Time Games For Kids

Teach Your Kid To Tell The Time With The Help Of These Simple Time-Telling Games And Activities

It is the right time to teach your kid to tell the time when he/she turns 5 or 6. You can easily teach them to tell the time with the help of these simple time-telling games and activities.

  • Classic time telling game or activity for kids with the help of a clock or watch
  • You can use any kind of clock for this game or activity such as a wall clock, alarm clock, watch, etc which has visible numbers and both hands. Explain to your kid the working functionality of the clock. You can tell them about the functions of the big hand and small hands of the clock and the purpose of 1 to 12 numbers written on it. The hour hand is the big hand and the second hand that continuously moves sixty times is the small hand of the clock. 

    Explaining these basic things in a simple way can help them tell the time effortlessly. In the beginning, you might notice that your kid may find it difficult to tell the time but with constant practice, they will be able to tell the time easily.

  • Clockmaking games for kids to tell the time- Teach your kid to tell the time by making them create cardboard or paper plate clocks
  • What if you teach your kid to create his/her own clock?! Wouldn’t that make time-telling easy peasy? With the help of cardboard or paper plates, you can easily teach your child to create his/her own clock. Take a cardboard and with the help of a compass or a circular object, make your kid draw a big perfect circle on it. Divide the circle into 4 equal halves by drawing 2 lines horizontally and vertically. These lines should be slightly visible. With the help of an original clock as the reference, mark 3, 6, 9 and 12 numbers on all 4 directions of the circle. The clock is almost ready. Then for the hour and second hands, you can make your kid use long sticks or pencils. Paste them right at the center of the clock. 

    Every time the original clock strikes an hour or the minute hand and second hands change the direction, you can make your kid move the hands of his/her own handmade clock. This is an interesting and exciting activity for kids to understand the functionalities of the clock.

  • Teach your kids to tell the time by observing the weather
  • In ancient times, people used to tell the time without any help from the clock! As surprising as it may sound, this was possible just by observing the positions and directions of the sun changing in the sky. This is an interesting activity for your kid to understand how the weather and time work are correlated. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. When the sun is visible in the east direction, it usually means morning. When it is directly above one’s head, it’s afternoon. The sun setting in the west means that it is going to be evening and the appearance of the moon signifies nighttime. 

    This is an exciting and fun activity for your kid to learn about space and time. You can make them guess the time by looking at the sky and ask them to verify it with the help of a clock. This makes the time-telling game for your kids more challenging.

  • Time-telling games for kids by making them play giant hand clock with other kids
  • This time-telling game requires approximately 12-15 kids and two long sticks. You can make the kids form a big circle and ask two kids to hold long sticks and stand at the center. The kid with the bigger stick plays the minute hand and the smaller stick plays the second hand. The second-hand moves continuously in the clock, so ask the kid holding the smaller stick to move around the circle with a stick. 

    As this kid completes one rotation around the clock 60 times, the kid playing the minute hand should take one step forward. Other kids can take turns playing the minute and second hands. This time-telling game can be played by kids at school or at home during leisure time.

  • Buy your kid colorful wristwatches that help them tell the time
  • This is one of the best ways to teach your kid to tell time. You can simply buy them a wristwatch and make them tie it around their wrist. Avoid buying them digital watches or fitbits initially because the purpose of buying them a classic wristwatch is to help them tell the time voluntarily. You can buy colorful and interesting watches with their favorite cartoon characters printed on the dial or band. 

    This way, your kid will be more excited to tell the time every time the watch hands move around the dial.