Activities For 1 Year Olds

 Fun Learning Activities For 1 Year Olds

It is around the time when kids turn 1 that they begin to actively try and understand the world and engage with their environment. They begin to get curious about everything around them and often play with objects to see why they function the way they do. In this context, they start exploring and discovering things in order to learn and develop their cognitive skills. Therefore, you need to plan activities for 1 year olds in such a way that they not only have fun but also learn something new. Most importantly, these fun learning activities for 1 year olds will enable you to enhance your kids’ learning experience for better educational growth. 

With these activities for 1-year-olds, we aim to expose your little one to age-appropriate experiences through play. However, you can also explore games for 1 year olds so that they can get involved in developing their fine motor skills from such an early age. There are many activities for 1 year olds which can help them get engaged in a fun and entertaining way. However, you can also conduct activities for kids at home or in the classroom.

20 Best Games For One Year Olds 

What are the fun things to do with a 1 year olds? Here are a few activities for one year olds your kids will love.

  1. Play music: Playing music is one of the best sensory activities for 1 year olds. Sit along with your little one and play various instruments like keyboards, violin or any other form of soothing music. Allow them to pay attention to the different sounds each instrument makes. Make them touch the musical instruments or allow them to concentrate on listening to different types of sounds around them. 
  2. Play in a tent house: One of the best learning activities for 1 year olds is playing in a tent house. You can make a tent house with cloth or cardboard boxes and could ring an imaginary doorbell and ask if you could come in. This is the best home activity for 1 year olds. 
  3. Make sounds: Have a conversation with your child by holding in a creative way. Try to make it as animated as possible by using silly voices and names of comical characters. Activities for one year olds like these could develop language and social skills. You would thoroughly enjoy listening to you followed by involving themselves in their own activities. 
  4. Touch Water and Sand:  The best sensory activities for 1 year olds is playing with water and sand. Fill a tub with both water and sand and have your child touch and feel them. You could also sing some song or rhymes to encourage your child to actively participate in such activities. 
  5. Engage them in activities: Throw a ball to your child and have them bring it back to you, or even have them carry out simple errands like bringing you a cup, or a pair of shoes. These games for one year olds are a good way to help your child feel independent and accomplished.
  6. Count Fingers & Toes: One of the most common activities for 1 year olds is finger and toe counting. Sit along with them and make them touch and count their fingers loudly.  This will help them learn counting numbers. You could also encourage them to count various objects available at home. 
  7. Play building blocks: The best games for 1 year olds include playing building blocks. Place a few blocks in front of your little one and have them build whatever they want. This would give them the opportunity to identify various shapes and colors while improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  8. Play Peek-a-Boo: Another of the best games for 1 year olds is the famous Hide and Seek/Peek-a-boo game for kids. You can hide behind a chair or a table and have your child find you. You could even take turns hiding to make this game more fun.
  9. Make Play Dough: Whether you buy one or make it on your own, playdough is a great way to exercise the muscles in your child’s hands. You could help them practice the shape of letters and numbers. This is yet another great example of the best  learning activities for 1 year olds.
  10. Solve Puzzles: We know what you’re thinking. Solving puzzles is too difficult for a 1-year-old. But puzzles that have larger pieces are a great way to hone your child’s spatial skills through hands-on play.  You can help your child in solving puzzles of animals, food items, cars, etc. 
  11. Osmo’s Tangram: One such puzzle game is Osmo’s Tangram. On tips to shop for the perfect puzzle for your child, check out our article on puzzles for kids and learn why they could be the best games for 1 year olds.
  12.  Drawing: Hand over crayons to your child and have them scribble whatever they please. Not only will this gradually develop their cognitive skills, but it will also help spark their creativity and imagination. For fun drawing games for kids, check out our website.
  13. Pick up things: Make kids pick up their toys and other items and keep it in the basket. With these home activities for 1 year olds, you can enable them to increase their movement for better muscle development. 
  14. Swimming: Take kids to pool or arrange mini pools for kids where they can play in water and or even swim with their parents. This will enable them to expand their fine motor skills to grasp things that they are experiencing.
  15. Read bedtime stories: Kids love to hear stories especially at night. This is the best activity for 1 year olds where they can develop their listening and understanding skills in a fun way. 
  16. Take them for a walk: This is a fun thing to do with 1 year olds where they can explore and discover things around them. You can take them for a walk or to the park so that they can connect with the real world by touching plants, watching other children playing, playing with sand or mud, etc. 
  17. Coloring: You can expose them to colors by making them paint using their fingers on the cloth or any sheet of paper. Kids love to color which will make them develop their hand and eye coordination skills. You can provide them with kids friendly colors which can be used on a regular basis. Also, explore art activities for kids
  18. Play with kitchen items: Most of the children like to play with kitchen utensils while watching their mother cooking. Therefore, you can give tiny spoons and plates so that they get involved in some kind of activity.
  19. Water plants: From an early age, you need to teach kids the importance of plants in our lives. Though they won’t understand much but still  observe you watering plants. This will enable them to imitate you to water plants over a period of time. 
  20. Dancing: Who doesn’t enjoy dancing? Kids especially are fond of dancing to the music or sound that fascinates them. Put on some exciting music and allow them to dance. This is the best activity for 1 year olds who are on the verge of developing their essential skills required for better growth and development. 

We offer a great selection of games and activities to instill a love of learning in your child. Beyond teaching them core skills through play, we’re also developing their creativity, curiosity, and imagination. The more kids play, the more they learn! Try to incorporate all our activities into your child’s daily routine and tell us what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions on Activities for 1-Year-Olds

What are the Activities for 1 Year-Olds?

The Activities for 1-Year-Olds are listening to the music and identifying the letters and numbers, clay crafting, Osmo’s pizza co., counting their little fingers and toes, playing hide and seek, learning to pronounce their names, etc.

Why should kids be introduced to Activities for 1-Year-Olds?

Kids should be introduced to Activities for 1-Year-Olds because these simple activities allow them to understand about the colors, alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals, birds, patterns and other important things they come across. Also, these activities improve their fine motor skills.