Egg Drop Project Ideas

Egg Drop Project Ideas For School Kids To Prevent Eggs From Breaking When Dropped

The best way for children to learn and understand science and develop an interest in it is through experimenting. When kids learn new things in a practical way, they can retain the information for a much longer time. This also keeps them engaged and helps them to develop an interest in the subject they are learning. There are many cool and super easy science experiments for kids to do at home or as a part of their school project. One such simple science experiment is the egg drop project.

It is also considered an egg drop challenge where kids every year try to build a simple or complicated structure around the egg in such a way that the egg won’t break when dropped from a significant height. As easy as it sounds, there might be a number of failed attempts where the egg drops and breaks on the floor. The design can be simple or complicated, which should decrease the energy transferred to kinetic energy from potential energy on the eggshell. There are a number of ways to do that with the help of different materials.

Instructions To Build Egg Drop Project In The Classroom

The class egg drop project is generally considered as a team activity or group project at school where different teams with students are given the same materials. The students should work together with their respective teams using the given materials and build a structure that holds the egg and prevents it from breaking or falling. Teachers can ask the students to build the project within a certain time limit and the team which creates the best egg drop project will be declared as the winner.

Egg Drop Project- Materials Required 

The materials required for the egg drop project are easily available at general stores or at home. These materials should be handed over to the students by teachers and the students should only use the provided material to build the egg drop project.

The following materials can be provided to the students for the classic egg drop project (This is not the only way to conduct the experiment. Teachers can provide a wide variety of materials to their students to build the structure).

An egg, two balloons, four straws, four rubber bands, four small sticks (popsicle sticks can be used), two paper cups, cellophane tape, some tape (about 2ft of tape).

How The Egg Drop Project Can Be Created And The Science Behind It

When an egg hits the ground, a collision occurs between the eggshell and the Earth. When this happens, the energy and the momentum of the egg and the Earth are transferred and their properties are changed. Many forces are responsible for this change to happen and these strong forces are responsible for the eggshell to hit the ground and break.

Children should be able to create a design that can withstand these forces. There are many ways to decrease the energy transferred to kinetic energy on the eggshell from potential energy. Kids can try to reduce the speed of the egg with the help of air resistance or increase the time required for a collision to happen with the help of a cushion, etc. They need to think outside the box to create a structure that will prevent the egg from breaking.