Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Alphabetical order worksheets are wonderful educational tools for kids to learn to spell words correctly. Alphabets are the first things that kids start learning right from the time they start speaking. Introducing alphabets in a creative way helps them recognize and recite the letters in the proper sequence. Alphabetical order worksheets are great tools to enhance your kids learning of words. 

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Teaching words for kids is crucial to develop a child’s reading, writing and speaking skills. Building a large vocabulary in early childhood comes in handy for a child all through school and even aids in their professional development. Games, activities and worksheets for kids make learning the alphabets and vocabulary building a fun and enjoyable activity for kids. Solving alphabetical order worksheets are one such activity, it helps kids learn new words and spell them too.

Printable Alphabetical Order Worksheets for Kids

Here are some amazing alphabetical order worksheets to help your child master spelling skills and boost their vocabulary. These worksheets include a variety of exercises that can boost your child’s knowledge on arranging words in the correct alphabetical order. Here are some alphabetical order worksheets with answers. 

Alphabetical Order Worksheet with Answers

Look at the worksheet below. Read the words in each row and write them in the correct alphabetical order.

Read the words in alphabetical order: Alphabetical order worksheets


  1. Class, Read, Round, Same
  2. Drink, Dry, Must, Plod
  3. Fresh, Hill, Tail, Test
  4. Brown, Deal, Shirt, Vest
  5. Brook, Clad, From, Home
  6. Add, Ask, Fine, Odd
  7. Apart, Belt, Drop, Tail
  8. Card, Harm, Smell, Thank

Christmas Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Arrange the words in the worksheet according to the correct alphabetical order.

Write the words in a alphabetical order: Free printable alphabetical order worksheets


  1. Bow
  2. Family
  3. Gifts
  4. Ornament
  5. Reindeer
  6. Santa
  7. Sleigh
  8. Snow
  9. Tree

Check out Christmas words to boost your little one’s Christmas vocabulary.

Back to School Alphabetical Order Worksheet for Kids

Summer is almost over and it’s time to go back to school. Get kids excited for school with this fun worksheet and ask them to arrange the words in the proper alphabetical order.

Arrange the words in a alphabetical order:  Alphabetical order printable worksheets


Book, Bus, Library, Pencil, Ruler, School, Student, Teacher

Fruits Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Here is a fun way to help kids learn how to spell the names of different fruits. Arrange the words in this worksheet in the correct alphabetical order.

Read and write the words in alphabetical order: Arrange the words in alphabetical order worksheets


Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Grapes, Orange, Pear, Strawberry

How to Solve Alphabetical Order Worksheets 

To put words in alphabetical order, 

  • You must look into the first letter of the words such as Goat, Doll, Fish, Apple, etc. And,
  • if the first letter words are more than two, you can go for the second letter of the words such as Cat, Cut, Ball, Bite, etc. 
  • Similarly, you can go for the third letter if the words have the same first and second letters. 

These worksheets are extremely beneficial in understanding the arrangement of words in order. You can download alphabetical order worksheets with answers for their practice. 

Interesting Activities to Learn Words in Alphabetical Order 

Before you introduce your little one to alphabetical order worksheets,ensure they know what the correct alphabetical order is. Learning  the alphabetical order is important to find alphabetized things easily. Here are some activities to help you teach your child.

  • Letter Tiles: Lay down Scrabble tiles or alphabet blocks on the floor and ask kids to put them in the right order. This activity helps children understand the sequence of the letters of the alphabet. Learning the alphabetical order is a great tool that helps improve a child’s reading skills. Try these find the letter worksheets to help your little ones learn the alphabet easily. 
  • Phone Book: If your child seems to have a better understanding of letter order by now, you could move on to play a slightly difficult game. All you have to do is call out names of businesses and have your child flip through the phone book to find the phone number that belongs to the business. Boost your child’s reading skills using reading games for kids.
  • Alphabetize Everything: That’s right! The next time they make a list of something, ask them to write it in alphabetical order. If they’ve got a chore chart and need to do the laundry and do the dishes, the “dishes” chore comes first. 
  • Alphabet Hunt: You can ask your kids to hunt words assigned to them. They can use newspapers, magazines, story books etc for that. Then, ask them to list the words in alphabetical order. Check the words if they are placed in the correct order. Try these alphabet worksheets to help kids master the letters of the alphabet before they master the alphabetical order.
  • Fill in missing letters: An easy way to teach kids the proper order of the alphabet is a fill in the missing letter quiz. Provide a set of words to the kids in order to arrange them in alphabetical order. Later, ask them to fill the missing letters in the arranged words.
  • Arrange the words: Ask kids to arrange the jumbled words in alphabetical order. For example, Zip, Cat, Ball, Dog, Monkey etc can be arranged in correct order such as Ball, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Zip, etc. 

Benefits of Alphabetical Order Worksheets for Kids

Here are some ways that solving alphabetical order worksheets help kids:

  • Kids develop strong vocabulary skills and also learn to use appropriate words to make meaningful sentences. 
  • They will learn to position the characters appropriately to spell a word correctly. 
  • Kids will learn to identify the letters of the alphabet and also develop their reading, spelling and writing skills. 

We hope your kids enjoy working on these easy alphabetical order worksheets! Check Osmo for more learning activities, games and worksheets to boost your child’s learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Alphabetical Order Worksheets

What is an example of Alphabetical Order Worksheets?

Arrange the following words according to the alphabetical order worksheets such as penguin, tiger, cat, elephant, horse and dog. Answer: cat, dog, elephant, horse, penguin and tiger. This is an example of Alphabetical Order Worksheets.

What are the activities that help kids to practice Alphabetical Order Worksheets?

Some of the activities that help kids to practice Alphabetical Order Worksheets are alphabet magnets, alphabet tiles, letter hunt, alphabet scavenger hunt, fill in the blanks with the missing alphabets, and alphabetically arrange the words.

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