Math Addition Games

Fun And Easy Addition Math Games For Kids 

Are you concerned about how your kids will learn addition and subtraction? Sitting for hours and learning concepts is a little too much for kids. Don’t worry as we have some brilliant math addition games to help you help them learn efficiently. And, they won’t even realize that they are learning something. With these easy addition math  games, kids will be able to add numbers without facing any difficulty. Moreover, they will get inclined to math games addition and subtraction in order to solve mathematical problems easily. Therefore, conducting math activities for kids will enable them to concentrate and focus on what they are learning. 

There are many one digit to two digit math addition games for kids available online . Kids need to get hold of the subject for better academic performance. In addition to this, you can organize addition games in the math playground in order to teach mathematical concepts in a fun way. We have lots of exciting math games to learn addition facts and refine their mathematical skills. Besides this, you can explore math games for kids in order to enhance their knowledge on addition. 

Mental Math Addition Games For Kids

Needless to say, conducting math addition games for kids will enhance their knowledge to solve arithmetic problems effectively. Apart from conducting math addition tables games, explore math games pop up addition for kids. Kids in 2nd grade generally have to deal with a lot of addition and subtraction problems. Therefore, conducting math activities for 2nd grade will enhance their understanding of addition and subtraction in a much better way. There are many addition math games for 2nd grade available online. For now, let us check some of the easy math addition games for kids given below: 

List Of Math Addition Games For Kids

  • Keep up the chain: This is a chain game on Math addition. Say that there are 5 children participating in this game. The first child will say a number (say 4). The second child should say another number (say 5) and add his number to the number spoken by the previous child (i.e. 5 + 4) and tell the sum (i.e. 9). The third child will say another number and add 9 to it. The chain goes on till kids are able to answer the correct sum. 
  • Adding real objects: This is one of the easy Math games on the addition of two numbers that can be played with items easily available at your home. For instance, you can have two groups of plates – one with 5 plates on each other and the other with 7 plates on each other. Kids have to count the number of plates in both groups and add them together. This game allows children to physically hold and add the items, giving them a clear picture of the arithmetic operation. You can also play this game to acquaint children with subtraction. You can have 10 plates on the table and ask the children to remove 4 of them from the table. Then, they have to tell how many plates are left on the table.
  • Osmo Numbers: Numbers is one of the mental Math addition games. It has a fantastic aquarium-like background where kids learn arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. Osmo screen displays a number N and kids have to find out on what numbers they would perform an arithmetic operation (addition or subtraction or multiplication) to get N as a result.
  • Pop-it-up: You can play a real math game on a pop-up addition at home. You just need to cut circles with different numbers on them. You can divide children into two teams. A member from team A has to tell the sum of the numbers on the circles popped up by kids of team B.  For instance, if team B members pop-up 9 and 7, the team A member should say 16.
  • Speed up: Here, you or any instructor speaks out a simple Mathematical sum. Kids have to raise their hand and tell the correct answer. The kids who answer correctly in the least amount of time, get points. After 10 such chances, you can announce the winner.
  • Addition Hunt: This Math addition game is pretty much similar to treasure hunt games but here, we have clues based on the addition of numbers. So go on and place different clues which test kids’ addition competency. The team that finds out all the clues in the least amount of time wins the game.
  • Osmo Cooking Chaos: Many kids are fond of playing games that involve pseudo cooking. Let them explore this mind blowing cooking chaos game where kids have to cook the dinner but all the ingredients have been taken away by the moles. These moles are playing with ingredients in the garden. Kids have to collect these ingredients from the garden by finding moles with the right ingredients. On their way, they have to solve sums on addition, subtraction and multiplication to get the ingredients.
  • Line-up Four and Win: You can find free connect four addition Math game printables online. Alternatively, you can create one of your own. To play the game, you would need some sheets having numbers from 2 to 12 (numbers can be repeated on the sheet) and two dice. Kids will take chances to roll both the dice and add the numbers on the dice. Next, they have to color the sum number on their respective sheets. The player that gets four in a row first, wins the game.
  • Osmo Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop: Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is an amazing hands-on learning game. It is a curriculum-inspired activity that helps children build confidence in Math. In this game, kids get to experience the fun of a magical workshop where they create magical potions while learning addition and subtraction. The game essentially teaches addition and subtraction, comparison of numbers, and counting and place value.
  • Crack Riddles: You can find a number of riddles for kids where they will be given a set of questions and they have to solve them correctly. For example, There were three men living across the street. Each man had 3 apples in their hand. What is the total number of apples they had? The answer is 9. Similarly, you can create addition riddles for kids in order to teach them how to add numbers accurately. 

Benefits Of Math Addition Games For Kids 

Some of the benefits of easy math addition games are mentioned below:

  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
  • Increases concentration and focus on what they are learning. 
  • Promotes out of the box thinking skills among kids. 
  • Increases confidence and motivation among children. 
  • Develops strategic thinking. 
  • Provides personalised guidance to kids based on their learning styles and patterns. 
  • Enhances learning experiences. 
  • Promotes engagement and entertainment while learning addition. 
  • Improves observational skills among children. 
  • Enables children to solve mathematical problems accurately and efficiently. 
  • Encourages children to learn collaboratively. 
  • Improves time management, speed and accuracy to solve problems. 
  • Visualization skills help children to retain information in their memory for a longer period of time. 
  • Develops interests in learning mathematics for better academic achievement. 
  • Develops analytical and logical reasoning skills. 
  • Improves eye to hand coordination among children. 
  • Encourages independent learning to get accurate solutions for the problems. 

All the above-mentioned are addition math games for 2nd grade, 1st grade, 3rd grade and other young kids. Math games addition with regrouping are designed to familiarize kids with place values – hundreds, tens and ones. 

Active learning can develop better interpersonal skills, knowledge retention, creativity and effective learning skills. Learning through games works the best for kids because kids are always up for playing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Math Addition Games

What are some of the Math Addition Games?

Some of the Math Addition Games are Osmo numbers, adding real objects, speed up, addition hunt, Osmo cooking chaos, Osmo math wizard and magical workshop, crack riddles, pop it up, keep up the chain, etc.

What are the advantages of Math Addition Games?

The advantages of Math Addition Games for kids are that it improves their learning experience, enhances their strategic thinking, develops cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, improves their logical and analytical thinking capabilities and many more.