Number 9 Worksheets – Download Free Printables

Have you seen kids counting numbers with their fingers? Well, that is the first step towards learning numbers. Then, teach kids to recognize and write the numbers using number worksheets

Once your child has learnt how to write 8, introduce them to the number 9 using the number 9 worksheets. These free printable number 9 worksheets help kids learn to trace, write and count till 9. 

Printable Worksheets To Teach Number 9 To Kids 

Here are some printable number 9 worksheets for kids to help them trace, write, count, add and subtract number 9.

Number 9 Tracing Worksheet For Preschool

Learning how to write the numbers is equally important as recognizing the numbers. Help your preschooler learn how to write the 9 in numeral form and in words by tracing using this worksheet. 

Number 9 Tracing Worksheet

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Number 9 Worksheets For Kindergarten

Kindergarteners already know how to recognize numbers and count confidently from 1 to 10. Help learn to count 9 objects using this fun worksheet for kids. 

Number 9 Counting Worksheet

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In addition to this, conduct counting activities for preschoolers to sharpen your child’s counting skills. 

Number 9 Worksheets For Elementary School: Addition And Subtraction

Kids in early elementary school are starting to learn basic math operations like addition and subtraction. Help your child learn how to add and subtract using the number 9 with these number 9 worksheets.

Number 9 Addition Worksheet

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Number 9 Subtraction Worksheet

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Children start multiplication lessons once they’re confident with addition and subtraction. So in addition to these worksheets, strengthen your child’s multiplication knowledge by teaching them the 9 times table.

Activities To Do Along With Number 9 Worksheets To Help Kids Learn

Learning numbers are extremely important to learn about different math topics. You can teach the number line for kids so that they can understand the order of numbers in mathematics. Along with these, incorporating fun math activities and games makes the lesson more interesting for kids. Here are some activities and games to help your child learn the number 9:

  • Puzzles for Kids: Puzzles are a fun tool to help children learn about numbers. Have some math puzzles ready while solving number 9 worksheets to make the lesson more interactive and fun. Check out these Math puzzles for kids that make learning about numbers fun and exciting.
  • Riddles for Kids: Riddles add a fun element to number lessons and make them more entertaining. These riddles are really fun and entertaining for kids and help them think out of the box. So, enhance your child’s thinking skills with these Math riddles for kids.
  • Counting with manipulatives: Make counting more easy and fun for kids by using manipulatives. You can use marbles, Legos, candies or toys. For example, place a bunch of marbles, candies, Legos and buttons in front of the child along with 4 bowls. Ask them to count 9 of each object and place them in the bowls. This strengthens their counting skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Number 9 Worksheets

What are the different types of Number 9 Worksheet?

The different types of Number 9 Worksheets for kids are free printable Number 9 Worksheets, practicing number 9 on the worksheets, learning the numbers with the help of number 9 on the worksheets.,etc.

What are the benefits of Number 9 Worksheet?

The benefits of Number 9 Worksheet for kids are that they engage kids in learning math for a long time, they help the little ones to understand the concepts in a simple way.