Letter C Worksheets

Learning the letters of the alphabet can become fairly easier with worksheets and flashcards. Kids tend to get distracted easily and so keeping them engaged with a hands-on activity is a good way to go. 

With our letter C worksheets, your child can build their writing and reading skills in no time. Check out these letter C worksheets for preschool kids below,

Free Printable Letter C Worksheets

Download these printable letter C worksheets for preschool.

Letter C Handwriting Worksheet

Practice writing letter C on the worksheet: Letter C worksheets for kids

Letter C Fill In the Letters Worksheet

Practice writing cheese and crab on the worksheet: Free printable letter C worksheets for kids

Identify and Write Words Letter C Worksheet

Identify and write the names of the items on the worksheet: Printable letter C worksheets for kids

Alternatives to Letter C Printable Worksheets

Here are some alternatives to letter C printable worksheets:

  • Write in the Air: As the name of this activity suggests, all kids have to do is form the letter C using their hands, in the air! If they’re not really in the mood to sit down and work on our letter C printable worksheets, this is a great alternative.
  • Write on Their Back: Easy peasy! Just form the letter on their back and have them guess what you’re ‘drawing’. They could do the same with you!
  • Paint it: Use watercolors to paint the letter on the sidewalk or a sheet of paper. Kids could even use a funny mixture of various colors to add more fun to this activity. Also, explore Letter C Coloring Pages.
  • Use Play Dough: This one’s the most common way to teach kids to shape letters. It’s hands-on so kids are immediately drawn to this activity! You could even use cookie dough to serve the purpose. It could make for a yummy treat too!
  • Provide Dry Erase Boards: And dry erase markers along with them of course! These glide across the board easily and make for a fun activity to try with your kids. It’s another awesome alternative to our letter C printable worksheets.

You could even try Osmo’s ABCs game in the Little Genius Starter Kit to teach your child how to construct letters. Once they build their letter recognition skills, they can read effectively and with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Letter C Worksheets

Can The Letter C Worksheets Be Given To Preschool Children?

Yes, the letter C worksheets can be given to preschool children. Once kids start recognizing the letters, you can give them the letter C worksheets. Preschoolers find these worksheets quite interesting and exciting. They also develop hand to eye coordination by coloring within their defined lines.

What are some of the types of letter C worksheets?

The Different types of letter C worksheets are handwriting worksheets for the letter C, recognizing and writing the letter C, fill in the blanks with the letter C worksheets and many other engaging worksheets for kids. Kids can color the letter C and learn identification of colors and letters.

What Are The Alternatives To The Letter C Worksheets?

The alternatives to the letter C worksheets are painting the letter C on a card board, using the play dough and creating the letter C, writing in the air, asking kids to recognize the letter and scavenger hunt. These are a few fun activities that can substitute for the letter C worksheets.