Gifts for 6 Year Olds

Best Gifts Ideas for 6 Year Olds

There is no denying that children love receiving gifts. Ask any kid and he will give you a list of things he wants on his birthday. Today, there are so many gifting options available in the market. When it comes to gifting something to their kids, parents are spoilt for choices. 

With so many gift options available, it is important to choose the right gift that your kid would thoroughly enjoy. If you are still confused about what to present to your child, we have ideas of unique gifts for 6 year olds. At Playosmo, the award-winning educational gaming system, you can find an array of games suitable for your child’s age.

Playosmo Gaming Kits as Gifts

Children learn through games. This is why Osmo offers educational gifts for 6 years olds. Following are some of the educational gaming kits as gifts:

  1. Monster: Building creative abilities in a 6 year old kid is critical. Osmo Monster is a game that includes a drawing board and markers. It allows kids to draw different shapes on the drawing board and see their drawings come to life on screen. As the drawing becomes part of magical animated activities, kids will thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. This is the best gift for all the painters and doodlers in the house. Newton and Masterpiece are other games in this category.
  2. Pizza Co.: Osmo Pizza Co. is a really fun game that provides kids with an unmatched experience of running a pizza store. Kids would love to run their own store. They would interact with customers on the screen, sell them pizza and collect money and return them change. This game teaches children entrepreneurship and extraordinary math skills at such a young age.
  3. Detective Agency: With the detective agency game, you can solve mysteries around the world. In this game, kids can run their own detective agency. They can travel to six famous cities and inspect clues with a magnifying glass. Kids would learn about geography and culture around the world. This game makes kids pay close attention to the details and be observant.
  4. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2: Kids love Disney characters. This game provides kids with a sketchbook on which kids can draw different objects related to Disney characters and stories. This is a magical experience where kids would discover the creativity of drawing.
  5. Genius Tangram: Arrange Tangram pieces as per the image given on the screen. Arranging the tangible puzzle pieces is not as simple as it looks.  Tangram is Osmo’s interactive puzzle game for kids. It enhances spatial thinking and visual problem-solving skills.
  6. Genius Words: It is a word puzzle game in which kids will have to guess the word and spell it based on what is seen on the screen. This is a self-guided learning activity that helps build vocabulary.
  7. Genius Numbers: Many kids are intimidated by math. Imagine if there’s a way to learn math through interactive games. Well, this is what Genius Numbers does. It makes calculations and math operations easier through number puzzles.

General Gift Ideas for 6 Year Olds

Most kids can be a little picky when it comes to gifting them something. Thus, you should keep their interests in mind. You should observe what activities they like to indulge in while selecting a gift for them. These are some gifting ideas given below:

  1. Drawing books and colors: If your kid loves to draw and paint, there is no better gift than a drawing kit that includes a drawing book, pencils, colors (crayons or paints), etc.
  2. Soft toys: All kids love soft toys. This is why it appears in the list of top gifts for 6 year olds.
  3. Building Blocks: Building blocks is something you can gift a 6 year old. They will build new structures with the blocks.
  4. School bags and other school accessories: School bags, water bottles, tiffin boxes and pencil boxes are the requirement in school. Such items make for cool gifts for 6 year olds.
  5. Sports equipment: You can give children sports equipment such as bat-ball, football, basketball, etc. This will encourage them to indulge in outdoor sports activities.
  6. Toy cars and motorbikes: Kids love to play with cars and motorbikes. This is a good gift for 6 year olds. As the remote control will be in their hand, they would feel like they are driving the car. This fills them with joy and thrill.
  7. Dolls: Kids love dolls, especially girls. They love to play with dolls, dress them up, comb their hair. This is why dolls make for a good gifting idea.

There are some gender-specific toys and games available in the market. Some of the birthday gifts for boys are robot toys, cars and motorbike toys, bat-ball, football, etc. One of the big gifts for 6 year old girl is a dollhouse. Girls also generally like soft toys, barbie dolls, unicorns, etc.

Well, this doesn’t mean that all kids like gifts as per their gender. There are girls who love toy motorbikes and cars and boys who enjoy playing with dolls. Gift your kids something special that they would love to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 6 Year Olds

What are some of the Play Osmo Gifts for 6 Year Olds?

Some of the Play Osmo Gifts for 6 Year Olds are Osmo’s pizza and co., monster, Osmo’s super studio Disney frozen 2, genius words, genius numbers, and genius tangram.

What are a few general Gifts for 6 Year Olds?

Few general Gifts for 6 Year Olds are building blocks, soft animal toys, coloring books and color pencils, toy cars, trains and motorbikes, Barbie dolls and sports equipment.