STEM Gifts for Kids

Move Beyond The Usual Toys Gifts And Check These Cool STEM Gift Ideas for Kids

Toys are one of the most popular gifts for kids. But with each day, these toys for kids innovated every day. People now prefer to give gifts that help children learn new skills. STEM gifts for kids are one of the most popular gifts for kids. These gifts are given to ensure that the child has a fun learning experience while playing.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM is an educational policy that integrates these four core subjects so that kids can learn them while playing. STEM education for kids is an important part of their early learning. STEM learning in early childhood sets a solid foundation for learning these core subjects in school. Are you looking for some STEM gifts for kids to give to your child on their birthday or other special occasions? Well then, look no further because we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best Stem gifts for kids. 

A child’s brains are the most active in their formative years. They have a high grasping ability and thus learn things very quickly – be it language or art. Giving them the perfect toys and gifts can boost interest in learning. STEM gifts for kids are a unique way to introduce children to important concepts in a fun way. 

STEM Gifts for Kids

Learning Through Play

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10 Cool Stem Gifts For Children

Here is  a list of 10 amazing STEM gift ideas for kids.

  1. Human Body Anatomy Magnetic Toy: What’s better than toys to learn about the human body than a STEM toy. This super cool STEM gift uses technology to teach kids about the various parts of the human body. This is one of the best STEM gifts for kids because they are curious about how things work. An additional bonus is that they get to learn science through practice. For more hands-on science activities, check science experiments for kids.
  2. Roller Coaster Kit: Roller coasters are fun to ride and even more wonderful when you can make them yourself. This STEM gift for kids allows them to experiment and engineer fun roller coasters on their own. Kids can create 3-dimensional adventure rides and watch their cars speed down these roller coasters. For little ones that aim to be engineers, this is one of the best stem gifts for kids to make their dream come true.
  3. OSMO Explorer Starter Kit: OSMO brings an enthralling STEM learning experience to kids through its explorer starter kit. This kit includes nine classic OSMO games- Tangram, Words, Newton, Masterpiece, Numbers, Monster, Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo. 
  4. These games enhance kids’ understanding of art, Math, coding, shapes, words and much more. Bring home this fabulous STEM learning kit and boost your child’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it also teaches them logical thinking, coding prowess and social skills. If you’re looking for an overall learning experience, Osmo’s explorer starter kit is one of the coolest STEM gifts for kids. Check out these coding games for kids to boost your child’s coding skills.

  5. Magnetic Building Tiles: Playing with magnets is something that all of us have loved as kids. Toys these days are way more thoughtfully made and magnetic building tiles is one such example. With these tiles, kids can construct simple to complex structures including 2-D and 3-D ones. This is another of the best STEM gifts for kids to introduce them to engineering.
  6. LEGO STEM Toys: Nothing else can keep kids engaged and entertained like LEGO! But, engaging kids is not the only thing that LEGO toys can do. These LEGO STEM toys for kids are based on creating tech machines, robots, steam trains, chain reactions and more.
    Explore these LEGO STEM activities for kids to do at home! 
  7. Gravity Maze Marble Run: Most kids love playing with marbles. Gravity maze marble run requires kids to find ways to get the marbles to reach the target. This is one of the most amazing STEM gifts for kids that builds sound critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Kids also get to refine their spatial understanding while finding ways to get through the maze. 
  8. Dinosaur Construct and Play Kit: Kids get to drill and construct dinosaurs through this dinosaur construct and play kit. This game refines kids’ motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. It lets your kid learn how to create a toy from scratch. Kids develop engineering skills through this game in their early elementary years with this STEM gift. 
  9. Kids Microscope: Let your kids have a hands-on experience of watching tiny things under the microscope made exclusively for kids. This microscope comes with LED illumination, prepared slides, blank slides, a petri dish and other pieces that offer kids the opportunity to closely watch the invisible world of wonders. For a little biologist, this is one of the most perfect and tailor-made STEM gifts for kids.
  10. Kids Forts: This is one of the greatest STEM gifts for kids to take your kids’ engineering skills to the next level. Fort kits come in different sizes and kinds including the ones with glow multilink spheres and rods. This will not only make kids fall in love with what they create, but also hone their engineering skills as well as critical thinking. 
  11. STEM Books: Books are one of the most popular gifts for kids. STEM books are a great way to boost your child’s knowledge and help them learn how things work. These books are filled with tons of facts and illustrations to learn about the workings of the world. Give your little one’s curious mind some fodder with STEM books, which are one of the best STEM gifts for kids. Try these fun reading games for kids to entice your child to read more.

We hope these STEM gift ideas for kids help you get the perfect gift for your little one. Check Osmo for more games, activities and worksheets to boost your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cool STEM Gifts for Kids

What are the Cool STEM Gifts for Kids?

Some of the Cool STEM Gifts for Kids are STEM related books, kid friendly microscopes, kid friendly science experiments, magnetic puzzles, lego STEM toys, roller coaster kits, etc.

Why are Cool STEM Gifts for Kids important?

Cool STEM toys for kids are important to kids because they help them to learn and comprehend the fundamentals of each subject right from a young age. Also, these toys allow kids to learn without stressing their little minds.