Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Before you can introduce your little one to these alphabetical order worksheets, let’s look at a few activities that provide a deeper understanding of letter order:

  • Letter Tiles: If you’ve got Scrabble tiles at home, that would be great! Otherwise, you could simply write down each letter on different flashcards and have your kids assemble them in the right order. There are lots of things you could do with letter tiles. You could pick out consecutive letters and have kids put them in order, or you could choose just 2 letters and ask them which one comes first, or you could scramble several letters and have kids unscramble them maybe from Z-A! (yes, backwards!)
  • Word Wall: Take a large canvas, hang it on the wall, and make various columns for each letter of the alphabet. Make labels for these letters too. Next, write down random words that begin with different letters. Your kids must identify the first letter of each word and move those words to the right column!
  • Phone Book: If your child seems to have a better understanding of letter order by now, you could move on to play a slightly difficult game. All you have to do is call out names of businesses and have your child flip through the phone book to find the phone number that belongs to the business.
  • Alphabetize Everything: That’s right! The next time they make a list of something, ask them to write it in alphabetical order. If they’ve got a chore chart and need to do the laundry and do the dishes, the “dishes” chore comes first!

Now, let’s check out those alphabetical order worksheets we mentioned!

Printable Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Check out these alphabetical order worksheets with answers.

Alphabetical Order Worksheets 01 1


  1. Class
  2. Drink
  3. Fresh
  4. Brown
  5. Brook
  6. Add
  7. Apart
  8. Card
Alphabetical Order Worksheets 02


  1. Bow
  2. Decorations
  3. Family
  4. Gifts
  5. Ornament
  6. Reindeer
  7. Santa
  8. Sleigh
  9. Snow
  10. Tree
Alphabetical Order Worksheets 03


Book, Bus, Library, Pencil, Ruler, School, Student, Teacher

Alphabetical Order Worksheets 04


Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Grapes, Orange, Pear, Strawberry

We hope your kids enjoy working on these easy alphabetical order worksheets! For more literacy games for kids, check the rest of our website.