Gifts For 2 Year Olds

One thing we can all agree upon is that choosing gifts for kids is really confusing. Finding the perfect gifts for 2 year olds can be a very difficult task. The best gifts for 2 year olds are ones that make them happy, but also spark their curiosity and boost their creativity. 

Kids at the age of 2 are quite active, they love to explore and discover things around them. People always wonder if they should choose a traditional gift or one of the modern educational gifts. So, what kind of things make good gifts for 2 year olds?  While choosing gifts for 2 year olds, look for one that helps them learn while they play. Here are some ideas for wonderful gifts for 2 year olds.

30 Best Gifts For 2 Year Olds 

If you’re stressed about finding the best gift for your 2 year old, then put aside your worries. We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 gifts for 2 year olds, to help you get started. 

List of Gifts for 2 Year Old Kids

  1. Rattles and Plush Rings: These are a great choice for a gift to a 2 year old kid. Rattles and rings keep kids engaged and kids love playing with them.
  2. Toy Piano Keyboard: A toy piano keyboard is a great gift to introduce your little one to music. It helps 2 year olds learn about rhythm and music.
  3. Hop Balls for kids: We all know how much kids love to move and jump around. Your kids will have fun hopping around on these hopping balls. 
  4. Plush toys: For kids, plush toys are not just toys to play with, they become their best friends. Soon you’ll find that your child and their plush toy have become inseparable buddies. 
  5. Luminous Rubber Bouncing Balls: Your little one will be super excited with these luminous rubber bouncing balls. These balls light up in different colors when the kids bounce them around. 
  6. Teething toys: Kids tend to put random things in their mouth. Gifting your little ones teething toys ensures that they put safe and non-toxic toys in their mouth. 
  7. Tent: Kids of all ages love playing in a tent. So, a tent is one of the best gifts for 2 year olds to indulge in imaginative play and play with their toys. 
  8. Trike or Scooter: Little kids love riding on trikes or scooters. It’s one of the cool gifts for 2 year olds, they’ll ride it around the house and neighborhood all day. 
  9. Ball pool: A ball pool is one of the most wonderful gifts for 2 year olds. Your little one will spend hours diving into the pool and playing with the colorful balls. 
  10. Baby slide: An indoor or outdoor slide for little kids is a wonderful gift for them. Place it in their play area and watch them have a wonderful time. 
  11. Building blocks: Building blocks are a wonderful gift that helps in developing their creativity, fine motor skills and concentration. This is a gift that helps kids learn as they play.
  12. Musical Instruments: Listening to music is soothing and helps develop a child’s sensory skills. Gifting kids mini musical instruments like drum sets, guitar etc helps develop their musical skills and concentration. 
  13. Crawl Tunnel: A crawl tunnel is a wonderful gift for 2 year olds. Not only will they have fun playing, but they also help the kids exercise too.
  14. Alphabet Picture Toys: Alphabet toys like blocks are a great way to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet while they have fun. Check out these fun alphabet coloring pages to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet.
  15. Dolls and Dollhouses: What kid won’t like dolls and dollhouses? These are one of the best gifts for 2 year olds. Gift your little one a doll and dollhouse to make them feel special.
  16. Karaoke Set: If your little one loves singing, give them a karaoke set to encourage the little star. 
  17. Geometric Building Blocks: Learning shapes is crucial for children. Geometric building blocks help kids learn to identify different shapes. This sets a strong foundation for learning geometry. 
  18. OSMO ABCs Game: In this classic game by Osmo, Mo the Monster helps children learn words and expand their vocabulary. Children get to build letters with colorful rings and sticks. This game enhances the child’s letter recognition skills, vocabulary and word building skills. 
  19. OSMO Counting Town: In Osmo’s Counting Town, kids have to build numbers using sticks and rings and practice counting through the game. This game helps kids learn basic math skills like number recognition and counting. It also boosts their problem-solving and comparison skills. Help your child learn to count with these counting activities for preschoolers.
  20. LEGO learning kits: Most kids love LEGO and learning is more fun with LEGO. This is one of the best educational gifts for 2 year olds to learn about colors, problem-solving, critical thinking etc.
  21. OSMO Squiggle Magic: In this game, children use sticks and rings to create anything they wish and see their creations animated on the screen. This game improves their cognitive and social skills.
  22. Flashcards: Flashcards are one of the most wonderful educational gifts for 2 year olds. From alphabets, fruits, vegetables, animals, plants to buildings, countries etc, kids can learn a wide variety of things using flashcards.  
  23. OSMO Shape Builder: This amazing learning game helps kids build simple to composite shapes. Children can design their own magic mansion using sticks and rings. This game helps them learn about basic shapes and their properties and colors. Check out these shape games for kids to help them learn about different shapes.
  24. Writing board: A writing board is one of the best educational gifts for 2 year olds. Scribbling, drawing and writing on this board helps develop their hand and eye coordination and other fine motor skills. It’s also a great motivator to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet, numbers etc.
  25. OSMO Costume Party: In Costume Party, kids get to experiment with colors and clothes to make party outfits and watch the characters’ reactions. This game sharpens the child’s motor skills, social understanding and creativity in children.
  26. Coloring Books: Coloring books are another great educational gift for little kids. Not only only do they have fun, but they also learn more about colors and the things in their surroundings.   Check out these amazing animal coloring pages for kids.
  27. OSMO Stories: OSMO Stories is one of the best gifts for 2 year olds. In this game, kids get to mix and match costumes to find simple solutions to problems. Mo the Monster helps them navigate through various adventures, where kids find solutions to problems and get instant feedback. This game boosts their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  28. Number train: Number trains have numbers written on their wagons. This helps the kids learn to recognize and memorize the numbers. 
  29. Easter Gifts for 2 Year Olds: Easter Egg coloring books, Wooden Percussion Musical Egg Maracas, My Magical Easter Bunny board book etc. are some of the best ideas for Easter gifts for children. Also explore Easter riddles for kids
  30. Educational Mat: An educational mat for the kids has alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, etc along with attractive images printed on it. This gift helps children recognize and learn about the things illustrated on the mat.

You can also find some brilliant Easter riddles for kids and get their printouts. To find ideas for the best Christmas gifts

Why Give Educational Gifts for 2 Year Olds?

Apart from conventional gifts, you can also give more unique and beneficial gifts like educational gifts for kids. Educational presents can be great gifts for 2 year olds. A good gift is something that helps children learn useful skills while they play. Most toys are things that children play with for a few years and set aside when they get bored or grow up. But educational gifts are wonderful things that help them learn basic skills while they play. 

We hope these ideas for gifts for 2 year olds were useful. Check our kids learning section for more activities, worksheets and games to make learning more fun and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds

What are some of the Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds?

Some of the Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds are soft toys, building blocks, coloring books, drawing books, piano keyboards toy set, hop balls, bouncing balls, chewing toys, etc.

What are the best educational gifts for 2 year olds?

Some of the best educational gifts for 2 year olds are Osmo’s ABCs games, geometric shapes books and building blocks, Osmo counting town, Osmo squiggle magic, Osmo costume party, etc.

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