Days of the Week Printables

Parents and teachers constantly worry about how to teach the days of the week to children. Kids can be taught memorization, but coming up with artistic and interactive activities can help immensely. Parents can begin by reciting the names of days regularly.

Asking the kids to fill up the days of the week worksheet can be pretty difficult, particularly if they haven’t yet begun to read. To read the days of the week, a kid has to memorize them. Once it is done, kids find it much easier to learn the notion of time too. By the age of 3 – 4 years, when kids begin to understand and perceive things, it is an excellent time to teach them about days and weeks.

Printable Days of the Week Chart

The chart below explains the days of the week in their common abbreviations. Make a note that weekdays and days of the week are not exactly the same:

  • The days of the week are seven days, beginning from Monday to Sunday.
  • However, weekdays are only five days from Monday to Friday.
  • And the weekend is Saturday and Sunday.
Days of the WeekAbbreviation
days of the week printables 1
days of the week printables 2
days of the week printables 3

Tips for Teaching Days of the Week to Children

  1. Teach in Simple Terms:
    Teach a kid that there are seven days in a week. When a week gets over, another one begins. Kids can also be taught that each week has five school days and two play days. In addition to this, children must be taught the difference between night and day; and that after each night begins a new day. Provide the kids with days of the week worksheet for kindergarten and assess the answers once they have finished.
  2. Tell the Day and Schedule:
    Begin the child’s day by telling them what particular day of the week it is and what’s on his schedule for the day. For instance, parents can say, “It’s Tuesday today, and you have Arts class”, or “It is Saturday today, and we are going to the jungle”.
  3. Break down Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:
    Teaching the children the concept of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is essential to make them understand the days of the week. Teach the children that yesterday is the day that comes before today. Name the day and combine it with a fun activity that they would have performed yesterday. Do the same to help them understand the idea of today and tomorrow. Once the parents and teachers have ensured that the kids have learnt the concept of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, they can give days of the week printable worksheets to evaluate their knowledge.
  4. Introduce the Calendar:
    Show your kid a calendar and explain how the days and weeks are indicated on it. Show them which days the festivals and holidays fall on. Tell them when their birthday is.
  5. Play Games:
    Plan exciting and interactive preschool days of the week worksheets for the kids during the weekdays. Write the days on various pieces of paper and shuffle them up. Parents can even make a chart for the toddler on how to spell the days of the week and plan their fun activities on it using colored pencils, sketch pens and crayons. Paste a few of their favorite comic or cartoon characters to make it an even more exciting activity.
  6. Prepare a Week Caterpillar:
    An interactive and vibrant free days of the week worksheets activity for kids is to get them to make a week caterpillar. Dice one big circle for the head and seven tiny, vibrant circles for the body. Write down the days of the week on the colorful little circle, and stick them one behind the other to make a caterpillar’s body.

Teachers and parents can download the days of the week for preschoolers printables and ask the kids to read them aloud. To understand the names of the week’s days, a toddler must memorize them. However, comprehending the notion of day and night makes it easier. Repetition is an essential factor, while thrilling activities that teach the days of the week to the kids help them understand the idea better.

Parents can provide days of the week chart free printable charts to kids and ask them to fill them. It is highly recommended for the kids to learn the Vocabulary Activities at Osmo.