Place Value Games for Kids

Mastering the concept of place value can be super easy with our fun place value games for kids!

Here are various place value games for kids of various learning stages:

Place Value Games for 1st Grade

Here are a few fun place value games for 1st grade that your kids will love!

  1. Last Number Standing – Learn Math Through Play
  2. First, ask kids to write down many 3-digit numbers on a sheet of paper. Next, one at a time, start calling out various place value amounts. For example, you could say “Sit down if you’ve got a 3 in the 100s place,” or “Hop on one leg if you’ve got a 5 in the 10s place”, etc. This is a really fun way to learn about place value!

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  3. Place Value UNO – Best Place Value Math Games for Kids
  4. Got a deck of UNO cards? Great, let’s get started on another fun place value game. Ask your kids to draw 3 cards one round at a time and arrange them side by side. The person with the largest number in a specific place wins that round! For example, if 2 kids are playing and one of them has a 5 in 10s place, and the other has 8 in 10s place, the latter wins.

Place Value Games for 2nd Grade

Check out these simple place value games for 2nd grade:

  1. Pill Box – When Math Meets Creativity
  2. Shop for some pill box containers at a nearby store for this fun game, along with many dice. Once you’ve got the supplies, ask your child to place one die in each compartment of the box. Then, you can tell them something along the lines of “create a number with 5 in the 100s place”. Trust us, this will really get them thinking!

  3. Spaghetti & Cheerios – A Combination of Math and Food
  4. Use uncooked spaghetti and cheerios for yet another fun place value activities. Your child needs to create a “cheerio tower” (by putting the cheerios through the spaghetti strands) based on the number you dictate. For example, if you dictate number 240, they need to arrange three towers of cheerios, with 2 in 100s place, 4 in 10s place, and none in ones place.

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Place Value Games for 3rd Grade

Try these super fun place value games for 3rd grade. Seriously, they work!

  1. Name Place Value – Creative Place Value Math Games for Kids
  2. Did you know that you could teach your kids about place value by just spelling names? Well, you can! For example, in the name “Nancy”, kids can figure out what letter is in 100s place, what letter is in 10s place, and so on.

  3. Stack Paper Cups – Fun Ways to Master Place Value Skills
  4. Buy paper cups and number each of them. Then, ask your kids to stack them in the order of place value. For example, you could ask them to place cup #4 in 100s place, cup #2 in 1000s place, etc. You could make this game more challenging by using addition & subtraction equations too! For example, ask them to place cup #(5-2) in the 100s place, etc.

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We hope your children enjoy playing these place value games for kids! We also offer a wide range of hands-on math games for kids, stem activities for kids and puzzles for kids that fuel your child with creativity, imagination, and a drive to learn.