3rd Grade Spelling Words

Enhance Language Skills With Third Grade Spelling Words

Sitting and memorizing third grade spelling words can be a little overwhelming. So, we are here not only with the spelling words that a 3rd grader should know but also some games that you can play with your little ones to help them learn spellings in a much more exciting way. Learning 3rd grade spelling words will empower your child to build strong communication skills. To do so, there are printable 3rd grade spelling words for kids available online. Not to forget, conducting spelling activities for kids at home or in the classroom can engage them throughout their learning process. 

To enhance their learning, use our 3rd grade spelling words list for kids. With this, you can conduct spelling games for kids so that they can learn new words with the help of exciting activities. Moreover, you can download 3rd grade spelling words pdf for reference in order to teach words to the kids. 

150+ 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids

If you are looking out for 3rd Grade spelling words, you are at the right place. These words will encourage kids to make meaningful conversations. With the help of this list, you can make kids practice spelling words for 3rd grade.  

List of Third Grade Spelling Words

grassshelf elsewhere
without markpiece
afraidforgotice cream

3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids

Children should be aware of a lot of words by the time they reach their 3rd grade. Therefore, you must design and plan activities in such a way that kids not only learn 2nd and 3rd grade spelling words but also have fun while learning. Teaching vocabulary for kids will encourage kids to interact and share their ideas with others effortlessly. Needless to say, printable materials consist of hard 3rd grade spelling words too for the kids so that they can learn to spell the words correctly. 

More Third Grade Spelling Resources For Kids 

  • 3rd Grade Sight Words: Sight words are the ones that we often come across in texts and speech.  These are frequently used words in framing meaningful sentences for effective communication. To know about what are sight words and to get a detailed list of sight words for Grade 3, you can click and explore the linked article. 
  • 3rd Grade Spelling Bee words: If you want your kids to be English words spelling geniuses, you should introduce them to Spelling Bee words. The spellings of these words are more challenging and hard to memorize.
  • Name of days & months: A 3rd grader should also know how to spell the days and months. Explore, Days of the Week Printables & Months of the Year Printables.

Engaging 3rd Grade Spelling Words Games For Children 

The best way to practice spelling words for a grade 3 is learning through enthralling games. These games will motivate them to learn new words. We cannot expect kids to sit for long hours to learn words. They do require some kind hands-on activities that can engage them for more time. Not only that, it will develop their creativity and thinking skills for better learning opportunities. Moreover, conducting literacy games for kids will enhance their vocabulary skills. Here are some games that you can enjoy playing with your little ones at home while enhancing their knowledge of spellings. 

List Of Engaging Games To Teach 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids

  • Find the Right One: For every word, make a few spelling cards out of which only one is correct. For example, make spelling cards of the word “celebrate” as celebrate, kelebrate, celebrate and calibrate .Now read the word “Celebrate”. Kids have to find  and pick out the correct spelling card. 
  • The Tree of Words: In this game, children will draw a tree and color it. Next, they have to stick words to the branches of the tree. Remember, each branch can have only one word. You will speak out words, and they will write those words on different pieces of paper. The words that they have correctly spelt will make it to the branches of the tree.
    The kid who is able to stick words to the most number of branches will win.
  •  Look Around and Win: This can be a brilliant game idea to encourage children to learn more and more spellings. All you have to do is to ask kids to look around, identify objects and write their spellings on a colorful chart with crayons or sketch pens. For example, if they see a chair, a vase, a television, etc. around them, they will write “chair, vase, television,…” in their sheets.
    The kid who is able to write down the maximum number of things as well as their correct spellings will win the game.
  • Word in Sand: In this wonderful spelling learning game, you will have to speak 3rd-grade words and ask children to practice those words by writing them not on paper or board but on the sand with sticks. When kids write words on the sand with sticks, they will enjoy learning the spellings of different words as they would feel like they are playing.
  • Shape it with Clay: To play this game, children will require clay. Playing with clay is so much fun for children as they can mold the clay in different shapes. In this game also, kids will have to shape the clay into different alphabets. You will speak out a word, say castle. Kids will have to make the alphabets ‘c’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘t’, ‘l’ and ‘e’ with clay. The one who is able to shape the clay and also spell the word correctly in the least amount of time will be the winner. 
  • Search Words: This is an interesting game for kids who love to explore things around the house. You need to provide a set of words to the children where they have to hunt the hidden words. This will encourage the children to be attentive while playing 3rd grade word search games and at the same time learn new words. 

Benefits Of Learning 3rd Grade Spelling Words 

Some of the benefits of learning 3rd grade english spelling words are mentioned below:

  • Develops vocabulary skills. 
  • Enhances learning experience. 
  • Provides better learning outcomes. 
  • Removes hesitation to read or write. 
  • Improved reading and writing skills. 
  • Improves academic performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions on 3rd Grade Spelling Words

What are some of the 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids?

Some of the 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids are almost, about, cry, laugh, cure, point, bedtime, half, brass, enjoy, employ, bear, bring, brought, penny, scratch, flower, happen, dinner, breakfast, high tea, and cracker.

What are some of the hard 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids?

Some of the hard 3rd Grade Spelling Words For Kids are newspaper, kitchen, elsewhere, cardboard, important, airplane, hundred, dollar, thousand, million, billion, listen, wrong, baseball, cricket, disappear, etc.

What are some of the games to engage kids in learning 3rd Grade Spelling Words?

Some of the games to engage kids in learning 3rd Grade Spelling Words are third grade crossword puzzles, family tree words, word search games, word building games, write a word in the air, search for the unique words in the newspaper, etc.