3 Letter Words Ending With A

A Comprehensive Guide To 3 Letter Words Ending With A

Introducing your little one to words? Then you need to teach them these 3 letter words ending with A. The sound of the letter A is one of the first sounds that kids learn to recognize and recite. It is also one of the most commonly used letters and sounds in the English language. Once kids learn the letters of the alphabet, they should be taught words for kids to boost their language skills.

3 letter words ending with A are simple words that should be part of every child’s vocabulary. Enrich your child’s vocabulary with this list of 3 letter words ending with A. These 3 letter words for kids will enhance their vocabulary skills for better learning outcomes.

3 Letter Words Ending With A

Here is a list of 3 letter words ending with the letter A. Help your child build their word power with this list of simple words ending with A.


Simple Tips To Help Children Learn 3 Letter Words Ending With A

A rich and varied vocabulary is a great tool to have. A good vocabulary provides a strong foundation to develop a child’s reading, writing and communication skills. We need words to communicate with others, to express ourselves and comprehend what others are saying. Here are some simple tips that will help your child learn three letter words ending in A easily.

  • Images and visual cues: Learning new words becomes easy for children when they understand the meanings of the words. Images and visual cues are also great to help children link the words to the objects. Additionally, this exercise will help the children retain these words permanently in their memory. For example, help your kids understand what the words boa, tea, sea and spa mean by showing them images of these objects.
  • Once the kids know the words, test their knowledge using a word matching puzzle or game. Place several images of 3 letter words ending in A like sea, tea, pea, etc in front of your child. Then ask your child to match the image to the right word. It might take some time, but they’ll soon learn to match the words to the right images.  

  • Reading newspapers, magazines and storybooks: Reading and storytelling are fundamental to a child’s development. These fundamental activities are important for developing the child’s brain and early literacy skills. As parents and educators read, children listen and learn sounds and words, which in turn helps them learn to speak. These activities are also great exercise to build concentration and focus, social, emotional and communication skills. It is also a great way to spark their curiosity and imagination and teach them about new worlds, cultures and traditions. Try these reading games for kids to boost their interest.
  • Along with all these, the most important benefit of reading to a child is it helps enrich their vocabulary. Include reading newspapers, storybooks or magazines in your child’s daily routine. Ask your child to circle all the words that end with the letter A they see in the newspapers or magazines. This helps them learn more words ending with the letter A.

  • Create your own sentences using A words: Once they’ve learned new words, it’s time for the kids to put these words to good use. Help your child construct simple sentences using these 3 letter words ending in A, so that they learn how to use them. Get their creative juices flowing and encourage them to come up with stories of their own. For example: My nana put on her boa and went for a tea party with her friends at the spa. 
  • Letter A worksheets: Learning to recognize and write the letter A helps children recognize and learn words that end with A easily. Learning to recognize and say the letter A kids helps kids spot words ending with A and pronouncing them.ABC tracing worksheets and letter A tracing pages are great tools to help preschoolers and kindergartners learn to recognize and write the letter A. Turn learning alphabets into a fun activity using a letter matching game for kids.
  • Fill in the blanks: Here is another wonderful way to help kids revise the 3 letter words ending in A. Give your child some fill in the blank exercises to test their knowledge of these words.
    1. P __ A
    2. __ P __
    3. T __ __
    4. S __ A
    5. E __ __

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Frequently Asked Questions on 3 Letter Words Ending With A

What are some of the 3 Letter Words Ending With A?

Some of the 3 Letter Words Ending With A are via, era, sea, tea, pea, eta, uta, awa, oca, ova, pia, boa, kea, qua, koa, aga, ama, baa, ora, etc.

How to teach 3 Letter Words Ending With A to kids?

You can teach 3 Letter Words Ending With A to kids in these following ways such as engaging them in reading comic books, newspapers, storybooks, helping them in making a grammatically correct sentence, encouraging them in practicing letter A worksheets, etc.