3 Letter Words Ending With H

A Comprehensive Guide To 3 Letter Words Ending With H

Let’s learn 3 letter words ending with H, the consonant that loves to pair with any of the vowels in the English language. A child’s language, reading, writing and communication skills depend on the number of words in their vocabulary. A wide and varied vocabulary can pave the way for academic and professional success in one’s life. Additionally, it helps us read uninterrupted and comprehend things without having to open a dictionary often. Help your child become an avid reader and communicate effectively by expanding their vocabulary with these 3 letter words ending with H.

3 letter words ending with H

Here is a list of 3 letter words ending with the letter H to build your child’s word power.

These are simple and common words that preschoolers and kindergarteners can learn easily.


Simple Tips To Help Children Learn 3 Letter Words Ending With H

A rich and varied vocabulary is a great tool that comes in handy all through our lives. Our academic success and professional success depends on our communication skills. An expansive vocabulary is a great way to develop good reading, writing and communication skills. Words also help boost your child’s social and emotional skills too. Here are some simple tips to help your child learn 3 letter words ending with the letter H.

  • Letter H Worksheets: Learning to write and recognize the letter H is a great way to help children recognize words that end with the letter H. Help toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners learn to write the letter H in a fun manner using Letter H coloring pages and ABC tracing worksheets. When children can easily identify the letter H, learning words that end in H becomes easier.
  • Word search puzzles: Kids will willingly participate in a fun learning activity rather than sit through a structured learning time. Make learning new words ending with H fun using hands-on activities like word search and crossword puzzles. Osmo has a wide variety of word search puzzles for kids on a variety of fun themes to help kids learn new words.
  • Spelling Games: As children learn new words, they need to learn how to spell the words too. This helps them learn how to use these words and also helps them retain the words in their memory. Use a fun and engaging activity like hangman or spelling games for kids to help your child learn 3 letter words ending in H.
  • Create your own sentences using A words: Once your child has learned 3 letter words ending in H, help them learn how to use the words. Get your child’s imagination into play and ask them to create sentences or stories using these words. For example: Ugh, I’ve got something icky on the bottom of my shoe! Or, Shh! Don’t tell anyone that Mary is hiding behind the ash tree.

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