Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3

By the time kids reach grade 3, they start learning more advanced concepts of multiplication. Introducing children to multiplication lessons with math worksheets for kids helps children learn better. So, whether your child is a fan of math or absolutely detests it, our multiplication worksheets grade 3 will help!

These multiplication worksheets will help your little one learn to solve double digit multiplication problems.

List of Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3

Here are some free multiplication worksheets for kids in grade 3.

Solve multiplication problems: Multiplication worksheets grade 3

Learning the multiplication table for kids is the first step to master multiplying numbers.

Practice multiplication problems on the worksheet: Grade 3 multiplication worksheets for kids

If your child has trouble understanding more advanced multiplication concepts, use these basic multiplication worksheets to help your child learn how to multiply.

Multiplication practice worksheet for kids: Free printable multiplication worksheet for grade 3

Also check out these multiplication worksheets for grade 2.

Solve grade 3 multiplication problems: Third Grade multiplication worksheets for kids

Here Are Some Tips To Teach Your Child Multiplication:

  1. Use pictures or hands-on materials: Kids tend to get easily distracted. There’s a good chance they’re probably thinking about playing outdoors or eating a delicious snack while you’re talking about numbers and multiplication. When you display objects in front of them, or keep them engaged with hands-on materials to explain the concept of multiplication, their attention span increases. Once they’ve got a grasp of core concepts, you could make them try 3rd grade multiplication worksheets grade 3.
  2. Memorize the multiplication table in the right order: Start with 0 and 1 to build your child’s confidence before moving on to the ‘bigger’ numbers. Dropping all the multiplication facts to your child all at once might cause them to feel overwhelmed and even incapable of solving math problems. Make sure to give them sufficient time to practice each table too, both written and verbal.
  3. Review, review, review!
  4. Always remember to review what you’ve already taught your kids before starting a new table of facts. This will help refresh their mind, develop a sense of self-confidence, and help them understand where they stand. Free printable multiplication worksheets grade 3 are a great way to review math facts too!

  5. Gradually introduce them to quotients, products, and dividends
  6. …And factors and divisors too! Draw images on the board to explain these concepts to your child in a better manner.

More Ways to Teach Kids Multiplication Facts

In addition to our multiplication worksheets grade 3, you could try these activities!

  1. Multiplication songs
  2. Songs are the best way to get your kids to learn something new. That’s why there’s the alphabet song!

  3. Team competitions
  4. It’s always healthy to be a little competitive, isn’t it? As long as nobody throws stuff around, it’s all good! All you have to do is divide kids into teams and call out a multiplication problem. Whichever team answers the quickest wins that round!

  5. Multiplication war
  6. Gather a deck of cards for this game. Then, have the players draw a pair of cards, flip them over, and multiply the numbers! Whoever multiplies the fastest wins. Check out Osmo’s all-new Math Wizard games for multiplication: Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games.

  7. Math name tags
  8. Have each child wear a ‘tag’ on their forehead. But in place of a name, there needs to be a multiplication problem on the tag! They need to walk up to other people, solve the math problems on their tags, and have the other players solve the problem on their own tags too.

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3

Are multiplication worksheets grade 3 important?

Yes, multiplication worksheets grade 3 are certainly important to children. These worksheets help them to understand the concept of multiplication in a simple and interesting way by motivating them to practice. Kids also get an idea about coloring, geometric shapes and multiplication as and when they practice these worksheets.

How to teach multiplication worksheets grade 3 to kids?

Multiplication worksheets grade 3 to kids can be taught in these ways. You can use these worksheets to make kids memorize, revise and teach them about the elements of multiplication like, factors and multiples, multiplication games and songs.

Why should you introduce multiplication worksheets grade 3 to kids?

When you introduce multiplication worksheets grade 3 to children, they learn a new mathematical operation and it improves their thinking skills. Also, it sharpens their counting skills by encouraging them to multiply the bigger numbers quickly.

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