Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Scavenger hunt riddles for kids is a great way to engage kids at home. The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt can be enjoyed by everyone. Well, kids can also enjoy the usual indoor games like ‘Hide and Seek’ or ‘I Spy’. However, there is something about the scavenger hunt that kids really love. This is perhaps because of the curious nature of kids. Treasure hunt riddles for kids allows them to think outside the box to find the things based on riddles.

Keeping kids occupied is a difficult task. Most of the kids don’t like to stay indoors. However, recent times were difficult when everyone was confined to their homes. One positive thing that happened during these trying times is people started finding comfort in simpler things. One of the best games that kids would love to play is scavenger hunt riddles for kids.

If your kids are bored, try a classic scavenger hunt. Parents must place a clue to find the next item or location. Place a treasure (some toys, chocolates, or candies) at the end of the treasure hunt. Kids can find the answer to one clue and find the item or reach the location to find the next clue. This is how they will reach the final destination.

Scavenger hunt riddles for kids can be played in and around the house. It guarantees fun anytime and anywhere. Parents can set up Easter riddles for kids to let them find their Easter baskets on Easter morning. Kids love using scavenger hunt clues to find Christmas presents during Christmas time or birthday presents.

Are you a parent who doesn’t have the creative skills to create rhyming scavenger hunts riddles for kids on your own? Well, there is no need to worry as we have got you covered. You can place the scavenger hunt riddles for kids all around your home. Your kids will love solving the riddles as they would receive some prize at the end of the scavenger hunt riddles for kids.

Treasure Hunt Riddles for Kids Around the House

Given below is a list of the free indoor scavenger hunt riddles for kids:

  1. Soft and plump, I’ll be right here. Throughout your dreams, you’ll keep me near. I’ll keep you comfy all through the night, and you’ll leave me here in the morning light.
  2. Answer- Pillow

  3. I’ve got buttons and numbers, and can give things a zap, I’m here to warm and heat up your snacks.
  4. Answer- Microwave

  5. I may have eyes but I really can’t see. People love to make fries out of me.
  6. Answer- Potato

  7. Round and round, that’s the only way for me! I take with me all your laundry. No need to fret, they’re safe with me. I just want to keep them clean.
  8. Answer- Washing Machine

  9. I have four legs but no feet. When you get tired, have a seat.
  10. Answer- Chair

  11. I will keep your books safe in my pack. Zip me up before slinging me on your back.
  12. Answer- Backpack

  13. Standing quietly against a wall, you rarely notice me though I’m tall. Inside, I keep a lot of treats. Open my door and then you’ll see!
  14. Answer- Refrigerator

  15. Feeling cold? Then don’t forget me! Throw me on before you go. I’m nothing special, everyone has me. People wear me when the temperature low.
  16. Answer- Jacket

  17. I have four legs but don’t have feet. You use me when it’s time to eat.
  18. Answer- Dining Table

  19. In a bowl or on a hook,

    Keep me somewhere you will look.

    On a shelf or in your pocket,

    Have me near before you lock it.

  20. Answer- Keys

  21. My job is to put an end to sleep,
    Which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep.
  22. Answer: Alarm Clock

  23. The more I dry, the wetter I get.
    A little one can be used for soaking up sweat.
  24. Answer- Towel

  25. I have a neck, but no head, but I still wear a cap?
  26. Answer- Bottle

  27. I don’t go out and play, I just stay home all day, I’m nice – you might agree, but mostly your feet just rub me?
  28. Answer- Door-Mat

  29. I am full of holes but I can hold water. What am I?
  30. Answer- Sponge

  31. I am tall when young and short when I am old, what am I?
  32. Answer- Candle