Princess Games for Kids

Is your little one totally in awe of Disney princesses like Rapunzel, Snow White, Elsa & Anna? We are too! That’s why we’ve put together these fun princess games for kids for you to try with your little one.

Princess Games for Kids

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5 Princess Games for Kids

The next time you host a party for your children, try these Disney princess games for kids.

Build a Snowman

Love the song “do you wanna build a snowman” from Frozen? Here’s a fun game where your kids actually get to build one. To begin, split kids into two different teams. Place 3 chocolate chips, 2 googly eyes, 3 pretzel sticks, 3 marshmallows, and 1 carrot on the far end of the room, for both teams. The aim is for the teams to build a snowman using these materials. But here’s the catch, just one person from each team can put together the snowman. For example, one person could first set up one marshmallow, then the next person from the same team would set up the second marshmallow in the right spot, and so on.

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Find the Right Shoe

If you remember the scene from Cinderella where they check if the shoe fits, this game revolves around the same theme! First, pile several shoes that belong to your kids in one corner of the room. Then, split kids into 2 teams. The goal is to let them run one at a time to the pile of shoes, find their own shoe, put it on quickly, and return to their team. Whichever team that manages to find all their shoes and put them on the fastest, wins! This could be one of the best princess games for little kids.

Unravel Rapunzel’s Hair

We think Rapunzel’s hair is beautiful and even resembles yellow yarn! For this game, provide each child with a stick that has yellow yarn wrapped around it. Each child needs to try and unwrap this yarn as fast as they can! Whoever manages to do this the quickest wins. With princess games for kids like these, children get to destress too!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Here’s one of the best princess games for kids. Remember how in Show White, you often hear them say “mirror, mirror on the wall”? In this game, it’s your kids’ goal to pin the mirror on the wall, but with their eyes closed! You could blindfold them to ensure they don’t look when they try and pin the mirror on the right spot. Maybe use duct tape to mark an X on the wall; that’s where your child needs to pin the mirror.

Get on the Magic Carpet

Looking for more princess games to play with your little one? We’ve got what you need. In this game, your kids need to pretend they’re actors in the movie Aladdin. You know that Jasmine is a beautiful princess who often travels on the magic carpet. In this game, your kids get to ‘travel’ in a ‘magic carpet’ just like her! You could even place a few obstacles around to make it more challenging. Whoever manages to scoot past those obstacles and reach the finish line the quickest wins.
We hope your kids enjoy playing these princess games for kids! Don’t forget to check the rest of our website. You’ll find STEM activities for kids, and many more kids learning games that make learning fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Princess Games for Kids

What are the Princess Games for Kids?

The Princess Games for Kids are building a snowman, mirror, mirror on the wall, getting on the magic carpet, etc

What are the benefits of Princess Games for Kids?

The benefits of Princess Games for Kids are that they help them to engage in play based learning and don’t let them feel the stress of learning. Also, these games improve their fine motor skills, creative thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills.

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