Basic Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication is a basic skill that everyone must know. It’s something that will come in handy all through your life. Whether you’re an adult or in school, multiplication is something you must learn. Make learning multiplication easy for kids with some multiplication games for kids. Multiplying is just an easier and quicker way of adding numbers repeatedly. Basic multiplication worksheets are a great way to help your child revise their lesson on multiplication.

The best way to learn how to multiply is to learn the multiplication table for kids and solving worksheets. Practising often on multiplication worksheets will help kids learn how to multiply numbers quickly. So set aside a chunk of time daily to practice multiplication using these printable basic multiplication worksheets.

Free Printable Basic Multiplication Worksheets

Here is a list of amazing worksheets for kids in grades 2 and 3 to learn how to multiply.

Basic Multiplication Worksheets for Kids in Grade 2

Help your little one to practice multiplying numbers with this fill in the missing numbers worksheet.

Fill the missing numbers: Basic multiplication worksheets for kids

Basic Multiplication Worksheets for Kids in Grade 3

Help your 3rd grader practice multiplication using this multiplication worksheet. Ask the child to count the number of objects in a row or column and the number of rows or columns. Then, ask them to multiply the two numbers to find the answer.

Solve the multiplication equations: Printable basic multiplication worksheets

Calculate the number of objects in each picture. For example: The first picture has several bunches of cherries. There are 6 bunches of cherries with 2 cherries on each bunch. So there are 2 X 6 = 12 cherries.

Write the answers for the questions: Free basic multiplication worksheets for kids

Revising Multiplication Before Solving Basic Multiplication Worksheets

Before you hand out these basic multiplication worksheets to your child, help them revise and understand the concept. Here is an example to help them understand.

For example: Let’s find out how much 4 multiplied by 3 is.

4 X 3 = ?

To find the answer, you need to add 4, 3 times.

So, 4+4+4 = 12

Therefore, 4 X 3 = 12

Once you’ve mastered the multiplication tables, learning how to multiply will be a breeze. But it’s not enough to just learn the multiplication tables 1-20. You’ll need to be able to multiply several large numbers too. You can’t possibly learn the multiplication tables for a number like 123456789, can you? To multiply such numbers you should know the basic rules of multiplication. Once you understand the rules, you can apply them in real life when you’re asked to multiply such numbers. Here are some basic multiplication rules you should know.

Basic Rules of Multiplication 

  1. Any number multiplied by 0 gives you a 0. For example: 250 X 0 = 0.
  2. When you multiply a number by 1, you get the same number. For example: 22 X 1 = 2.
  3. When you multiply a number by 2, you’re doubling the number. For example: 2 X 4 = 8.
  4. To get the answer to a whole number multiplied by 10, you just have to add a 0 at the end. For example: 50 X 10 = 500.

These rules will make multiplying numbers simple and quick. A multiplication table is also a great tool that will make learning multiplication easier. Have a look at the table below.

Multiplication table for kids: Free printable basic multiplication worksheets for kids

This table will give you all the answers to the multiplication tables from 1 to 10. For example: Let’s find out the answer to 5 X 6. Find 5 in the top line and find 6 in the line on the left. You’ll find the answer to 5 X 6 at the point where the two lines intersect. Look at the table below.

Basic Multiplication tables for kids: Math worksheets for multiplication

The answer to 5 X 6 is 30. And even if you find 5 on the green line and 6 on the pink line, the answer will still be the same. This table will help you if you’ve forgotten one of the multiplication tables and need to multiply numbers quickly.

Benefits of Solving Basic Multiplication Worksheets for Kids

Here are some ways that solving basic multiplication worksheets can help kids.

  1. Better Understanding: Sometimes kids have difficulty in understanding certain concepts, when taught the theoretical part of it. Solving basic multiplication worksheets helps them understand the concept better as they solve the problems. Introduce your kids to multiplication through simple single digit multiplication worksheets
  2. Quicker Calculations: Practicing constantly on worksheets not only helps kids understand the concept, but it also helps them perform quick calculations. It boosts their logical thinking, critical thinking skills and also their confidence. This will also help them pull out the pertinent information to solve the problems.
  3. How multiplication applies to the real world: Solving worksheets and problems are a great way to help kids understand how math and multiplication applies to the real world. So, the next time they go shopping for 2 dozen eggs, they’ll know how to quickly calculate the number of apples and how much they should pay.

Activities and games are a great way to boost your child’s interest in learning multiplication. Check out Osmo for more activities that help with kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Basic Multiplication Worksheets

What is an example of Basic Multiplication Worksheets?

Some of the example of Basic Multiplication Worksheets are multiply 4 by 5 or multiply 6 by 8 or multiply 2 by 2. These are some of the easy examples of Basic Multiplication Worksheets. You can ask kids to answer and write it down for better understanding of the concepts.

What are the benefits of learning Basic Multiplication Worksheets?

The benefits of learning Basic Multiplication Worksheets are kids get a better understanding of the concept of multiplication, easy calculation and understanding the application of multiplication in the real world.

What are some simple rules of Basic Multiplication Worksheets?

Some of the simple rules for Basic Multiplication Worksheets are when a number is multiplied by 0, the product derived is 0. For example, 10 x 0 = 0. Also, when a number is multiplied by 1, the product derived is the same number. For example, 10 x 1 = 10.

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