Common Two Letter Words

Check List Of Common Two Letter Words

The two letter words combine together to form a digraph. These words can either be made up of vowels or consonants. How important are words for communication? Certainly, it helps in developing language skills and expressing your thoughts with others.  You cannot share ideas if you aren’t clear about the appropriate words to be used. Isn’t it? Kids pick up common two letter words from the moment they start speaking. Therefore, it is important for you to explore a list of common two letter words for improving kids’ learning in order to provide quality education to them.

To enhance their vocabulary skills, you must focus on teaching recognition of the most common two letter words in English. In the initial phase of learning, you have to teach these words which are frequently used in making meaningful sentences. The understanding of words and their application in the sentences will lead to effective communication. To start with, focus on teaching common two letter words for kindergarten kids. Unlike preschoolers, these kids have started recognizing and understanding the words. Besides this, exploring kindergarten sight words will give a clear idea about the most commonly used words in sentences. 

List Of Common Two Letter Words In English

Here is a list of common two letter words for kindergarten kids as mentioned in the tabular column below: 

in of
go an

Examples of Common Two Letter Words In Sentences

Some of the examples of using most common two letter words in English are mentioned below:

  • This is a red flower. 
  • My name is Ansh. 
  • He took my pencil.
  • Hi, how are you?
  • We are going for dinner. 
  • Ok, thank you very much. 
  • You can take ice cream or chocolate. 
  • The dog sat on a chair. 
  • Do you have a pen? 
  • I go to school everyday. 
  • I went to the market with my mother. 
  • I like my car. 
  • He can ride a bicycle. 
  • Can you buy me ice cream?
  • This is a pretty hat. 
  • Can you help me, please?
  • There are strawberries in the box. 

Benefits of Learning Common Two Letter Words 

Some of the advantage of learning most common two letter words are mentioned below: 

  1. Easy to remember and recognize words.
  2. Not represented in the form of images or graphics.  
  3. Used almost exclusively in every sentence we speak. 
  4. Consists of irregular pronunciation. 
  5. Develops reading and writing skills. 
  6. Easy to remember and retain them in memory for longer periods of time. 
  7. Helps in framing meaningful sentences for effective communication. 
  8. Improves academic performance. 
  9. Easy to interpret information. 
  10. Builds vocabulary and language skills. 
  11. Understands grammatical concepts.
  12. Helps in understanding the concept. 
  13. Promotes confidence in kids to express their thoughts effectively. 

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How To Teach Common Two Letter Words For Kindergarten?

The most common two letter words are found frequently in all the text and speeches. There is no sentence that could make sense without these words. Hence, it is important for you to focus on teaching the most common two letter words in English for kids. Teaching words for kids can enhance their understanding towards the information being expressed or conveyed. Some of the activities that help in learning common two letter words are mentioned below:

  1. Worksheets: To attain mastery in any language, you must acquire immense knowledge on words used for making meaningful sentences. Apart from sounding words, kindergarten kids try their best to make effective use of common two letter words for communication. Therefore, worksheets for kids particularly play an important role in practicing words on a regular basis. There are different types of worksheets for kids as mentioned below:
    • Tracing words.
    • Finding missing words. 
    • Completing the sentence. 
    • Matching the words. 
    • Writing words. 

               Also, explore grammar worksheets

  2. Reading: Encourage kids to read for better comprehension. For that, you can conduct engaging reading games for kids. There are different types of reading activities that can be incorporated into their learning process. Some of them are as follows:
    • Read out short stories consisting of common two letter words.
    • Hold flashcards of two letters and ask kids to read the letter loudly by blending them together. For example a and s blended together to form as.
  3. Word Search Puzzles: This is a very interesting activity for kids where they have to find the hidden words jumbled together on a sheet of paper. There are a number of word search puzzles for kids available online. Encourage them to actively participate in learning the most common two letter words in English. This will help them to become familiar with words and develop good communication skills. Also, explore crossword puzzles for kids.
  4. Word Bingo: Provide a sheet of paper consisting of common words to all the kids. Read out common two letter words loudly so that kids can mark those words instantly. This activity will build concentration and focus on what they are learning. In addition to this, there will be recognition of the words used for making meaningful sentences .Also, explore vocabulary words for kids
  5. Create Word Wall: Kids in kindergarten are still too young to understand the words instantly. They need regular reminders of common two letter words used for communication. To achieve this, you can build a wall of most common two letter words in English at home or in the classroom. Continuous practice and repeated revision of words will help kids in retaining the information throughout their life. 
  6. Word Segregation: Engaging kids is the most challenging task for any parents and teachers. Nevertheless, you have to focus on teaching common two letter words to the kids with interesting activities. Word segregation is quite an exciting game for children in terms of entertainment and fun. You have to give a set of words kept inside the box to the kids. Ask them to segregate the common two letter words and place it in the empty box provided. The kid will be declared as winner based on the maximum number of words segregated. Also, explore kindergarten spelling words

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Frequently Asked Questions on Common Two Letter Words

What are the Common Two Letter Words?

The Common Two Letter Words are is, an, at, or, of, do, to, so, no, on, in, ex, hi, me, we, ok, bi, us, un, go, etc.

What are the examples of Common Two Letter Words in a sentence?

The examples of Common Two Letter Words in a sentence are, This is an orange flower. My name is Jack. We can meet for a coffee. You can sit on the chair, etc.

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