Math Games for Grade 4

Fun Math Games For Grade 4 To Enhance Their Math Skills

When your kids enter 4th grade, there’s a good chance they’ll begin to feel discouraged by math. Easier concepts that appeared more fun before could suddenly appear difficult and even confusing. Therefore, you have to come up with math games for grade 4 to make it easier for them to understand math concepts. There are extremely interesting and fun math games for grade 4 to enhance kids’ learning experience. 

Simple activities like reading math problems aloud, integrating math concepts into everyday tasks, and practicing math through cooking, could help your child develop an interest in math. Besides this, conducting math games for kids can add value to their learning environment. At the beginning, it’s better that you focus on math games for grade 4 addition and subtraction so that they can learn basic math concepts. Another great way to get your kids to love math is by playing fun math games for grade 4.

Fun Online Math Games for Grade 4

Kids at this age are acquainted with basic understanding of numbers and other mathematical concepts. To increase their math skills, you need to come up with exciting math activities for kids. Apart from addition and subtraction, you can also conduct math games for grade 4 multiplication and fraction to enhance their understanding of the concepts in much better ways. 

List Of Math Games For Grade 4 

  • Puzzles- Math Games For Grade 4 Addition and Subtraction: Playing puzzles will increase your child’s interest in grasping mathematical concepts much faster. This is quite an easy math puzzle for kids where they will be given a set of questions online that need to be solved. It includes fun riddles for example, Neena has three brothers. Each one has 5 apples in their hand. What is the total number of apples her brothers have? The answer is 15. Similarly, you can create such riddles for teaching subtraction to the kids. 
  • Numbers – Fun Math Game For Grade 4 to Learn Counting & More: Play with physical tiles and learn to count, add, subtract, and multiply as you embark on an amazing mathematical adventure! Explore more about numbers. 
  • Lego- Math Games for Grade Multiplication: This is quite an easy game for kids to learn multiplication. There will be legos with numbers written on it such as 3 X 3. Kids need to drag these legos to their answer 9. For every correct answer, kids will be given points.
  • Pizza Co. – Fast-Paced Mental Math Game for Grade 4: Run your own pizza shop, cater to customers’ requests, and manage your profits to grow your business! Cook up math and money skills today.
  • Dress Up + Math- Math Games for Grade 4 Fractions: Take a few sticky notes and write down fractions and decimals on suitable cloth pairings. For example, write down the fraction ½ on a sticky note and put it on several shirts, and then write down the decimal 0.5 on a sticky note, and put it on a pair of several pants. Not only are they matching fractions with their decimals, but they are playing dress-up too. 
  • True or False- Math Games for Grade 4 Multiplication: You need to give a set of questions related to multiplication such as 4 is a multiple of 8, 24 is a multiple of 6, 14 is a multiple of 7, etc. Kids have to select true or false by calculating the numbers in their mind. If the answer is correct, kids will be awarded points. 
  • Math Wizard Game Bundle – Magical Math Games for Grade 4: Enter a world of potions and rare dragons as you play fun-filled games! You’ll learn addition, subtraction, and measurement on this curriculum-inspired, self-paced learning adventure. Explore Math Wizard Game Bundle, Now. 
  • Rounding Up Numbers: This could make for a super fun activity! Maybe a little chaotic, but still fun. Begin by writing a number each on a sheet of paper, underlining the specific place you want it to be rounded up to. (For example, 6,943 would be rounded up to 6,900) Pass out many sheets like these with different numbers to each child. Let them crumple them up and have a fun snowball fight for around 30 seconds. Then, instruct them to open the crumpled up ball they have and read out the number – by rounding it up correctly.
  • Fill the missing numbers- Math Games for Grade 4: Kids start learning large numbers in order to solve math problems efficiently. Therefore, you can test their knowledge by asking them to fill the missing number for the assigned questions. For example, 4 x 9= —-, 5 + —– = 7, 6 – —- = 3, etc. 
  • Decimal Practice: Looking for fun math games for grade 4 that can be played for teaching decimals? Your search ends here. For this decimal game, line kids up and assign them random numbers. Once they stand in line, test their decimal knowledge by saying “Number 3, line up in hundreds place”, etc.

Benefits Of  Conducting Math Games For Grade 4

Some of the benefits of fun math games for grade 4 are mentioned below: 

  • Builds confidence among kids. 
  • Promotes student engagement. 
  • Encourage cooperative and independent learning experiences. 
  • Helps in retaining information for longer periods of time. 
  • Supports different learning styles of kids.  
  • Provides many learning opportunities to the kids. 
  • Provides a platform for kids to enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills. 

Try both these math games for grade 4 to put the fun in math! And don’t forget to check the rest of our website for several other educational games that teach science, art, geography, coding, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Games for Grade 4

What are some of the fun Math Games for Grade 4?

Some of the fun Math Games for Grade 4 are addition and subtraction math games, counting games, multiplication games, division games, Osmo’s pizza co., yes or no math games for grade 4, math wizard games, fill in the numbers, decimal practice games, etc.

What are the advantages of Math Games for Grade 4?

The benefits of Math Games for Grade 4 are that these math games encourage students to become confident and learn math while having fun, supports them to remember what they learned, gives them a lot of opportunities to explore, and helps them to understand the fundamentals of math in a simple method.