3 Letter Words Starting With E

Check List of 3 Letter Words That Start With E

The letter e is the fifth alphabet and the second consonant. Kids start learning letters from the time they start speaking. Once they are acquainted with letter e, they learn to recognize and understand words in order to build vocabulary and language skills. To start with, kids need to learn 3 letter words starting with e and eventually focus on four letter words that start with e. It is important for kids to learn letters on an individual basis instead of targeting all the letters at once. 

Introducing a list of 3 letter words that start with e for the kindergarten kids will help you to focus on the words that are important for their educational growth. Besides this, explore e words for kids with which you can plan systematic activities to teach 3 letter words for better communication skills. Sometimes, these little words can confuse kids while recognizing or using them in phrasing sentences. Therefore, the best way to help them is through engaging activities so that kids can never go wrong with recognizing the letters in the future. 

A List of 3 Letter Words That Start With E

Ear Egg

Activities That Help In Learning 3 Letter Words Starting With E

Along with letter recognition, learning spellings are equally important in developing language skills. Unless you are thoroughly familiar with spellings of the words that you want to communicate, there might be difficulty in interpretation of information with others. Well, you might end up creating misunderstandings or miscommunication. To avoid this, you must focus on delivering the best activities for kids to develop reading and writing skills. However, conduct spelling activities for kids to check how well they can spell the words correctly. 

Some of the Activities That Help in Learning 3 Letter Words That Start With E are:

  1. Writing: Are your kids interested in writing? If so, then this is the best activity for kids to learn words by practicing writing. It is very important for you to inculcate writing practice for kids in order to enhance their learning experience. With writing activities, kids will be able to improve their handwriting as well as differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters. 
  2. Fill missing letters: This is the best practice for kids to explore and develop their critical thinking skills. You need to provide a set of questions in the form of fill-in-the-blanks. Ask kids to think and write the missing letters for the words that start with e. For example, E _ T is the question where kids have to fill in the missing letter A to form the word EAT. Depending on the number of correct answers, appreciate kids for their efforts with points and certificates. 
  3. Coloring: After your kids are done with letter e coloring pages, you can shift their attention to learning 3 letter words starting with e. Provide a set of coloring pages with a few words and their images. Now, allow kids to color the pages at their own pace using their creative ideas. This activity will initiate a sense of focus and determination among kids to complete the task successfully. Besides this, they will also learn words that will remain in their memory for quite a long time. 

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