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As parents, you would want your children’s playtime to be both fun and an educational one. However, today’s generation of kids is glued to smartphones or tablets. Unless you give them something interesting to play with, they would argue to play on phones. To overcome this, you can buy educational gifts for kids which not only engages them in a fun way but also helps them in learning something new. There are the best educational gifts for kids available in the market. These gifts for kids will make their day and create interest in learning that you want to teach. 

If you are wondering how learning and playing can happen simultaneously, there are plenty of such games available online. However, finding educational gifts for kids is not an easy job. That’s why we, at Playosmo, suggest many educational gifts for kids. We believe that kids’ learning can happen naturally through play. You can get many educational gift ideas for kids here. It can be educational toys for kids, vocabulary games, science experiments kit, etc. You may want to check the following links for Educational Gifts for Kids mentioned below: 

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Best Educational Gifts For Kids 

There is an extensive collection of educational games, puzzles, math problems, etc. The list of educational games which can be gifted to kids are given below:

  • Monster: This game includes a drawing board and markers. It lets kids draw different images on the board. Their drawings come to life on the screen and become a part of a magical animated experience. This game builds the creative ability of kids. Buy Monster now.
  • Globe: This is one of the best education gifts for kids where they can learn about geographical regions of the world. Kids can learn about different continents, countries, states and capitals. There will be improvement in their geography knowledge. 
  • Detective Agency: Your kid can solve mysteries around the world with this game. Kids would run their own detective agency and travel to six cities. This game will encourage kids to pay close attention to details. Click on Detective Agency to buy.
  • Writing Tablet: From an early age, kids develop reading and writing skills for better learning experience. To enhance their writing skills, you can buy them a writing tablet where they can start scribbling at the beginning of their learning period and eventually learn writing skills. 
  • Pizza Co.: This game teaches entrepreneurship to young kids. In this game, kids would run a pizza store. They would sell pizza, collect money from the customer and return them change, if any. Learn more about Pizza Co.
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  • Word Box: Once the little ones get acquainted with letters, you need to inculcate vocabulary words in them. Learning words will enable them to make meaningful sentences for better communication. To teach vocabulary words for kids, you can give them a word box which consists of alphabet blocks to arrange them as per the word mentioned on the board. Assist them in case they find it difficult to decode the words correctly. 
  • Genius Tangram: Kids need to arrange tangram pieces as per the image shown on the screen. It’s a popular Osmo puzzle that improves spatial thinking and visual problem-solving skills. Click to learn more about Genius Tangram.
  • Story books: Reading habits must be inculcated among kids from an early age. Therefore, you can provide them with visually appealing story books for kids. Read them short stories or poems on a regular basis so that they develop listening skills for better understanding. 
  • Little Genius Sticks and Rings (ABCs & Squiggle): Kids need to build letters with colorful Sticks and Rings in ABCs. You can also create anything you want and see how it comes alive in Squiggle Magic. Learn letter recognition, vocabulary and phonics with this game.
  • Alphabet and Number Charts: When kids watch the charts hanging on the wall with attractive and colorful alphabets and numbers, they tend to grasp the information written on them more effectively. Moreover, there is retention of alphabet letters and the numbers in their mind. Eventually, kids will be able to apply the alphabetical knowledge during their learning process. 
  • Genius Words: Looking for the best educational gifts for kids? Well, your search ends here. This is a spelling puzzle in which an image will be shown on the screen and kids have to identify the image and spell it using letter tiles.
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  • Science Kit: Make kids explore and discover things by trying new experiments. Buy them science kits which includes kids friendly tiny microscopes, beakers and other experiment related equipment. 
  • Genius Numbers: With Osmo’s Genius Numbers, you can learn math while playing. Isn’t it cool? This is Osmo’s Math puzzle game. In this game, kids can play with the physical tiles to perform operations like count, add and multiply. When the result matches the number on the screen, it makes a satisfying pop sound. 
  • Puzzles: Kids are always inquisitive to know things. In such cases, you can develop their curiosity by giving them puzzles. The puzzles for kids will enable them to critically think about the answer. You can make them solve the word puzzles in a fun way.
  • Coding Family Bundle: Coding Family Bundle builds coding skills with hands-on learning games. There are three games in this bundle.
  • Coloring Kit: Enhance the creativity of kids by giving them a coloring kit. With this, kids can do finger painting and color images associated with alphabets and words. The coloring kit includes color pencils, crayons, watercolor paints, brushes, etc. 
  • Super Studio Artist Bundle: This bundle includes 6 games. The Super Studio Artist Bundle games will bring your art alive on screen. It will enhance creativity in kids.
  • School accessories: To upgrade their learning environment, you can purchase a few accessories for kids beneficial for their studies. For example, school bags, stationery items and other learning materials. 
  • Basic Math Bundle: Kids will discover their new love for Math through a collection of fun and interactive games. 
  • Pretend Play Bundle: This is a combination of 2 popular Osmo games: Pizza Co. and Detective Agency.

Benefits Of Educational Gifts For Kids

Some of the benefits of fun educational gifts for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops cognitive and fine motor skills. 
  • Improves concentration and focus. 
  • Boosts confidence and motivation to learn new things. 
  • Enhances the learning experience of children.
  • Develops essential skills among children. 

At Osmo, you can find a wide collection of Math Games For Kids, Puzzles For Kids, Coding Games For Kids, Drawing For Kids, Spelling and Business games. Before we jump into what can be bought on Playosmo, let us get into the details of how Playosmo works. You need to put the device in a compatible Osmo Base and the red reflector over the device camera. 

Playosmo has an impressive collection of games. These games are designed to foster learning and imagination through play. It has made solving puzzles, math problems so interesting that kids would play with the games all the time. Visit the Kids Learning section to know more about the award-winning educational gaming company.

Frequently Asked Questions on Educational Gifts for Kids

What are some of the fun Educational Gifts for Kids?

Some of the fun educational gifts for kids are coding bundles for families to engage in, a fundamental math bundle, math counting books, coloring books, comic book sets, painting kits, football kits, baseball kits, etc.

Why are the Educational Gifts for Kids important?

Educational Gifts for Kids are important because they help in improving their social skills, creative skills, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and decision making abilities.