Rebus Puzzles for Kids

Rebus Picture Puzzles for Kids

A Rebus puzzle for kids is an interesting pictorial puzzle where the picture represents a word, phrase, name, thing, etc. These are creative brain-teasers where the visual clue is given. Kids need to decode the pictorial clue and guess the answer. These fun rebus puzzles for kids are a great way to develop visual understanding in them. Parents must encourage their kids to solve such puzzles.

Kids of age 3 to 7 years love pictorial puzzles. They will not only be entertained but will also learn new words and phrases with the help of rebus riddles for kids. Rebus worksheets for kids are a great way to improve logic and reasoning in children. Like any puzzle, a rebus puzzle for kids asks them to understand the picture and arrive at the answer. There are many benefits of solving rebus puzzles for kids. 

Some of the benefits of rebus puzzles with answers for kids are listed below:

  • Develop Reasoning Skills: Like any other puzzles for kids, rebus puzzles are a great way to get your kids thinking and applying their reasoning skills. It will also develop their thinking and reasoning abilities.
  • Boost Memory Power: Rebus puzzles are a great way to boost the memory of children as it is easier for kids to remember pictures.
  • Teach Spellings: Teaching your little munchkins spellings can be a daunting task. So, get your kids to indulge in the excitement of the rebus puzzle, which will eventually improve their spellings.
  • Improve Vocabulary: In Rebus Puzzles, children need to identify the pictures with different words. This will help them to enhance their vocabulary.

Given below are the rebus puzzles for kids with answers:

rebus puzzles for kids

Answer: Green with envy

rebus puzzles for kids

Answer: Head over heels
A popular song for kids. Think of what the word could be, then think of what is missing.

rebus puzzles for kids

Answer: Three blind Mice. Is (eyes) are missing in the three mice.

rebus puzzles for kids

Answer: Two-way radio. Radio is written in two ways.

rebus puzzles for kids

Answer: Reading between the lines