Animal Games for Kids

Most Interesting & Incredible Animal Games for Kids 

The world of animals always entices kids. They must be made aware of the animals and plants around them. But, is it an easy task to make them memorize the names of animals and be able to recognize the most common as well as endangered animals of the earth?

Well, to make it effortless, we are here to offer you some incredible animal games for kids.

  1. Animal Habitat Games for kids
  2. Animals dwell in different habitats. You can create two sets of flashcards – one set with the name/pictures of animals and the other with their respective habitats. 

    In this animal game for kids, children are supposed to pick flashcards from the first set one by one and then find the respective habitat from the second set of flashcards. 

  3. What do they Eat?
  4. Here, you can have two bowls with the tag “herbivores” and “carnivores”. 

    Write the names of different animals in colorful piece of paper/chart sheets. 

    Children have to pick the pieces one by one and put them in any of the two bowls depending on whether it is a herbivorous or a carnivorous animal. 

  5. The Jungle Charades
  6. This animal game for children would work wonders with more number of participants. 

    You can have rules of the game similar to the ones of the dumb charades. 

    Divide the children into two teams. Each team will give ask the other team to guess the name of an animal. A team with a higher number of correct guesses wins the game!

  7. Look and Identify
  8. This is an amazing animal game for kids, especially for toddlers.  All you got to do is get pictures of different animals.

    Then, your kids have to look at the pictures and identify the animals on them. They get brownie points if they tell more details about that animal. 

    For instance, if the animal in the picture is a Lion, once your kid identifies the animal, he/she can tell that “A Lion is also called the King of the Forest”,  “Lion is a carnivorous animal”, etc.

  9. Osmo’s Animal Guessing Game For Kids
  10. We have animal quiz games for kids wherein children have to spell the names of animals presented on the screen. This word game can be played alone or can also be enjoyed in groups. 

    What animal am I game for kids will enhance their word skills as well as their skills of recognizing animals, etc. We have over 150 images for such word puzzles for your little ones to make them aware of various animals on the planet.

  11. Osmo’s Numbers Game with Aquarium
  12. Now, your kids can learn and practice numbers while doing several operations on different numbers. Perform addition, concatenation, multiplication, etc. and bring out the desired numbers on the screen. 

    All this occurs in an aquarium-like environment where you would see fish swimming around. Feed the fish by choosing the correct numbers and performing the appropriate set of arithmetic operations.  

  13. Osmo’s Masterpiece to Learn about Animals
  14. In our Masterpiece learning games for children, you or your kid can click a picture of any animal. It will be transformed into simple outlines and then your kid can enjoy drawing that animal on their own. Isn’t it amazing!!

    Through this animal kingdom game for kids, they will be able to learn how to draw animals and they will also get to remember the prime features of animals around them. For instance, if they draw an elephant, they will always remember that it is a huge animal that has big ears, a thin tail, a long trunk and two tusks. 

Along with this, you can also get a time-lapse of your little one’s drawing and share it with others. 

At Osmo, we encourage kids to use tangible pieces to have a more sound learning experience. Lots of parents prefer Osmo’s kid’s learning kits to ensure a strong learning foundation for their kids. Given below are a few reasons that make Osmo so popular among parents and children.  

What are the benefits of teaching animal games for kids?

At Osmo, we try to blur the difference between learning and playing. And why not! Why make your kids dislike studies when you can make them love it. 

  • Hands-on education is the key to effective learning. Playing animal games will allow kids to know more about their surroundings. Knowing the world around them is highly crucial for any individual.
  • Learning should be a highly interactive experience for children where they can physically and digitally interact while they learn. Solving animal puzzles for kids will enhance their knowledge retention. 
With these amazing hands-on learning games including endangered animal games for kids, children get to work on their creativity and enrich their imagination skills.
  • We also provide astonishing animal worksheets like cut-and-color sheets, crossword puzzles, connect the dots, unscramble and a lot more.
  • There are no distinctions between animal games for girl kids and those for boys. Every kid, be it a girl or a boy, is expected to be aware of the animals we generally see around or read about more frequently. 

    Start shopping now, and find the best animal games for kids and much more!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Games for Kids

    What are Animal Games for Kids?

    Some of the fun Animal Games for Kids are jungle charades, find and recognize the animals, Osmo’s animal guessing activities, animal riddles for kids, Osmo’s masterpiece to learn about animals, etc.

    What are the advantages of playing Animal Games for Kids?

    The advantages of playing Animal Games for Kids are that they help them to develop their fine motor skills, creative abilities, animal awareness right from a young age, social and emotional skills.

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