St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

St. Patrick’s Day is not often associated with gift giving. But this year, make a small change in the celebration by giving sweet St. Patrick’s Day-themed gifts for kids. Little kids love receiving gifts. It makes them feel loved and cherished. So, this March 17th surprise them with some St. Patrick’s Day gifts. 

But are you wondering what you should get your little ones for the festival? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of some amazing St. Patrick’s Day gifts for kids that your little Leprechaun would love to receive.

List of St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Kids 

Here is a list of St. Patrick’s Day gifts that light up your little one’s eyes with joy. 

  1. Shamrock socks: Little kids always love receiving new clothes as gifts. Give them a few pairs of socks with St. Patrick’s Day-themed prints on them. Your little Leprechaun will have great fun sporting new shamrock socks or horseshoe print socks to school.
  2. Leprechaun hat: Leprechauns are a well-known symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. The mischievous little old men dressed in green clothes are believed to wear a green top hat. Give your little one a Leprechaun Hat as a gift for St. Patrick’s Day or make one with them. Making a Leprechaun hat is one of the best crafts for kids on St. Patrick’s Day.
  3. Rainbow popsicles: Every child loves popsicles. This St. Patrick’s Day, give your child an edible gift by making them healthy rainbow-colored popsicles. You can use fruits like strawberries, mango, raspberries, blackberries, oranges, kiwi to make the popsicles. This will be one of the most memorable St. Patrick’s Day gifts for your little ones.
  4. St. Patrick’s Day-themed breakfast: St. Patrick’s Day gifts don’t have to be keepsakes or toys or clothes, they can be a special holiday meal too. Make your little one a St. Patrick’s Day-themed breakfast complete with green eggs and ham sandwiches, shamrock shakes etc. This gift will leave them with unforgettable memories for a lifetime. 
  5. Glitter shamrock sunglasses: Glittery shamrock shaped sunglasses are a great accessory for kids. Help your little one dress up for a parade of your own at home with these special sunglasses.
  6. Rainbow headbands: Little girls who love hair accessories will love to receive rainbow headbands or shamrock-shaped clips for St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. Worksheets: Worksheets and printables are one of the best St. Patrick’s Day gifts for kids. Not only are free St. Patrick’s Day printables fun to solve, but they’re educational too.
  8. Green lunch boxes: Your little Leprechaun will love to carry a new green-colored lunch box to school. So this St. Patrick’s Day, give your child a new, St. Paddy’s Day-themed lunch box.
  9. St. Paddy’s Day-themed puzzles: Puzzles are a great gift for little children. Give your child a jigsaw puzzle or word search puzzle or crossword puzzles for kids. These puzzles also improve your child’s focus, concentration, vocabulary and thinking skills.
  10. Rainbow colored pencils: Your child would love to write with a new set of St. Paddy’s Day-themed pencils. Make writing more exciting for your little ones by giving them a set of rainbow colored pencils for St. Patrick’s Day.
  11. Shamrock nail art kit: Little girls who love nail art would love nothing more than to get a shamrock nail art kit as a gift. Bring out your little girl’s inner artist and creativity with this wonderful gift.
  12. Storybook with Irish stories: Storybooks are a great way to expand your child’s mind and help them learn about new cultures and traditions. Reading Irish stories is one of the best holiday activities for kids on St. Paddy’s Day. A storybook with Irish stories is one of the most wonderful St. Patrick’s Day gifts for kids who love to read. 

For more gift ideas, activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

What are some popular St. Patrick’s Day gifts for kids?

Books, Leprechaun Hats, costumes, candies and shamrocks, toys etc are some of the best gifts you can give to kids on St. Patrick’s Day.

How can you make St. Patrick’s Day fun for kids?

The easiest way to make St. Patrick’s Day fun for kids is to involve them in games, give them gifts and plan holiday-themed activities to keep them entertained.

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