Alphabet Letter Matching Game

Letter Matching Games for Kindergarten and Preschoolers 

Alphabets are the building blocks of any language. As a parent, you would want your little ones to get acquainted with alphabet letters as soon as possible, won’t you?

To help you in your endeavor, we are here with some exciting alphabet letter matching games for toddlers. 

How do games help kids learn letters faster?

“I don’t want to play”, said no kid ever!

But we seldom find children who enjoy learning. 

But, there’s a way to let them play and meanwhile, they learn.

Playing games and solving worksheets keep kids engaged. They don’t feel bored. We all know that kids don’t like doing anything that does not keep them entertained. 

Baby letter matching games are designed to familiarize kids with all the alphabets of the language. You can provide them with the baby letter matching game answers once they have finished playing the game. 

Similarly, sound and letter matching games for preschoolers are a boon as they provide them with better recognition of the sounds of each letter in the language. 

Now let us have a look at some games that you can play with kids at home to help them learn alphabet letters easily and quickly!

  1. Big-Small Match-up
  2. Capital letter and lowercase letter match games work wonders when it comes to helping kids know and understand the difference between capital and lowercase letters. 

    Here is a capital letter and lowercase matching game idea for you.

    In Big-Small match up, kids are supposed to match the uppercase letter with its respective lowercase letter. 

    What you need: A worksheet that you can create at home or get printable worksheets for free online and take a printout of the same. 

    If you are going to create one yourself, you can place capital letters on the left side and their small letters on the right side of the worksheet. Ensure that you make the worksheet look colorful and there you go!

    How to play: Kids have to match the uppercase letters on the left side of the page with their respective lowercase letters on the right. 

    This can be played as a multiplayer game too. The kid who completes the matching exercise fastest wins the game.

  3. Guess it
  4. It is a letter sound matching game wherein you can be the instructor. 

    What would you need: a set of flashcards where each flashcard will have one of the letters written on it. 

    The instructor has to vocalize a letter, for instance, J. Take a pause for one minute (or more). In this one minute, kids have to identify the sound of this vocalized letter and find the respective letter from the flashcards. 

  5. Play with Flashcards
  6. Collect or create two sets of flashcards- one set with all the 26 letters of the English alphabets and the other with objects like apple, basket, cat, dog, elephant, fish, etc. 

    Now, kids have to pick one flashcard from the first set and find out the flashcard from the second set where the name of the object in the image starts with that respective letter. 

    For example, if a kid picks “D” from the first set, he/she will have to pick the flashcard with the image of a dog from the second set. 

  7. Think and Draw
  8. Write all the 26 letters of the English alphabets on different pieces of paper (preferably colorful) and fold those pieces.

    Now drop them all into a jar. 

    Ask kids to draw out any one piece of paper and to think of different items, names of which start with that letter. 

    Kids are then supposed to draw (and color) any one of those articles. 

    For instance, say that a kid draws out “P”. Parrot, pizza, peacock, pyramid, pen, pencil, paper and a lot of other words start with P. The kid can draw any of them. 

  9. More flashcards, More fun!
  10. Make three sets of flashcards – the first set is of uppercase letters, the second set contains lowercase letters and the third set comprises images of objects whose names start with different letters. 

    For instance, the first set will have S, the second set will have s and the third set can have a cute image of the Sun (do not mention “Sun” on the image of the third set of flashcards). 

    What kids need to do:

    Kids have to find and arrange uppercase letters followed by their respective lowercase letters followed by the images of the objects whose name starts with those letters. 

    The fastest one to finish the task wins the game!

  11. Osmo ABC‪s game
  12. Place colorful sticks and rings to make letters in the physical world as shown on the Osmo screen. Osmo offers these highly durable silicon sticks and rings with its kit. 

    For instance, if the screen shows A, use similar colors of sticks and rings to make the letter on your table. 

    Osmo cartoon character, Mo the Monster, assists kids throughout this game. This game not only lets kids know letters more closely but also works on phonics and builds vocabulary. 

You can get access to lots of such amazing learning games for kids through Osmo kids gaming kits. Start exploring and shopping now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Alphabet Letter Matching Game

What are some of the Alphabet Letter Matching Games for kids?

Some of the Alphabet Letter Matching Games for kids are match the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters, use flashcards and magnetic letter tiles, connect the dots and form a letter, Osmo’s ABC games, etc.

What are the benefits of Alphabet Letter Matching Games for kids?

The benefits of Alphabet Letter Matching Games for kids arethat they help them in learning the letters without stressing much about learning and remembering, they will be able to form simple 3 and 4 letter words and sentences eventually.

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