Gifts For 2 Year Olds

One thing we would all agree upon is that choosing gifts is really confusing. It’s really hard to find the perfect gift for people. And, what’s toughest is getting the most appropriate gifts for 2 year olds. You can choose unique gifts for 2 year olds in such a way that they are not only useful for playing but also educationally beneficial. These gifts for kids can be selected based on their age and level of understanding. 

Kids at the age of 2 are quite active in exploring and discovering things around them. Therefore, you need to buy the best gifts for 2 year olds which makes them happy and satisfied. Sometimes you might wonder what to give these toddlers, but we are here to help you out with some good gifts for 2 year olds.  Here are some ideas for wonderful gifts for 2 year olds.

Best Gifts For 2 Year Olds 

Here are the top gifts for 2 year olds mentioned below: 

  • Rattles and Plush Rings: These can make a great choice for a gift to a 2 year old kid. Rattles and rings keep kids engaged and kids love them.
  • Piano Keyboard Toys: Piano keyboard toys can instill interest in music among children. 
  • Hop Balls for kids: We all know how much kids love to move and jump around. Hopping balls are fun and they let kids enjoy hopping and jumping activities. 
  • Soft toys: Kids do not consider soft toys to be just toys to play with. In fact, they keep them around like their buddies. 
  • Luminous Rubber Bouncing Balls: Kids love to see lights and the lighting rubber bouncing balls look amazing when they blink in different colors when kids bounce these balls. 
  • Push and Shake Tumbler Dolls: Push and shake tumbler dolls can keep kids entertained and bring lots of smiles on their faces. 
  • Chewing Keys: Kids tend to put random things in their mouth. Why not give them chewing keys which are completely safe and non-toxic to chew. Apart from the conventional gifts, you can also give gifts that are a little more unique and beneficial. Stay tuned.
  • Tent House: You can make a tent house for kids. This is the best gift for 2 year olds where they can spend some quality time and play with their toys. 
  • Bike or Scooter: Kids love vehicles, be it bicycle or scooter. Therefore, this can be a cool gift for 2 year olds where they can learn to sit on a bike and take a ride around the whole house. There are some attractive color vehicles that you can plan to give your child. 
  • Sea ball pool: This is one of the great gifts for 2 year olds where they can enjoy playing in water with colorful balls. Kids just love to throw the balls and have fun with it. 
  • Baby slide: Sometimes it’s not feasible to take a child all the time to park. They like to play on the slide which can be easily brought for the children at home. You can place it on the play area and allow kids to have their best time playing on the slide. 
  • Building blocks: Building blocks enable kids to develop their creativity and other important skills. You can give them building blocks so that they can make any structure that they would like to. These colorful blocks fascinate children to actively involve themselves in some kind of activity. 
  • Musical Instruments: Listening to music enables children to develop their sensory skills. In this regard, you can give musical instruments such as keyboards, drums, guitar, etc for the kids to play. They will try to play the musical instrument with complete concentration. However it might sound, they just love having fun with it. 

Educational Gifts For 2 Year Olds

Educational presents can be great gifts for 2 year olds. Rather than choosing big gifts, you can choose something that is more relevant for kids, something that is more useful in their growing years. An individual’s brain is most active during his/her childhood. Children learn way too fast than adults. Then, wouldn’t it be better to give them gifts that are not just toys but toys that help them learn new things in their formative years? Given below are a few educational gift ideas for 2 year olds:

  • Geometric Building Blocks: earning shapes is very crucial for children. Geometric building blocks familiarize kids with different shapes. Children will be able to identify shapes around them, which will in turn help them learn geometry faster. 
  • OSMO ABCs Game: Mo the Monster teaches more than 300 words to children. Children get to build letters with colorful rings and sticks. This game will enhance children’s letter recognition skills, vocabulary and construction. 
  • OSMO Counting Town: In Counting Town, kids have to build numbers using sticks and rings and practice counting through the game. This game refines kids’ number recognition, counting, comparing and problem-solving prowess. 
  • OSMO Squiggle Magic: In this game, children have to use sticks and rings to create anything they wish. Then, children get to see their creations animated on the screen. This game improves their cognitive and social skills. 
  • OSMO Shape Builder: Build simple to composite shapes in this amazing learning game. Children can design their own magic mansion using sticks and rings. Children start with learning basic shapes, their properties and then eventually move on to building composite shapes. Learn more about shapes and their attributes, relative positioning, color recognition, etc. 
  • OSMO Costume Party: In Costume Party, kids get to experiment with colors and clothes in order to make party outfits and watch those characters’ reactions. This game sharpens motor skills, social understanding and creativity in children.
  • OSMO Stories: In the OSMO Stories game, kids have to mix and match costumes in order to find simple solutions to hurdles. They navigate through various adventures and get the benefit of hands-on learning experiences. They are assisted and encouraged by the OSMO character Mo the Monster. Children use their skills to find solutions to obstacles and get instant feedback. This game will help kids in increasing their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving prowess. 
  • LEGO learning kits: Learning can be much more fun with LEGO. Through LEGO, kids can learn about colors, problem-solving, creativity, etc. 
  • Flashcards: You can find flashcards on a wide variety of things – alphabets, fruits, vegetables, animals, plants, etc. 
  • Coloring Books: Coloring books on animals, plants, numbers, fruits, vegetables, etc. can make kids more aware of the things in their surroundings while keeping them engaged in filling colors.   
  • Alphabet Picture Toys: You can find alphabet picture toys including alphabet board games that will acquaint kids with the alphabets of the English language. 
  • Number train: Number trains have numbers written on their wagons. Through playing with number trains, kids will be able to learn and memorize numbers faster and for a longer time. 
  • Easter Gifts for 2 Year Olds: Easter Egg coloring books, Wooden Percussion Musical Egg Maracas, My Magical Easter Bunny board book, Easter Egg hunt, etc. are some of the wonderful ideas for Easter gifts for children. 
  • Educational Mat: You can buy educational mat for the kids which consists of alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, etc along with attractive images. Place this on the play area of your child’s room where they can spend lots of time recognizing the things that are illustrated on the mat. 
  • Writing board: There are some exciting educational gifts for 2 year olds available in the market or online. You can buy a writing board for the kids where they start scribbling in order to develop their hand and eye coordination. This will enable them to have a grip on the pencil or pen that they are holding. Over the period of time, it will help them to start writing alphabets and numbers. 

You can also find some brilliant Easter riddles for kids and get their printouts. To find ideas for the best Christmas gifts for a 2 year old, click on the linked article. Mentioned above are some of the coolest gifting ideas for 2 year olds. Want to have a look at other such hands-on learning kits and ideas for children? Explore our products and start shopping now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds

What are some of the Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds?

Some of the Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds are soft toys, building blocks, coloring books, drawing books, piano keyboards toy set, hop balls, bouncing balls, chewing toys, etc.

What are the best educational gifts for 2 year olds?

Some of the best educational gifts for 2 year olds are Osmo’s ABCs games, geometric shapes books and building blocks, Osmo counting town, Osmo squiggle magic, Osmo costume party, etc.