Fun And Easy Magic Milk Experiment For Kids

At home, children are always curious to experiment with things around them. It is essential for kids to stay curious and to be interested in trying out new things. Curiosity helps children to search for answers and keep their minds and body active throughout the day. In this aspect, science experiments can take children on a whole new adventure. There are a number of simple science experiments that children can try out in their home with minimal guidance, adult supervision, and materials. 

Magic milk experiment belongs to one of those experiments that are fun and simple to conduct at home. Young kids will be thrilled to do the experiment as most of the materials required for the experiment are available at home! 

Here, we will give a step by step guidance on how kids can conduct magic milk experiments with minimal materials.

Magic Milk Experiment – Materials Required 

The materials needed to conduct the magic milk experiment are easily available at home or at any general store.

A carton of milk, some liquid food coloring, dish soap and cotton swabs are required. It is also easy to set up this experiment.

Steps To Set-Up The Magic Milk Experiment

Step 1: Take a plain pan and fill it with milk. The milk layer coated on the pan should be thin.

Step 2: Choose food coloring drops of your child’s favorite color and help them add these droplets around the milk.

Step 3: Take a cotton swab and dip it in a container filled with dish soap.

Step 4: Remove the cotton swab dipped in the dish soap and put it in the milk. Make your kid press the cotton swab in the milk for more than 10 seconds.

Step 5: The experiment is completed! Now, wait with your kid for the magic to happen.

Conduct An Interactive Session With Your Kid After The Completion Of The Magic Milk Experiment

Your child will be excited and also surprised by looking at the result of the magic milk experiment. He/she might have a lot of questions regarding the turnout. If your kid doesn’t have one then make sure to conduct an interactive question and answer session with your child, regarding the experiment.

You can ask these questions mentioned below to your kid after the completion of the experiment.

  • Did you have fun doing the magic milk experiment?
  • Did you learn anything new from it?
  • What did you notice about the magic milk experiment?
  • What do you think happened to the milk after placing the cotton swab in it?
  • Why do you think that happened with the milk after pressing the cotton swab in it?

It is necessary to ask all these questions so that you can understand if your child got a hang of what happened in the experiment. If they are unable to answer these questions then do not worry, you can always conduct the experiment more than once.

After the Q and A session, you can explain the results of the experiment with your child and the science behind it.

Science Behind The Magic Milk Experiment

When the cotton swab is pressed in the milk, the food color moves around the tray forming colorful patterns. This happens because milk is rich in essential nutrients and is fundamentally made up of proteins, fats and minerals. When the cotton swab that contains dish soap is pressed into the milk, the soap molecules are combined with fat molecules present in the milk. This reaction can be loosely observed as the food color moves in different directions all around the tray.

Children will be more interested in conducting new experiments when they learn about the science behind them.

You Can Do More With Magic Milk Experiment!

The magic milk experiment can be expanded in this way! Take 3 different types of milk: whole milk, 1% milk and 2% milk (% indicates the fat percentage present in the milk). Repeat the same procedure mentioned above with your child. Ask them to track the results of each experiment and question them if they notice anything different in each trial.