Educational Gifts For Kids

Looking for educational gifts for kids to help your little one learn while they play? We’ve put together a list of some unique and cool educational gifts that keep kids occupied and help them learn too. Playing is every child’s birthright and as well as being fun and entertaining, it also helps them learn important skills. So, parents and family members get several toys as gifts for kids. But most of these toys end up being discarded when the child discovers something new and more exciting. 

So, buy educational gifts for kids. These wonderful educational toys for kids help them learn naturally through play. Additionally, they can withstand the test of time and stand out from the clutter of conventional toys. Check out these educational gifts for kids that help your little ones get started on learning while they play.

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Best Educational Gifts For Kids 

Here is a list of the top educational gifts for kids. This list includes educational games and puzzles that help kids learn math, science, language etc. 

List of Educational Gifts for Kids

  1. Monster: This classic game by Osmo comes with a drawing board and colorful markers. The kids get to draw whatever they want on the screen and the drawings get animated to give the kids a magical experience. This is one of the best educational gifts for kids to enhance their drawing skills and imagination. Check out these drawing games for kids.
  2. Globe: This is one of the coolest educational gifts for kids to help them learn about different parts of the world. Kids can learn about different continents, countries, states, capitals, cities etc. Check out these fun geography games for kids to play with their globe.
  3. Detective Agency: Osmo’s Detective Agency is a great game that allows kids to solve mysteries around the world. Kids get to run their own detective agency and travel to six different cities while they play. This game improves their observational skills and improves their knowledge of geography and different cultures. 
  4. Writing Tablet: Writing is an important skill that all kids need to master. A writing tablet is one of the best educational gifts for kids to help them learn to write. Check out these writing games for kids to improve their writing skills in a fun way. 
  5. Pizza Co.: Osmo’s Pizza Co. is a fun game to teach kids math, communication skills and entrepreneurship in a fun way. Kids get to interact with customers to sell pizzas with different toppings, which improves their verbal communication. Additionally, they’ll improve their math skills as they collect money and calculate the change etc. This game also helps kids learn about fractions when they calculate the money per slice of pizza. Check out these fraction math games for kids.
  6. Build Your Own Robot Kit: Robot toys are a great way to introduce children to STEAM topics. A build your own robot kit is a wonderful educational gift that challenges kids to bring their robot to life using different tools and parts. This introduces little kids to concepts of engineering and coding without any screen-time. Check out these fun coding games for kids.
  7. Genius Tangram: Tangram is the perfect gift for kids who love puzzles and shapes. In this game, kids arrange tangible tiles to match the shapes shown on screen. This popular game from Osmo improves the child’s spatial thinking and visual problem-solving skills. Additionally, it also enhances their shape and color recognition skills and introduces them to concepts of geometry and symmetry. Check out these shape games for kids to improve their knowledge of shapes.
  8. Story books: Story books are one of the best educational gifts for kids. These stories develop the child’s listening skills, vocabulary and reading skills. Additionally, they also help develop a vivid imagination. Check out these reading games for kids to help them learn to read in a fun and engaging way.
  9. Little Genius Sticks and Rings (ABCs & Squiggle): This wonderful game by Osmo is one of the best educational toys for little kids to learn numbers and letters. The 2 games help kids learn letter recognition, words, phonics and drawing skills. Check out these letter recognition games for kids.
  10. Alphabet and Number Charts: Alphabet and number charts are wonderful gifts for a child who’s just learning the letters and numbers. Hang them in a place where the kids can see them often to help the kids retain the information better. Also give your kids alphabet and number worksheets to help them learn to write them too.
  11. Genius Words: Osmo’s Genius Words helps kids learn the letters of the alphabet and form words. In this wonderful educational game, kids get to spell the word on the screen using tangible letter tiles. Along with expanding their vocabulary, this amazing game also improves the child’s spelling skills. Check out these spelling activities for kids.
  12. Science Kit: Science is one of the core subjects that kids will have to learn. Introduce kids to science early in a fun and engaging way by giving them science experiment kits. This helps them learn to love the subject and look forward to learning more. Check out these science experiments for kids to do at home.
  13. Genius Numbers: Osmo’s Genius Numbers is one of the best educational gifts for kids to help them learn math while playing. In this game, kids can play with the physical tiles to perform operations like counting, adding, multiplying etc. This is also great to improve your little one’s number recognition skills. Check out these number games for kids to make number learning more fun.
  14. Puzzles: Puzzles are a wonderful educational toy to boost your child’s problem-solving, logical reasoning and shape learning skills. Additionally, puzzles for kids also enhance their critical thinking skills. Jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles for kids are some common puzzles for kids.
  15. Coding Family Bundle: Osmo’s Coding Family Bundle builds the child’s coding skills with hands-on learning games. The three fun games in this bundle will help your little one learn computer programming. Also, check out these coding toys for kids.
  16. Coloring Kit: Little kids love coloring and drawing. Boost their drawing and coloring skills by giving your little one a coloring kit. You can also give your kids coloring pages like alphabet and number coloring worksheets, math coloring worksheets etc.
  17. Super Studio Artist Bundle: Osmo’s Super Studio bundle includes 6 fun games that boosts their drawing skills. As kids draw, their art gets animated and brings the drawings alive on screen. This enhances their creativity, imagination and artistic skills. Check out these art activities for kids.
  18. Zoo set: A toy zoo set is a wonderful educational gift for little kids. It helps them learn about different animals, their habitat and their food habits. Check out these animal coloring pages to help your little one learn more about animals.
  19. Construction kit: A construction kit is a great gift for little kids. It introduces them to basic concepts of engineering and enhances their math skills. It also improves their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, logical thinking, creativity, cognitive flexibility and visual spatial skills.
  20. Board Games: Board games are one of the best educational gifts for kids. Kids can improve their logical thinking skills, math skills, vocabulary, color and shape learning. Board games are also great tools that promote healthy brain development. Check out these fun board games for kids.
  21. Telescope: A telescope is a perfect gift for little kids who love astronomy. This wonderful gift will help your little one learn more about the stars, the sun, moon, planets and other celestial objects. Teach your child more about the moon with this phases of the moon worksheet.
  22. Trivia game: Boost your child’s knowledge by giving them a Trivia game as a gift. Additionally, they also sharpen the child’s thinking skills and communication skills. Check out these trivia games for kids.
  23. Circuit maze games: Introduce your little ones to the basics of building circuits, electricity and physics by giving them circuit maze games. It also enhances their logical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  24. Building blocks: Building blocks are an age-old toy that are also one of the most popular educational gifts for children. It Helps build their hand-eye coordination, balance, grip and other fine motor skills. Additionally, it also boosts their knowledge of shapes, colors and concentration. 
  25. Toy musical instruments: One of the most fun and unique educational gifts for kids are toy musical instruments. It helps develop their fine and gross motor skills and boosts their sensory development. Additionally, it accelerates brain development, helps them learn about rhyme and rhythm and teaches them patience and perseverance. It also boosts their imagination and creativity.

Benefits Of Educational Gifts For Kids

Here are some benefits of giving educational gifts for kids:

  • Develops cognitive and fine motor skills. 
  • Improves concentration and focus. 
  • Boosts confidence and motivation to learn new things. 
  • Enhances the learning experience of children.
  • Develops essential skills among children. 

We  hope you found this list of educational gift ideas for kids useful. Visit our Kids Learning section for more gift ideas, activities, games and worksheets to make learning fun and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions on Educational Gifts for Kids

What are some of the fun Educational Gifts for Kids?

Some of the fun educational gifts for kids are coding bundles for families to engage in, a fundamental math bundle, math counting books, coloring books, comic book sets, painting kits, football kits, baseball kits, etc.

Why are the Educational Gifts for Kids important?

Educational Gifts for Kids are important because they help in improving their social skills, creative skills, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and decision making abilities.

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