15 Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for activities to do at home for children during the summer holidays? Summer vacations arrive every year, and children look forward to enjoying their time to the fullest. It is pretty obvious that children cannot get bored at home during the summer holidays. They need some excitement in the form of activities that can keep them busy and entertained throughout the summer vacations. Therefore, you need to plan summer activities for kids that give them a refreshing break from school. Conducting these holiday activities for kids at home gives you and your children a chance to build a strong bond by spending quality time with each other and at the same time enhancing their learning skills. 

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All the parents in the world usually plan for the best indoor and outdoor summer activities for kids. It is because they can make wonderful memories with their kids and keep them busy in summer. Before planning activities, you must think about what your child’s interests are and what can keep them engaged throughout the summer holidays. When children grow up, they will look back on their childhood summer activities with nostalgia. But, they also will remember what they have learned and gained from their summer activities. Every moment spent with their family and friends will remain with them forever. Let’s not forget that the summer vacation comes once in a year, therefore make the best use of it with interesting summer activities for kids. 

Explore Summer Activities for Kids

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Apart from sitting, eating and sleeping all day, why not create an environment for children to make the best use of their time in an effective way. You can conduct summer activities for kids that will make them enjoy and develop their cognitive skills. If you’re looking for summer activity ideas for kids? We’ ve got you some of the best summer activities that can make their summer holidays a memorable one. 

List of Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Complete their homework: If your child’s school has given homework or assignments for the summer holidays, then make sure that they complete it along with their other tasks. Completing homework not on time might create stress among children when they get back to school. Therefore, you can help your child finish their homework in a timely manner. Giving homework enables children to keep track of their learning and sharpen their skills. 
  2. Make them do art projects: This is one of the best summer activities for kids. Children have always been interested in art activities. They would love to try something new with their artwork. You can give them watercolor paints and let them explore their creative side by making something beautiful. They can do painting with fingers, brush, cotton or any other accessories that they feel comfortable with.  
  3. Allow them to solve puzzles: This is the best summer activity for kids to enhance their thinking skills. You can make them play jigsaw puzzles to keep them mentally active. Give them different kinds of puzzles so that they learn various techniques to solve the puzzle easily. It can be images or word puzzles that keep them active throughout the day.
  4. Take them for swimming classes: Nothing is as fascinating for children as swimming. They love water and like to play all day. Therefore, you can take some time in their daily routine to teach swimming. It refreshes their mind and body. Most importantly, it strengthens the muscles of children. Occasionally, you can take children to water parks, beaches or swimming pools so that they can play in the water and learn swimming. 
  5. Ask them to learn drawing: To enhance your child’s creativity, you can ask them to draw something of their choice, or you can give topics that improve their artistic skills. Allot 30 minutes for drawing daily to children. Drawing games for kids keeps them occupied and at the same time develops their hand-eye coordination and drawing skills. 
  6. Teach them gardening: This is the best activity for children to stay close to nature. You can involve them in learning gardening. Take them to the nursery and ask them to pick saplings of their interest to plant them in their house. You can give them tasks to water plants in their garden area on a daily basis. With this, they learn how to sow seeds and water the plants with utmost care and compassion. This activity keeps your children busy and at the same time learn life skills, such as self-awareness, patience, commitment, confidence, contentment etc. 
  7. Make them read books: Children must inculcate reading habits from an early age. Apart from their school books, children should read other books that impart knowledge on various topics such as current affairs, comics, national and international news or any other reading materials that enhance their reading skills. Also, you can provide them with alphabet books, poetry books, fairy tales, interactive books, which will serve the purpose of holding their interest in reading.
  8. Demonstrate science experiments for kids: Children are introduced to science from an early age. To keep them entertained and at the same time impart scientific knowledge, you can ask them to do simple science experiments for kids at home. For example, making a volcano, bubbles, solar system, etc. This activity helps them develop their observational, analytical and logical reasoning skills. 
  9. Take them for a picnic: It is impossible to make children stay at home all day during the summer holidays. You need to plan a quintessential trip with family and friends. Take them for a picnic or a tour where they can explore different places. They will enjoy their time looking at the things that they have never seen before. Most importantly, learn about the different ethnicity of the places they visit. 
  10. Play sports with them: It is very important for children to learn sports in order to develop good sportsmanship and physical health. They will improve their concentration and focus towards whatever they are doing. Most importantly, children will strengthen their muscles to perform physical activities easily. You can play any sport that your children are interested in. For example, playing basketball, badminton, baseball, cricket, etc. 
  11. Play board games with them: Children at home can easily get bored or become cranky if they do not play games. To keep them entertained, you can teach board games to kids. These board games for kids can be chess, snakes and ladder, ludo, scrabble, etc. Obviously, you need more than one child to play these games. If there is a single child, you can play along with your child to build a competitive spirit to play and win the game successfully. These are the best indoor games for kids to enhance their cognitive skills. 
  12. Send them to summer camps: Sometimes, children need to explore different things that might be difficult for you to provide for them. In such cases, sending them to summer camps will be highly beneficial in teaching creative skills to children. In camps, children will learn to build strong relationships with other children and upgrade new skills. 
  13. Teach them cooking: Let your children enhance their cooking skills during the summer holidays. Make them wear a chef’s hat and unleash their creativity skills in the kitchen. Assist them in cooking simple recipes such as apple pie, chocolate cookies, smoothies, etc. Allow your children to add ingredients and prepare their delicious food. This is a fun and engaging summer activity for kids.
  14.  Make them do craft activities: Teaching crafts for kids expand their creativity skills. You can make them do craft items from the materials available at home. For example, they can make bookmarks from leaves,  ice cream cones from paper plates, animals from popsicle sticks, etc.
  15. Watch movies with them: Find time for a movie night with your children. Take them to the theater or watch their favorite movie at home. Children will enjoy their time watching movies, and most importantly, it will keep them busy and entertained during the summer holidays.

Benefits of Summer Activities for Kids

Some of the benefits of summer activities for kids are mentioned below:

  • Keeps children entertained and busy throughout the summer holidays.
  • Develops essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity skills, etc., in children.
  • Creates a special bond with family and friends.
  • Enables children to explore and experiment with new things.
  • Creates everlasting memories of summer holidays in children.

Frequently Asked Question on Summer Activities for Kids

What are some of the summer activities for kids?

Some of the summer activities for kids are doing vacation homework on time, playing sports, going for a picnic, teaching cooking, watching movies, reading books, etc.

What are the benefits of summer activities for kids?

The benefits of summer activities for kids are that it helps children to enjoy their summer holidays in a fun and entertaining way. They would learn new skills and explore their creativity for better learning outcomes.