Number 8 Worksheets – Download Free Printables

Number 8 worksheets are the perfect tool to help your child learn how to write the numeral 8. Number recognition and counting are skills that come in handy all through our lives. Identifying numbers is a key tool that helps children learn to count and learn mathematical concepts in school.

Math is a vital life skill, it helps us learn to count money, measure things and solve problems. So, help your little ones practice how to write the number 8 using these number worksheets.

Free Printable Number 8 Worksheets

Toddlers and preschoolers often learn by rote. Parents show their children something on a chart or an image and have the child repeat what they say. Often, this turns out to be detrimental when children are learning numbers. When they learn by rote, they don’t understand that a number they’re reading on a chart actually represents a quantity. These worksheets for kids are a great way to remedy this problem. 

Not only do children learn to recognize the numbers they also learn to write the numbers using number worksheets. Number 8 worksheets are a great way to help your child learn all about numeral 8. The worksheets help them identify, trace and write the number 8. Additionally, the counting activities in these free number 8 worksheets help children understand the connection between the number 8 and the quantity it represents. Here are a few number 8 worksheets for kids given below.

Number 8 Tracing Worksheets for Toddlers

Toddlers are just learning how to recite and recognize a few of the numbers at their age. These free number 8 worksheets will help them learn to write the number along with identifying it. Help the kids trace over the numeral and the words to learn how to write 8.

Number 8 Tracing Worksheet

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Number 8 Worksheets for Preschoolers

Kids in preschool can recognize a few of the numbers and count some objects. Ask your child to find all the number 8s hidden in this worksheet and circle and color them. This worksheet help children recognize the number 8 effectively. Check out the number 8 worksheets for preschoolers given below.

Find Number 8 Worksheet

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Number 8 Worksheets for Kindergarten

By the time kids start going to kindergarten, they should be able to recognize the numbers and count to 20. Use these number 8 worksheets to help your kindergartener practice counting to 8 and writing the number 8. Kids need to count and circle the eight objects illustrated on the worksheet. Check out the number 8 worksheets for kindergarten kids given below.

Number 8 Counting Worksheet

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Number 8 Addition Worksheets

Kids in kindergarten and early elementary school are just learning the basics of addition and subtraction. Help strengthen your little ones addition skills with these number 8 Addition worksheets. Kids need to add the number 8 with the given numbers on the worksheets, for example, 10 + 8 = 18. Check out the number 8 addition worksheets for kids given below.

Number 8 Addition Worksheet

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Number 8 Subtraction Worksheets

Apart from teaching addition to kids, you can teach subtraction using the worksheet. In this worksheet, kids need to subtract the given numbers with the number 8 to get accurate results, for example, 8 – 2 = 6. They need to write the correct answers in the space provided. Check out the number 8 subtraction worksheet given below.

Number 8 Subtraction Worksheet

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Once they’ve learnt addition and subtraction, it’s time to teach your child to multiply. Enhance your child’s multiplication skills by teaching them the 8 times table.

Engaging Activities to Learn the Number 8 for Children

Numbers and counting are important skills that kids must learn. Children learn better when they’re engaged in learning games and hands-on activities. Here are some games and activities to help your child learn about numeral 8 along with the free number 8 worksheets.

  • Number 8 scavenger hunt: Kids love scavenger hunts. So, combining their favorite game with learning number 8 will ensure they stay engaged in their learning. Additionally, this fun learning activity will help your child to count different objects. First, prepare a list of things that your child has to count and collect. For example: 8 sticks, 8 pebbles, 8 different leaves, 8 pinecones, etc. Then ask your child to walk around the neighborhood and pick up 8 numbers of each of the objects on the list. Then ask them to drop it into labelled tubs. 
  • Number 8 sand painting: Another thing that kids love doing is playing with sand. But instead of building sand castles, help them learn to trace the number 8 on the sand. Hand the child a stick and help them trace the number 8 on the sand to practice writing the number.
  • Number 8 formation using playdough: Playdough is not just great for building your child’s creativity and fine motor skills, it supports numeracy development too. Once your child can confidently write number 8, ask them to form the number using playdough. Ask them to roll the playdough between their hands and form the number 8. This is a great way to help your child practice what they’ve learnt using the number 8 worksheets. If your child still cannot write the number 8 on their own, don’t worry. Just place a number mat in front of the child and ask them to mold the playdough using the number mat as a guide.

Check Osmo for more activities, games and worksheets to aid in your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Number 8 Worksheets

What are the number 8 worksheets?

The Number 8 Worksheets are those worksheets that help kids to learn and understand about the properties of the number 8. These worksheets also help children to identify the numbers and write them sequentially.

How to teach number 8 worksheets to kids?

You can teach number 8 worksheets to kids in these following ways such as introducing them to number 8 worksheets according to their age groups, like number 8 worksheets for toddlers, number 8 worksheets for preschoolers, number 8 worksheets for kindergarteners, number 8 addition and subtraction worksheets and many more.

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