Funny Riddles for Kids

A funny riddles for kids is a word puzzle where one child throws a funny, confusing question, and the other one figures out its meaning. This often depends on ambiguity and puns. In simple words, the key to solving riddles for kids that are funny is to realize that one of the words or many words is used in an unexpected or surprising way. Moreover, Riddles for Kids play an important role in improving and developing a child’s vocabulary skills, thinking abilities, and problem solving skills. Therefore, parents and teachers must foster the little minds with something that offers them an opportunity to think and learn.

Introducing a funny riddle for kids is one of the best ways to foster thinking skills and creativity. Most of the short funny riddles for kids are precise and easy to read and comprehend. Also, it is a brain exercise too. In addition, during the festive and holiday season, introduce the little ones to Christmas Riddles for Kids, available at Osmo. These funny riddles for kids support the little children to socialize and interact with their classmates and other groups. Here is a list of funny riddles for kids with answers.

Funny Riddles for Kids with Answers

Riddles are a fun type of Brain Teasers for Kids that exists as a statement or question to be solved. Typically, funny riddles for kids are words in a puzzling method. Most of the riddles have a hidden or double meaning that needs out of the box thinking and creativity. Also, the solutions are usually unexpected. Hence, the child must think carefully while they solve them. Here are awesome funny riddles for kids with answers.

Short Funny Riddles for Kids

  • I belong to you. But, your friends use me more. Who am I? Answer: Name.
  • I have a face and hands. But, I can neither smile nor hold anything. Who am I? Answer: Clock.
  • Which month of the year has twenty eight days in a year? Answer: All the months.
  • Sophie’s mother has four children, Joanne, Claire, Toni, and  _____? Answer: Sophie.
  • I am the only word in the dictionary that is spelled wrongly. Who am I? Answer: The word ‘Wrong’ is the only word spelled W – R – O – N – G in the dictionary. 
  • I have a head and a tail, but not a body. Who am I? Answer: A Coin.
  • What are the two meals you never eat for lunch and breakfast? Answer: Dinner. 
  • You will break me if you don’t keep me. Who am I? Answer: A promise.
  •  It is raining at midnight, but the forecast for tomorrow and the next day is clear. Will it be sunny in another 48 hours? Answer: No, it won’t be sunny and will be dark outside. It will be midnight again in the next 48 hours.
  • There are five oranges in the basket, and Sam takes 3 of them away. How many oranges does Sam have now? Answer: Sam has three oranges. He took away three oranges and left two in the basket.
  • If you throw a stone in the ocean, what will it turn out to be? Answer: Wet
  • Why do you think ghosts are lying with you? Answer: It is because you can see through them to know whether they are lying or not. 
  • We are the three important body parts of an insect. What are we? Answer: Head, Body, and Thorax
  • Without moving, I can go up and down. What am I? Answer: Temperature
  • I have four fingers and a thumb but I am not alive? Answer: A glove
  • What kind of keys do kids prefer? Answer: Cookies
  • You have it and you do not want to share it with others and if you share it with others, then you do not have it. What is it? Answer: A secret
  • Which is the country that is really cold? Answer: Chile
  • Which is the most common thing between a tree and a tooth? Answer: Roots
  • What do vampires give you? Answer: It gives me pain in the neck
  • Which is the bet that you cannot win? Answer: The alphabet
  • What do you get if you keep the music in the refrigerator? Answer: Cool music
  • Which is the question for which you can never say yes? Answer: Are you sleeping still
  • What is the thing you can serve but cannot eat? Answer: A tennis ball
  • I am made up of butter and I can fly. What am I? Answer: Butterfly
  • I keep bugging the flowers. What am I? Answer: A bug
  • I will help your kite fly in the air. What am I? Answer: Wind

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Funny Halloween Riddles for Kids

  • What is a little ghost’s favorite dessert? Answer: I – scream.
  • Why were the little ghosts successful in the Little League? Answer: They had team spirit. 
  • Mummy has a piece of favorite music. What is it? Answer: Wrap.
  • Why did the skeleton dance at the party? Answer: He had nobody to dance.
  • How do you fix a damaged jack-o-lantern? Answer: By using a pumpkin patch.
  • How do you say that a vampire likes baseball? Answer: It is because he turns into a bat every night.
  • Why do witches fly on a broom? Answer: Because vacuum cleaners are heavy for them.
  • Why did the vampire eat a light bulb? Answer: It is because he wanted a light snack.
  • What do you get when you cross Tinkerbell with a werewolf? Answer: A hairy fairy.
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Answer: Frostbite.
  • What did the vampire say to the invisible man at the Halloween party? Answer: Did not see you from many days
  • I like flying at night because I do not like light. What am I? Answer: A bat
  • You can carve me and keep it at your doorstep for Halloween. What am I? Answer: A pumpkin
  • What is mummy’s favorite music? Answer: Wrap
  • What service do witches like to have in a hotel? Answer: Broom service
  • What do you call a skeleton that sits without doing anything? Answer: A lazy bone
  • Why did the ghost cry? Answer: Because he was missing his mummy
  • Who is the winner of the skeleton beauty contest conducted at the Halloween party? Answer: No one
  • What is the spray that witches use on their hair? Answer: Scare spray

Frequently Asked Questions on Funny Riddles for Kids

What are some of the funny riddles for kids?

Some of the funny riddles for kids are I should be broken before you eat me. I always grow. Who am I? I have 28 days. Which month am I? I always get wet as you dry. Who am I? I have no flowers, fruits nor vegetables, but I have branches. Who am I?

What are some of the Christmas funny riddles for kids?

Some of the Christmas funny riddles for kids are I am Santa and I say something during the race. I am an Elf and why did they send me to school? I am someone who can scare the snowman. Who am I? The cow got something special for Christmas. What is it? I am the Rudolph and why do I have a red nose?

What are a few Halloween funny riddles for kids?

Here are a few Halloween funny riddles for kids such as I am Jack and I have a head and not a body. I find it bad luck to see a cat. Who am I? How many witches are required to change a lightbulb? Ghosts love to drive on me. Who am I?

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