Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers

Put Your Little One’s Mind To The Test With These Funny Tricky Riddles 

Tricky riddles for kids with answers are a great way to sharpen your child’s brain and enjoy simultaneously. Not only are they fun, but riddles for kids are also a great way to boost a child’s logical and creative thinking skills. These tricky riddles for kids with answers are usually a question or a statement, which has multiple meanings. You need to think out of the box to find the solution to the riddle. The answer usually has a humorous twist. 

Tricky riddles for kids with answers are also a wonderful tool to improve a child’s verbal fluency. We have got a lot of tricky riddles for kids with answers, which will help you spend some quality time with your little ones. Additionally, activities like trivia games for kids and tricky riddles for kids with answers also provide them with a brain-enriching experience. You’ll find answers to the tricky riddles for kids at the end of the questions.

List Of Tricky Riddles for Kids With Answers

  1. How can you make a line longer without even touching the line?
  2. We are dashed by some and poured by others. We are served as a set for food lovers. Beware that your food can get spoilt if we are too much. But your dish will be flat if we are less. What are we?
  3. What is the beginning of the world? 
  4. I have huge rivers but not a drop of water. I have dense forests but not a single tree. I have several cities but not a home. What am I?
  5. Long ago in a city, there was a single-storeyed house. How beautiful it looked with the green carpet, blue little flowers, a yellow bedsheet on the bed and everything else was red. Can you guess the color of the staircase in the house?
  6. What begins with “E” and a single letter in it?
  7. There was a terrific plane crash and every single person died. Yet there were 18 survivors. How is that possible?
  8. You can walk across me and I won’t feel bad. You can stand and rest on me while you look around. What am I?
  9. Someone said that a person who lives in Paris can’t be buried in London. Why is that so?
  10. It has no head but has a neck. What is it?
  11. A boy accidentally fell from a 25 storey building but didn’t die. How is that possible?
  12. I can hold some water for you although I am full of holes. Can you guess what I am?
  13. Jacob’s mother has three kids. The first one is called January and the second one February. Can you guess the third one’s name?
  14. I only go up and never down. When you talk about me, ladies frown!
  15. Which is the only word that’s spelt incorrectly even in the dictionaries? 
  16. I live right there with you all the time. I exist now and I will always stay now. Even when time passes and years go by, you will find me there with you. Who am I?
  17. There are nine pomegranates and you took away two. How many will you have now?
  18. A pocket can have something even if it has nothing in it. How is that possible? 
  19. You know me as a bird and as a fruit. You even know me as a person. Can you guess my name?
  20. Do you think it is possible for a man to be able to function properly without sleeping for twenty-eight days?
  21. It has several keys but no lock to open. What is it?
  22. What was as big as a dinosaur but weighs nothing at all?
  23. Louisville has two I’s and three L’s in it. Can you spell that without using “I” and “L”?
  24. I am served but not eaten. What am I?

Answers To Tricky Riddles For Kids:

  1. By making a shorter line next to the original line. Now the original one is the longer one!
  2. Salt and pepper
  3. The letter “W”!
  4. A map!
  5. Red? Nope. There is no staircase as it is a single-storey house!
  6. Envelope
  7. These 18 were the married ones. 
  8. A bridge
  9. Well, because the person is alive! (“The person is living in Paris”)
  10. A bottle
  11. That’s totally possible because the building is 25 storeys but the boy might have fallen from the first storey!
  12. A Sponge
  13. March? Nope. The third kid is Jacob himself!
  14. Age
  15. The word “incorrectly”
  16. The present
  17. Two (Remember the question is not “how many are left!”)
  18. Well, it might still have one thing – a hole. 
  19. Kiwi
  20. Yes, it is possible. We don’t sleep during the day but through the night!
  21. A piano
  22. The dinosaur’s shadow!
  23. Why not! “T H A T” (Read the question again)
  24. A tennis ball
  25. Eyes
  26. Flag
  27. Phone
  28. You crack me up!
  29. A pillow
  30. Harry’s horse is called Wednesday.
  31. 7
  32. Ton
  33. They both weigh the same, 1 ton.
  34. A mirror
  35. Day and night
  36. Road
  37. Queue
  38. Flames
  39. She fell off the bottom rung of the ladder.
  40. It gets wet!

We hope you and your kids enjoyed these tricky riddles for kids with answers. Osmo has a wide variety of riddles, games and activities to make learning fun and engaging. Check our kids learning section to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers

What are some of the Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers?

Some of the Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers are how do you make a line lengthy without touching it? The answer is that by making a shorter line next to the original line. Now, the original line becomes the longest one. Similarly, there are many tricky riddles for kids.

What are funny Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers?

Some of the funny Tricky Riddles for Kids with Answers are I never go down and always go up. Who am I? Answer: Age. I start with the letter E and the only alphabet in it. Who am I? Answer: Envelope