Color by Sight Word

For many children, learning sight words need a lot of practice. Are you one of the parents who get worried to see the slow progress of your children in terms of learning sight words? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Color by sight word is an interesting way to remember sight words. All the hard work of mugging up the sight words would turn into fun activities for kindergarten kids. Before we understand how to color by sight words, let us understand what sight words are in brief.

As you may be already familiar with, sight words are the most frequently used words in any text. Kids need to start learning the sight words to read and write fluently in the future. While some kids are fast learners who can learn sight words faster, some kids find it really hard to remember. For them, color by sight word kindergarten is a fun exercise that allows them to remember sight words. Teaching Sight Words for Kids through coloring activities will motivate them to learn more new words. Most of the kids are visual learners therefore, anything that is visually appealing for them will improve their concentration to learn. 

Color by sight word help in many ways. Coloring the sight word is a fun and engaging activity. It is difficult to keep children engaged in studying. This is why such activities are a hit among first-grade children. Color by sight word first grade is a fun way of learning and identifying sight words. 

Color by Sight Word

Kids love to color. This is the motivation behind designing color by sight word worksheets. In the worksheet given above, kids are asked to color the space with the defined color.

For example, ‘it’ must be colored with pink, ‘of’ with yellow, ‘all’ with green, ‘had’ with purple, ‘down’ with blue, and ‘be’ with orange. After coloring, it should look like this (see the image below):

Color by Sight Word

This is another worksheet that kids can practice. It includes 5 sight words i.e., other, there, so, her and go. These words are demarcated within a boundary and these sections need to be colored as per the color code given below.

  • ‘Other’ needs to be colored in green
  • ‘There’ needs to be colored in blue
  • ‘So’ needs to be colored in orange
  • ‘Her’ needs to be colored in yellow
  • ‘Go’ needs to be colored in pink
Color by Sight Word
Color by Sight Word

Your kid would love to color this little mermaid picture. Practicing sight words would be an enticing experience with the free printable color by sight words mermaid picture. Follow the color code given below and color accordingly. 

‘A’ needs to be colored in green
‘Big’ needs to be colored in red
‘Away’ needs to be colored in yellow
‘Can’ needs to be colored in grey
‘Come’ needs to be colored in cream/white
‘And’ needs to be colored in purple
‘Blue’ needs to be colored in blue

Color by Sight Word

Practicing sight words is made super fun with free color by sight word PDF, which can be downloaded from the internet. Give your kids some crayons and ask them to color as per the instruction. The instructions are really simple to follow. There are certain sight words that have been assigned a color.

Kindergarten kids need to color the words with their assigned color. A standard set of crayons would be sufficient to take up this task. Firstly, a kid decides a section they choose to color. They read the word and look at the key to understand what color the particular section would be. This way they can do for the remaining section.

Coloring the pictures with color code is an engaging experience for preschoolers, kindergarten and 1st grade students. Whether you are a parent, teacher or home instructor, you can give these color by sight pictures. 

These activities are perfect for homework and small-group tasks. The free printable color by sight words will not only teach kids reading and writing different words, but it will also bring out their creative side. The coloring task would be loved by kids so much that they would not feel like they are learning something. So many words would naturally become a part of the vocabulary once they start coloring the same section again and again. 

 All you need to do is download, print and you are ready to color!

Frequently Asked Questions on Color by Sight Word

What is color by sight activity?

Color by sight is one of the most interesting activities for the kids to learn new words and recognition of colors. In this activity, children will learn some of the most important sight words by following the coloring instructions given on this page.

What are the benefits of color by sight?

Color by sight activity is a fun and interesting thing for the kids to engage themselves in. We are aware of the fact that, it is quite challenging to engage kids in learning for extended hours of time. Therefore, this activity helps you engage kids in learning new words while coloring.