Multiplication Table for Kids

Fun Ways To Learn Multiplication Tables for Kids

Hoping to make the multiplication table for kids easy and interactive? Leave it to us!

Listed below are a few multiplication time tables for kids,

Multiplication Tables 1 – 10:

Multiplication Tables 11 – 20:

Learning Multiplication Tables for Kids

Learning multiplication tables for kids can be super fun with these games!

Multiplication Flowers

Here’s one of the most fun ways to learn multiplication tables for kids. All you have to do is first draw the center of a flower with any number ranging from 1-9. Next, draw 12 petals surrounding the center and number them from 1-12. Finally, draw 12 more petals surrounding these flowers, and label them according to the product of the flower in the center, and the petal adjacent to the new flower.

Card Multiplication

An easy way to learn the multiplication table for kids is by playing a game of cards! Each kid has to draw 2 cards from the deck and flip them face-up. They then multiply these numbers and say the number out loud. They could also play with an opponent, where they both flip over their cards together, and whoever has the highest product wins the round.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here’s a twist on the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! The only difference is kids put up fingers instead of those 3 elements. For example, if one kid puts up the number 3 using their fingers, and the other player puts up the number 5, whichever person who’s the quickest to calculate the product wins the round. This game could make learning the multiplication table for kids easier.

Egg Carton Math

If you’ve got an empty egg carton at home, you could try this game. It could be the best way for kids to learn multiplication tables. Start by writing down numbers in each depression of the egg carton. Next, place 2 marbles inside the carton. Shut the carton and shake it. When you open it, you’ll find that the marbles would have landed on different numbers. All kids have to do is calculate the product of those numbers!

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Paper Plate Multiplication

Here’s another awesome, creative way to learn the multiplication table for kids. If you don’t have paper plates, you could try this activity using regular paper too. On the center of your plate, write down any number you want. Next, make ‘cuts’ on your paper plate and write down the multiplication table of that number. For example, if you’ve chosen the number 4, you’ll need to write 4*1, 4*2,….4*12, all around the plate. Next, place another plate under this plate with all the numbers belonging to the multiplication table of 4. They should be written in such a way that the number 4 goes right under 4*1, the number 8 goes right under 4*2, and so on.

Lego Bricks Math

Lego bricks could also be the best way for kids to learn multiplication tables. For example, if you say ‘show me 3 rows of 5 each’, they’d need to place the blocks in such a way that it corresponds to what you say.

Snakes & Ladders

Did you know that you could teach the multiplication table to kids using the famous game of Snakes & Ladders? You definitely can. First, write down various multiplication problems on each box. Then, as per the instructions, roll the dice and move your piece to the right number of places. Your child needs to then solve the problem that has been placed on that certain box! This is a great way to have some fun while learning multiplication.


Explore multiplication tables for kids with a fun game of Hopscotch! Write down various equations on each grid. For example, 4*3, 7*5, etc. Then, roll a die for your child to move a certain number of steps and then calculate the product of the values on that particular box!

Cup Stacking

Another great way to make learning multiplication tables for kids easy is with this fun-filled cup stacking game. First, write down a multiplication problem on each cup. Kids need to solve the equation written on that cup in order to start stacking their cups/making a tower. If they get the answer wrong in between, they need to start over! Whoever manages to stack the most number of cups the fastest, wins!

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