Summer Words

Easy Summer Vocabulary Words For Kids 

Sunny days and the warm temperature make our day pleasant. Isn’t it? Apart from other important seasons, summer is on the topmost list of favorites among children. They think about summer vacations and start planning activities. From a young age, kids have been analyzing and picking up summer words being uttered by their parents or teachers at some point or the other. You can prepare a list of summer words for kindergarten so that kids at this age can identify and use them appropriately in their communication. In addition to this, summer crafts for kids can be introduced to expand their creativity and learn something new. There are some easy summer vocabulary words for kids where you can teach interesting words and phrases along with meanings. 

Summer Words

You can find abundant information on summer words for kindergarten kids. Introduce summer words that start with m, e, d, k, or any other alphabets in the form of some activities. This will help kids to get acquainted with summer words very quickly to attain mastery of language. Kids will be able to explore summer words while enhancing their reading and writing skills. During the summer holidays, you can conduct activities for kids at home that include indoor and outdoor games. Let us look into some of the interesting summer words English vocabulary lists for kids. 

List Of Summer Words For Kids 

Sun Swim
OutingFlip flops 
Vacation Trip 
Ice cream Pool
Flowers Ease
Holiday Hot
Beach BallFloat
Popsicles Surfboard 
Air Conditioner Boating 
Gardening Humidity 
Coconut palmVisitor
Sand ToysDeck Chair
Hat Travel
Summer CampsBackpack

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Summer Words That Start With A-Z 

Summer Words that Start with A

Air Conditioner Adventure  

Summer Words that Start with B

Bathing SuitBeach 

Summer Words that Start with C

Canoeing Camping 

Summer Words that Start with D

Drinks Daisy 

Summer Words that Start with E

Eating Ease
Explore Enjoy 

Summer Words that Start with F

Fruits JuiceFourth of July 

Summer Words that Start with G


Summer Words that Start with H


Holiday Humidity 

Summer Words that Start with I 

IceIce Cream 

Summer Words that Start with J


Summer Words that Start with K

Kite Kayak

Summer Words that Start with L

LightLip balm 

Summer Words that Start with M

Mosquito Mocktail 
Memories Music

Summer Words that Start with O

Ocean Outing 

Summer Words that Start with P


Summer Words that Start with Q

Quest Questions 

Summer Words that Start with R

Rest Relax

Summer Words that Start with S

Sun Swim 
Sand castle Sailing 

Summer Words that Start with T

Travel Tan
Trip Trunks

Summer Words that Start with U

Umbrella Underwater

Summer Words that Start with V

Van Visit 
Voyage Vacation 

Summer Words that Start with W

Water Wet
Waterpark Watermelon 

Summer Words that Start with Z


Ways To Learn Summer Words 

How well are your kids familiar with summer words? If not, then you must involve them in some creative activities where they get enough knowledge of these words. Parents and teachers can explore and download resources designed to teach summer words from the English vocabulary to kids. Therefore, conduct activities and assist kids in learning summer words in a systematic way. Apart from outdoor activities, plan indoor games for kids where they not only enjoy but also involve themselves in learning new words. In addition to this, learning crafts and arts are also one of the coolest activities to get familiar with summer words. Some of the activities that help in learning summer words are as follows: 

  • Games on Summer Words: Kids in kindergarten are very smart and quick in learning. You utter any word in front of them, they can easily grasp and remember throughout their lives. But, the matter of fact is that you have to teach or express the words for kids in such a way that it remains in their memory for longer periods of time. Use flashcards, bingo, scrabble, etc for teaching new summer words to kids. 
  • Worksheets on Summer Words: To enhance their knowledge on summer vocabulary, you can download worksheets for kids to practice the words. However, there are worksheets that you can use for reading, writing, matching, tracing, filling missing letters, and crossword puzzles for kids. These worksheets can be downloaded or taken print out for their effective use. 
  • Explore Summer Words: Hands-on activities will enable kids to explore and learn summer words efficiently. Generally, kids wait for their summer vacations desperately. We can say that it is the best time of their life. You can make them experience different kinds of activities for kids at home during summer vacations. For instance, kids can be engaged in reading, playing, arts & crafts, writing, star gazing, watching movies, gardening, making tents, preparing lemonade, making sand castles, etc. With these activities, kids will be able to learn and understand the meaning of summer words. 
  • Osmo Words: Check our osmo words for kids to expand their vocabulary skills in a fun and entertaining way.  With the help of images shown on the screen, you can critically think and come up with words. If the words are correct, kids will get points. Therefore, explore this game to play Summer words.
  • Pictionary on Summer Words: Kids love to participate in activities which consist of drawing or painting. This can be a group activity where you can ask kids to draw an image representing the given words. For example, ice cream, umbrella, beach, lemonade, etc. The kids of the opposite team have to guess the word of that particular image. If they guessed it correctly, award them with points or certificates. With this, kids will not only learn but also have fun at the same time. Explore, Pictionary Words for Kids.
  • Crafts on Summer Words: Conduct summer crafts for kids where they are well versed in understanding words related to summer. Kids will be exposed to different types of extra curricular activities such as arts and crafts. With this, kids will build unique interests, adjust with the environment, learn new skills, develop social skills, stimulate mind and body, instil gratitude and appreciation, etc. Kids will create something interesting with summer words given to them. 
  • Spot Summer Words: Ask kids to explore their house and bring things associated with summer words such as umbrella, popsicle sticks, hat, sandals, etc. Make sure that kids are able to bring the items on the table within the given time frame. 
  • Riddles on Summer Words: Prepare a set of questions on summer vocabulary words. Then, ask kids to solve the riddles on summer words within the given time. For example, It is a summer word that starts with L and is used as a drink made up of lemon. What is it? The answer is Lemonade. This activity will help kids to expand their vocabulary using critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

To get more information, explore related articles such as drawing games for kids, crafts for kids and popsicle stick crafts for kids here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Words

What are some of the Summer Words for kids?

Some of the Summer Words for kids are sea, shell, beach, hat, waves, sunglasses, sunshine, tan, surfing, ice cream, picnic, canoeing, season, swim, lemonade, travel, summer camp, camping, humid, popsicles, etc.

How to teach Summer Words for kids?

You can teach Summer Words for kids in the following ways such as allowing them to identify and reading the letters, then engaging them in summer word games, summer words worksheets, Osmo words, etc.

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