meaning word games for kids available online. Teaching vocabulary for kids will enable them to develop educational growth. These are the words that mean two things. For example, Note, it means textual writing and musical script, and Trunk which means elephant nose and box. Therefore, you can check the list of the same words with different meanings to teach vocabulary words for kids. With this, they will be able to upgrade their reading and writing skills. Check out some of the multiple meaning words for kids mentioned below:

Multiple Meaning Words List

Here are a few words that have more than one meaning:

  1. Bark: It means the sound a dog makes + a tree’s outer layer
  2. Bat: It means an object used to hit a ball + a nocturnal mammal
  3. Can: It means a metal container + the ability to do something
  4. Die: It means to stop living + a cube with numbers 1-6
  5. Lie: It means to rest or recline + to not say the truth
  6. Match: It means pairing similar items together + a stick used to make flames
  7. Pound: It means a unit of weight + to beat something/someone
  8. Right: It signifies being correct + a direction
  9. Rose: It means to get up + a flower
  10. Tire: It means to become exhausted + a part of a wheel
  11. Saw: It means to see + a tool to cut woods 
  12. Sink: It mean an area to wash utensils + drowning
  13. Nail: It means a fingernail + a small metal spike
  14. Fly: It means an insect + flying in the sky
  15. Wave: It means to seek attention of someone + a water rise on the shore
  16. Palm: It means front side of the arm + a tree near the seashore
  17. Crane: It signifies vehicle to carry loads + a bird
  18. Nut: It means a dry fruit + a metallic spike used for fixing things. 
  19. Ring: It means sound of the phone + an ornament
  20. Bow: It means an accessories to wear on the neck + to greet someone
  21. Seal: It means to stamp documents + a sea animal
  22. Court: It means a place of law + specific area assigned for playing sport
  23. Handle: It means to hold + take care of situation
  24. Glass: It means vessel to drink + Spectacles 
  25. Tie: It means to fix something + an accessory to wear on the neck
  26. Light: It means illumination or something that makes things visible + not so heavy
  27. Bear: It means to hold or support something + an animal 
  28. Mouse: It means an animal + a device used for computer
  29. Spring: It means a weather+ an equipment that moves upside down
  30. Bank: It means a place where you can deposit or withdraw money + place alongside the river or lake
  31. Watch: It means to see something + an accessory to see time
  32. Store: It means to keep somethings + a place to buy essential things
  33. Leaves: It means holidays + a part of the plant.
  34. Space: It means an unoccupied area + region around the planets
  35. Mine: It means something that belongs to you + an area where coal is found. 
  36. Bore: It means unpleasant situation + to dig something
  37. Pupil: It means a circular black area of an eye + an young student
  38. Clear: It means something transparent + information easy to understand
  39. Sole: It means only one + area below the foot

Multiple Meaning Words For Grade 1, 2, 3 & 4:

  1. Clip: It means a visual of video + hair accessories
  2. Left: It means leaving some place + one side of the body part (for example, left hand)
  3. Ship: It means delivering package + large size boat on the ocean
  4. Train: It means to teach something + long vehicle carrying passengers
  5. Minute: It means time + small or tiny thing
  6. Park: It means specific area + large garden used by people to walk and exercise 
  7. Fan: It means an apparatus used for cooling and ventilation + a person who admires someone 
  8. Chip: It means snack for munching + a small broken piece
  9. Fair: It means being non discriminatory + skin complexion 
  10. Tear: It means pulling apart something + muscle stretch or wound

Just how these words that have multiple meanings are called homonyms, there are words that have different meanings, same spellings, but different pronunciations. Those are called Homographs. For example, the word ‘bow’ could refer to archery equipment, and could also refer to bending. Both spell the same but sound different.

Similarly, some words with different meanings have the same pronunciation but different spellings. These are called Homophones. For example, the word ‘two’ means a number. Whereas the word ‘too’ refers to adding on to something. These are words that mean two things but sound exactly the same.

Fun Games to Understand Multiple Meaning Words

Here are a few multiple meaning words games your kids will love.

Match the Words: Understanding Words with Two Meanings

For this game, you need to create two batches of cards. The first batch would contain multiple meaning words, and the second batch would contain multiple meaning words sentences. An example of a pair of sentences would be “Jack threw the ____ to Jim”, and “Jennifer went to the ____ and danced all night” You guessed the word. It’s ‘ball’! Kids need to match both cards accordingly.

Homonym Charades: Act Out Words with Different Interpretations

As you guessed, all kids must do is act out various words with many meanings. You could first split kids into two teams, and then have each of them draw out a card with a homonym on it. For example, if a child picks out the word ‘rose’, they could act the word out in 2 different ways. First, a flower, and then the act of getting up. You could even refer to our multiple meaning words list above!

Check out Osmo’s digital-physical game, Words, now! It could be a great way to teach your child about homonyms.

Come Up with Another Sentence: Learn Dual Meaning Words

Write down sentences on chits of paper and have each child pick them up. If they pick a chit with a sentence like ‘I read a book yesterday’, they need to come up with another sentence with a word used in that sentence. Such as ‘I have to book a reservation at this hotel’ — same word, different meaning!

Homonym Race: Match Words that Have Different Meanings

Here’s another game to understand words that have multiple meanings. All you have to do is to scatter around picture cards/cards with written words on them. Kids need to race to find and touch the homonyms. For example, you could print out an image of a tire, and also an image of an exhausted boy. (the word is “tire”) Kids need to race to touch them both or match them and bring them to you. More examples of dual meaning words include ‘tie’, ‘band’, ‘ring’, and so much more.

Hide & Seek: Best Multiple Meaning Words Games

Test your child’s knowledge of English words with multiple meanings with this fun-filled homonym game! First, give each child a homonym card. (such as the word ‘bank’) Then, have them hunt for the definition cards that match this homonym. One definition card could read ‘a place where you deposit money’, and the other definition could be ‘the land alongside a river’.

For more kids learning games and literacy games, check the rest of our website!

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiple Meaning Words

What are some of the examples of multiple meaning words?

Some of the examples of multiple meaning words for kids are Bore: a tedious situation and to dig, Glass: spectacles and a container to drink, Rose: a flower and to get up, Palm: a tree and the front part of the arm, etc.

What are some Fun Games to Understand Multiple Meaning Words?

Some of the Fun Games to teach Multiple Meaning Words to kids are matching the words and helping them to understand the meaning of 2 words, assisting them to form 2 sentences which has the same word but a different meaning, etc.

What are multiple meaning words?

The multiple meaning words for kids are those words that have the same spelling with different meanings. These set of words are known as Homonyms. These words help kids to have a better understanding of the language and improve their vocabulary.