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Reading and other vocabulary building activities or exercises aren’t usually on top of a child’s to-do list. But they do need to learn new words, brush up on words that they already know, or even learn how to spell. Teaching words for kids will enable them to read and write. The easiest way to entice a child to learn is through games and activities that involve playing. Crossword puzzles for kids are a great way to get in some language and spelling practice while they play.

With printable crossword puzzles for kids, your child remains occupied while learning through games. As this activity doesn’t require any supervision, you get to kick your feet up and relax too.

Osmo has several crossword puzzles on a variety of themes and topics to keep your child’s word learning on track. Check out these theme-based printable crossword puzzles for kids:

Looking for printable crossword puzzles for kids? We’ve got you covered. Here are some free printable crossword puzzles to keep your little kids occupied for a while.

Free Crossword Puzzles for Kids

You can test your child’s vocabulary for various categories such as:

Food And Drink Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Help your little ones learn the names of different fruits, vegetables, beverages and snacks with this printable crossword puzzle.

Food And Drink Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Shape Names Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Learning shapes are an important part of early math learning for kids. Help your child master the names of different shapes using this crossword puzzle for kids.

Shape Names Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Osmo’s Tangram is another great game to help children learn about different shapes. Kids get to arrange tangible Tangram tiles to match the puzzles or shapes on-screen.

This game is a great way to test your child’s knowledge of shapes!

Animal Names Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Have your children solve this easy and fun crossword puzzle for kids to learn about animals.

Check animal names crossword puzzles for kids

Color Names Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Boost your child’s knowledge of colors by helping them solve this crossword puzzle on the names of different colors.

Color Names Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Benefits Of Solving Crossword Puzzles for Kids

There are several benefits of solving crossword puzzles for kids. Here are some ways it helps children.

  1. Improves spelling and vocabulary: As they solve crossword puzzles for kids, little children learn new words and practice words that they’ve already learned. Additionally, the activity also improves the child’s spelling skills. This improves their vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills. Check out vocabulary for kids to learn more about its importance.
  2. Develops focus, persistence, and patience: Crossword puzzles for kids need them to focus on solving the puzzle. As they find the words based on the clues, it improves their patience and persistence. 
  3. Ignites problem-solving skills: Following clues to decode the word helps children to learn logical reasoning and observational skills. These skills help them to build problem-solving skills. Check out problem solving for kids for more ways to boost their problem-solving skills.
  4. Contributes to brain development: Crossword puzzles get children thinking as they try to find the words through the clues. Additionally, the activity also helps them retain the words they learn in the puzzle in their memory. This helps boost their brain development, thought processing time and sharpens their memory.
  5. Stress buster: Games like crossword puzzles for kids are great stress busters for kids. They make learning more playful and engaging and take away the pressure kids that feel during difficult lessons.

Crossword Puzzles for Kids: How to Make Them Interactive

Since crossword puzzles for kids are best solved independently (maybe with a little bit of help from you), they might not be the most interactive way to learn. 

Here are some ways you can make crossword puzzles for kids more interactive and fun:

  1. Read Crossword Puzzles Together
  2. Reading aloud with your child can definitely help with their literacy skills.

    As your kid solves every crossword puzzle, ensure they read the word out loud. Also, test their understanding of the word by asking them what it means. If they have trouble grasping the concept of the words, try acting them out. For example, if your child needs to find the word “enormous” in a crossword puzzle, you could act like you’re a giant stomping around the house. This will make them have a good laugh too.

  3. Encourage Pretend Play After Solving Crossword Puzzles
  4. Kids have the best imaginations. They’re always asking questions and observing everything around them. So when you allow them some time to engage in pretend play, they tend to re-enact real-world scenarios that could enhance their literacy development.

    So, after they’ve solved crossword puzzles, you could give them some time alone and check if they’re using any of the new words while learning. Allow them to pretend they’re visiting the doctor, or re-enact a classroom scenario, and maybe they’ll find a way to use the words they’ve learned from the puzzles.

    Activities like these will make them talk to themselves while also improving their understanding of the real world.

  5. Conversation Time
  6. Once your child has learned some new vocabulary through these crossword puzzles, talk to them every day using as many of these new words as possible. This will encourage them to use these words while they interact with others too!

Frequently Asked Questions on Crossword Puzzles for Kids

What Are Crossword Puzzles For Kids?

Crossword puzzles for kids are one of the famous puzzles for learning vocabulary words. They motivate children to learn new words in a simple method by giving hints or clues. They also are easily available online, in newspapers, magazines and comic books. Moreover, you can also create crossword puzzles for kids.

Why are crossword puzzles for kids important?

When children solve crossword puzzles, they play with their family members and friends. Hence, this develops social skills and interpersonal skills in them. Crossword puzzles for kids also improve their vocabulary and their knowledge of words by refreshing their little minds.

Do Crossword Puzzles For Kids Develop Their Brain?

Yes, Crossword puzzles for kids certainly help in the development of their brain. They also encourage them to think and make strategies that can be filled inside a grid. These crossword puzzles gives an immense amount of confidence and satisfaction to the kids once they finish solving them.

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