M Words For Kids

A Comprehensive Guide To The Words That Start With M In The English Language

In the first few years of their lives, children learn speech and language skills. As they grow, they listen to the people around them and learn new words. A great vocabulary helps children develop great communication skills and reading and writing skills. M, also written as m, is the thirteenth letter in the English alphabet. Help your child learn about words that start with M to improve their word power.

Here is a list of M words for kids that will enrich your child’s vocabulary and build their reading and communication skills.

List Of M Words For Kids

We use the letter M in several words unknowingly. It is one of the most instinctive sounds that are part of the spoken and written language. When you teach M words for kids, start with basic words so that they understand and learn easily. Help your child learn these words that start with M to boost their language learning.

M Words For Kids 


List Of M Words For Kids In Preschool

The first intentional sound that a child makes is usually, “mmmm,” this is the sound of the letter M. M is a simple, fundamental sound that preschoolers need to master. Help them identify the letter M by focussing on words and things they come across often in their everyday lives.

Children can recognize words that can be conveyed with visual images or things they use every day. Preschoolers start by learning sight words for kids and CVC words. Here are some words that start with M to help your preschooler learn M words.

2 Letter M Words For Kids With Meanings

MyBelonging to
MeUsed by a speaker to refer to himself or herself
MmAbbreviation for millimetre, a unit of measurement

3 Letter M Words For Kids That Start With M


List Of M Words For Kids In Kindergarten

When they start kindergarten, kids start learning simple M words for kids. They start learning 4 letters and 5 letter words. The key to teaching M words for kids in kindergarten is to link the words to clear, concrete images and concepts. This will help them recognize and understand words that start with M. Here are some M words for kids in kindergarten that will boost their linguistic development.

4 Letter M Words For Kids That Start With M


For More Words, Visit Four Letter Words That Start With M

5 Letter M Words For Kids That Start With M


List Of M Words For Kids In Grade 1 And Grade 2

Children get introduced to more intense literacy education when they start early elementary school. Reinforce and expand your first and second graders’ language skills with this list of M words for kids.

6 Letter M Words For Kids That Start With M


7 Letter M Words For Kids That Start With M


More M Words For Kids,

Describing M Words For Kids

Here Is A List Of Adjectives Starting With The Letter M.


Animal Names That Start With M

MagpieManta Ray
MeerkatMountain Lion

Names Of Countries That Start With M


Tips To Help Your Child Learn M Words For Kids

Here are some tips that will help your child learn M words for kids:

  • Storytelling and reading: Reading bedtime stories to children is a fun activity that introduces your child to lots of new words. Reading to your children helps them learn new and unfamiliar words, which helps build their word power. Children learn to speak and communicate by imitating sounds that their parents make. Bedtime stories, storytelling and other reading activities increase your child’s exposure to words. 
  • Help your child choose and read books and encourage them to ask questions about unfamiliar words as you speak. Additionally, pique their curiosity and ask them to explain what they see in the illustrations in the storybook. Ask your child to identify all the M words they hear as you read the story. This activity will help improve their language skills and improve their reading skills too.

  • Phonics: Before a child learns how to read and write, they must know the different sounds of the letters. Phonics is the key that helps kids identify words and the letters that make up the word. Additionally, when a child knows the sounds of letters they learn how to spell easily.
  • The letter M makes the sound “mm.” It is one of the few nasal sounds in the English language. Help your child learn the “mm” sound with the help of examples like “mom,” “man,” “mare”, etc.

  • Ordering foods that start with M: There are several foods with names that start with the letter M. This activity will help your child learn the names of different foods that start with the letter M. Make a menu on a piece of paper or a small chalkboard, write only foods with names that start with M. 
  • For example: mushroom pizza, macaroni and cheese, muffins, milkshake, meatloaf, milk, mango and melon salad, marshmallow, etc. Ask your child to select a dish from the menu and place an order for dinner.

  • Letter M worksheets and activities: Worksheets are a great way to help children practice and memorize their lessons. Help your child practice writing the letter M using ABC tracing worksheets and letter recognition games. Crossword puzzles and word search puzzles with words that start with M is a great way to help children learn M words for kids. Check out these crossword puzzles for kids on Osmo.

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Frequently Asked Questions on M Words For Kids

What are some of the commonly used M words for kids?

Some of the most commonly used M words for kids are monkey, main, must, most, make, made, my, melt, moss, money, market, medical, medicine, magic, magical, meow, milk, milkshake, mount, mountain, mouse, mice, mud, march, more, miss, map, man, etc.

What are the animal names that start with M?

The animal names that start with M are monkey, mouse, mice, Manatee, Mountain Lion, moth, mosquito, meerkat, mink, mongoose, macaw, mule, moose, manta ray, moth, mermaid, etc.