Between Numbers Worksheets

In order to understand what number comes between two other numbers, kids must have a strong understanding of counting numbers in the right order. Before exploring between numbers worksheets, Here are some ways you could teach numbers to kids:

  1. Number rhymes
  2. Incorporate a few numbers in your daily routine. (maybe ask your kid to help you set up the table with 3 plates and 2 spoons!)
  3. Write and draw (you should write the number and your kid must draw something that denotes the quantity)
  4. Locate numbers in nature (on ad boards, number plates of vehicles, etc)
  5. Count parts of your body (counting of fingers and toes is a common activity for number recognition
  6. Use flash cards
  7. Play number games (we’ve listed some below!)

Once your child has a basic understanding of numbers, you could keep them engaged with between numbers worksheets! Our between numbers worksheets will sharpen your child’s math skills in fun ways.

Before and After Number Worksheets

Check out some before and after number worksheets below:

Write the between numbers: Free between numbers worksheets
Fill the between numbers on the worksheet: Printable between number worksheets
Write between numbers on the worksheet: What comes between worksheet for kids
What comes before and after worksheet: Between numbers worksheet for kids

We hope your kids enjoy these before after between worksheets! For more number games, check below.

Between Number Games for Kids

Once your kids are done with those between numbers worksheets, let them try these number games for kids,

  • Number Line: Make a number line in your house using number flash cards. Ask them questions like “what number comes before 10 and after 8?” They need to spot the right number flashcard and jump on that number. You could have a competition where whoever rushes to jump on the right number the quickest wins! Explore, Number Line for Kids.
  • Number Hunt: Assign a number to each child and have them hunt for those many objects! For example, if one kid has been assigned the number 4, they could find 4 flowers, twigs, stones, or anything found in nature. If you don’t want to play outdoors, let them simply hunt for objects at home. Then, ask them to make a question using that number too. The question should be like this: “what number comes before 5 and after 3?”
  • Stack Lego Bricks: Once again, ask your child ‘before, after, between numbers’ questions and have them stack the right number of lego bricks/cardboard boxes. If you’ve asked them “what number comes between 2 and 4?”, they need to stack 3 bricks, and so on.

Our printable what comes before numbers worksheets and number games are everything your kids need to learn numbers in the right order! For more kids learning, check the rest of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Between Numbers Worksheets

How to teach Between Numbers Worksheets to children?

You can teach Between Numbers Worksheets to children in these ways, engage them in number songs and rhymes, involve them in daily counting activities, write and color the numbers, and ask them to identify the numbers in public places like signboards and signals.

What are the different types of Between Numbers Worksheets?

The different types of Between Numbers Worksheets for kids are before and after number worksheets, for example, what number comes in between 6 and 8? What number comes in between 99 and 101?