Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for Christmas gift shopping. Hunting for Christmas gifts for kids is not a joke. Finding the right gifts for kids to please them over the holidays can be a real struggle. It’s something that can even leave the child’s parents baffled. But don’t despair, we’ve compiled a list of the best holiday gifts that will leave your little ones pleased as punch on Christmas day.

Wondering what the best Christmas gifts for kids would be? A gift for children should be able to stimulate their senses and spark their imagination and curiosity. We’ve rounded up a list of the smartest, cutest and most perfect stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for kids. Now all you have to do is get a head start on your Christmas gift shopping. 

40 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Here is a list of 40 amazing gifts that you can get for your little kids this Christmas. Your little one will definitely be over the moon when they find these Christmas gifts for kids under the tree.

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List of Christmas Gifts for Kids

Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids

  1. Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night: Imagine a Christmas gift that allows your child to play and learn at the same time. Osmo’s genius starter kit+family game night is a wonderful STEM toy that helps kids learn while they play. The kit includes 5 classic Osmo games – Tangram, Lettertopia, Math Buzz, Newton and Masterpiece. These games help little kids learn math, science, words and art as they play.
  2. Tracing Pad: A tracing pad is the perfect Christmas gift for your little budding artist. As kids trace over the images, they’ll learn how to draw. Check out these art activities for kids to boost their creativity and art skills.
  3. Osmo’s Coding Starter Kit: Osmo’s coding starter kit is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids who love coding. The kit includes 3 of Osmo’s bestselling coding games, which helps them learn coding in a fun way.
  4. Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart: What kid will say no to ice cream? Get your little one a scoop & learn ice cream cart to live their dreams of selling ice cream. This wonderful toy helps kids learn the numbers, names of colors, flavors and toppings as they play. 
  5. Osmo’s Secrets of the Dragons: Help your preschoolers learn math skills while playing with their new toy, Osmo’s secrets of the dragons. This amazing STEM toy for preschool and kindergarten kids makes them math wizards by playing.
  6. Science Experiment Kit: This Christmas, make your budding scientist’s dream come true by gifting them an amazing science experiment kit. Also, check science experiments for kids for experiment ideas. 
  7. Osmo’s Magical Workshop: Osmo’s magical workshop is the perfect Christmas gift for your little math genius. The wonderful STEM toy helps kids polish their math skills as they brew potions and perform spells in a magical world.
  8. Mystery and Puzzles Book: This book is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids who love to solve mysteries. Solving these mysteries will sharpen your child’s logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Put your child’s brain to the test with mind-twisting puzzles and mysteries. 
  9. Osmo Genius Words: If you’re looking for an affordable educational Christmas gift for your little one, look no further than Osmo’s genius words. This wonderful game helps little children learn the letters of the alphabet and practice writing words. This Christmas gift is a great way to boost your child’s vocabulary and storytelling skills.
  10. Pretend Camper: A pretend camper is a wonderful Christmas gift for toddlers and preschoolers. The pretend camper can serve as a walker for toddlers and helps preschoolers indulge in pretend play.
  11. Osmo Genius Tangram: Osmo’s Genius Tangram is another great educational Christmas gift for kids. In this affordable STEM toy, kids arrange tangible puzzle pieces to match the shapes on the screen. 
  12. Christmas Storybook: Books are one of the best non-toy Christmas gifts for kids who love to read and listen to stories. Introduce your children to the wonderful world of Christmas stories with a Christmas storybook. These books will fill your kids with joy and make way for Christmas-filled dreams, and spread good cheer.  
  13. Osmo’s Pizza Co: Osmo’s Pizza Co is the perfect Christmas gift for a pizza obsessed child. The game helps them run their own pizzeria and learn basic math skills as they sell pizza to make money.
  14. Riddle Book for Kids: If your little one loves solving riddles, this book is the perfect Christmas gift for them. These riddles will exercise your child’s mind and improve their vocabulary and thinking skills. Check out these amazing Christmas riddles for kids.

Dolls and Dollhouses Christmas Gifts

  1. Mini Astronaut Plush Figure: If your little one loves LEGO figures and astronauts, this stuffed toy is the perfect gift for them.
  2. Reversible Octopus Plushie: This reversible Octopus plushie, which shows two different emotions on each side, will be your little one’s new best friend. 
  3. Fashion Doll: Gift your little fashionista a Fashion Doll for Christmas this year. Your child will spend endless hours styling the doll in new dresses and make lots of poses.
  4. Interactive Baby Dragon: If your little one loves the movie “How to train your dragon,” there couldn’t be a more perfect gift for them than this. Your kids will have fun playing with an interactive baby dragon toy. 
  5. Fruit or Vegetable Shaped Mini Plush: A fruit or vegetable-shaped mini plush toy is the perfect Christmas gift for babies and toddlers. 
  6. Garden Set: A garden set is the perfect gift for kids who love gardening. Kids can learn how to sow seeds and grow plants and flowers while they play.
  7. Stuffed Animals: Stuffed animals is a great Christmas gift for little kids who love animals. Your kids can indulge in pretending to play with their new best friends.
  8. Unicorn Plushie: If your little one is always asking for a unicorn or a pony, get them a unicorn plushie for this Christmas. This stuffed animal is the perfect practice pet for kids. 
  9. Dollhouse: Gift your little ones a dollhouse to encourage pretend play and spark their imagination.

Musical Christmas Gifts for Kids

  1. Wooden Xylophone: A xylophone is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers who love music. It helps kids learn about different sounds as they play with a wooden xylophone.
  2. Karaoke Set: If your little one is a wannabe popstar or Rockstar, gift them a karaoke set to practice their musical skills.
  3. Musical Instruments: If you don’t mind splurging, a musical instrument is the perfect Christmas gift for kids who are musically inclined. Get your child prodigy a violin or guitar or a piano.

Other Christmas Gifts for Kids

  1. Scooter: If your child has been asking for a scooter, Christmas is the perfect time to give them one.
  2. Skateboard: Does your child love skateboarding and skateboarding events? Then, gift them a skateboard for Christmas.
  3. Bicycle: Make way for some fun exercising and outdoor activities by gifting your little one a bicycle for Christmas.
  4. Tent: If your little one loves camping and the outdoors, gift them a tent for the backyard.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are a great gift for little kids. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it also boosts their fine motor skills, memory and concentration. 
  6. Board Games: Board games are a classic Christmas gift for children. Gift your little ones fun board games like snakes and ladders, pictionary or chess.
  7. Holiday-themed Pajamas: New pajamas are always a great gift. And if it’s a Christmas-themed pajama, it’ll definitely be a hit with the kids.
  8. A Mini Kitchen Set: Make your little master chef’s Christmas an unforgettable one by gifting them a mini kitchen set. 
  9. A Sled: A sled is a wonderful Christmas gift for kids. The kids will have fun playing with this sled whether they’re in a place where it snows or not. 
  10. Blocks: Building blocks and LEGO bricks are wonderful Christmas gifts for little children. Not only will it keep them occupied, but it also develops their fine motor skills, creativity and thinking skills. 
  11. DIY Craft Kits: If your little one loves crafting, get them a DIY craft kit like jewelry kits, sewing kits etc. Also, check out Christmas crafts for kids for more crafting ideas.
  12. Race Car and Track: There’s no better Christmas gift for a car-obsessed little child than race cars with a race track. Watch them race their cars joyfully on their track for hours and hours.
  13. Toy Train Set: If your child loves trains and railway tracks, get them a train set complete with tracks. This is one Christmas gift they’ll play with for hours on end.
  14. Digital Camera: A digital camera is a wonderful Christmas gift for a child who loves photography. Encourage your child’s skill by gifting them a camera and tripod.

Check Osmo for more gift ideas, activities, games and worksheets to aid in your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Gifts for Kids

What are some good Christmas gifts for kids?

Little kids love getting toys, stuffed animals, books, new clothes etc., as gifts on Christmas.

How can you choose the perfect Christmas gift for your child?

The easiest way to choose the perfect Christmas gift for your child is to follow the rule of 4. Get them something they want, something they need, something they can play with and something they can learn from. These 4 guidelines will help you pick the perfect gift for your child.