Phonics Games For Kids

Simple And Fun Phonics Games For Kids To Learn Alphabets

It is at the age of 3-5, your little kids start to speak. They might hear different sorts of sounds all around and respond to their surroundings. It is essential to teach your kids to speak, read and write at this age. Phonic games can be of great use when it comes to teaching alphabets to your kids. 

There are various types of simple phonics games that are designed for kids to easily learn alphabets and enhance their vocabulary and language skills. Here, we will introduce easy phonics games for your kids that are also extremely interactive and fun! Check out Osmo’s literacy and vocabulary games and how these games help kids to easily learn new things!

What Are Phonics?

Before introducing you to phonics games for kids, let’s learn about the word phonics. Phonics is the sound produced when one tries to spell a letter or an alphabet alone. You can learn a particular alphabet by learning how it sounds when it’s broken down. For example, the letter ‘A’ sounds like uh, aa, aye, aw, etc and the word ‘tion’ in ‘nation’ sounds like shun. By breaking down the exact sounds of the letters, kids can easily learn to read and write them.

Different Types Of Phonic Games For Young Kids

  • Phonics Puzzle Games For Kids
  • Puzzle games are highly effective for kids to learn new things as they can learn them while playing. These puzzle games can help kids to improve their cognitive skills and logical thinking. Similarly, there are a plethora of puzzle games that are available online and offline for kids to learn phonics. Puzzle games involve different tiles and blocks that are colorful. 

    Phonic puzzle games have blocks with the letters and the sounds of the letters printed on them. Kids should match the particular letter with the sound it makes. While doing this activity, they have to recite aloud a particular letter and the sound it makes. This is an interesting game where kids do not have to spend a lot of time to get a hang of the alphabet. Arranging the puzzle blocks in different ways also teaches them basic coordination skills.

    Advantages Of Playing Phonics Puzzle Games

    1. Solving puzzles helps children to enhance their logical thinking skills
    2. Puzzle phonics games make it easy for kids to learn alphabets
    3. Holding the puzzle blocks improves your kid’s hand flexibility
    4. Playing with puzzle blocks enhances your kid’s hand to eye coordination and brick and motor skills
  • Phonics Rhymes And Songs For Little Kids
  • Reciting rhymes and songs and listening to stories are kid’s favorite activities at school or home. Rhymes and songs are catchy and you can usually find your kids reciting them all day long or humming the tune of a new song that they learned. Similarly, alphabets can also be learned with the help of phonic rhymes and songs. 

    These rhymes are available in most nursery or kindergarten books. This activity can be done by reciting the rhymes and making sure the kid is repeating the same. While reciting phonics rhymes or songs, make sure you stress each sound the letter makes. This helps children to remember the alphabet in a simple way.

    Advantages Of Learning Phonics Rhymes And Songs

    1. This activity is very simple to perform and less time consuming 
    2. Kids can learn the alphabet at a quicker pace with the help of phonics rhymes
    3. Phonics rhymes and songs improve kid’s memorization skills
    4. Your kids will have a great time learning new phonics songs and rhymes
  • Hopscotch Phonics Games
  • Hopscotch is one of the most classic and fun-filled games played by kids of different age groups in many countries. Kids are extremely excited while hopping on different blocks. Moreover, this game is played with a group of kids and therefore brings more joy. To make the game more interesting, you can help your kids play phonics hopscotch games. In this phonics game, you have to draw a certain number of blocks and fill those blocks with different letters. It can also be a combination of different words to make the game more challenging.

    As and when you recite the phonics, the kids have to jump on the letter that makes the particular sound. You can also recite the sounds of different words and make them jump on the particular block. This interactive phonics game is fun to play and it becomes easy to learn alphabets.

    Advantages Of Playing Phonics Hopscotch Games

    1. Phonics hopscotch game can be played outdoors which help kids to connect with their surroundings
    2. This game can be played with a bunch of kids, it teaches them about social and interpersonal skills
    3. Hopscotch game is more of a physical activity that helps kids to stay active throughout the day