Money Games For Kids

10 Easy Educational Money Games For Kids 

Money is a highly crucial part of our existence today. In fact, you would see the application of learning Math in all the instances where you have money involved. From students to industrialists, everyone deals with money. At the very basic, children need to know how to calculate money and how to get or give change after buying anything from a store. We are going to share with you a few money games for kids that will make them proficient when it comes to dealing with money. Check out easy educational money games for kids. 

When you ask your kids to buy something from a shop? Do they understand how much money you’ve given them. If not, you can check money games free for kids where they can learn how to count money correctly. Prior to this, conduct number games for kids in order to make them recognise and count numbers accurately. There are many money earning games for kids where they will learn how to deal with money wisely. Here are those engaging educational money games for kids including free money games that you can play at home with them.

List Of Money Games For Kids 

  • Count the Money: Counting money is one of the first things you need to teach your kids. To help you with that here’s a very basic yet engaging exercise for your kids. All you have to do is take out some notes and some coins from your wallet. Place any random number of notes and coins in front of your children. They need to calculate the money. Change the number of notes and coins again and continue to play the game. 
  • What’s the cheapest? – One Of The Best Money Games For Kids: Collect a few items at your table. You can include a flower vase, a small painting, a soft toy, etc. Stick the price tag to all the items. You can tag any price to these articles, the price does not have to be the actual price of the article. Now, ask your kid to find which is the cheapest article among all. Also, you can ask which is the most expensive as per the price tag. This will help them in comparing prices and also assist them in solving Math questions on greater than (>)  and lesser than (<) type. 
  • Find the alternatives: It is essential for kids to know that a $10 note can be replaced by ten $1 coins. In this educational money games for kids, you can either use real notes and coins or you can play it with artificial notes and coins. You can place a note of any denomination and ask your kid to find alternative ways to represent the same amount of money through other notes and coins.
  • What’s the difference? – Fun Money Games For Kids: This is another free money game that you can play with your children at home. Make some flashcards with different amounts of money written on them. Next, you have to take any two flashcards and ask your children to subtract the bigger number from the smaller one. For instance, you bring up notes of $50 and $10.
    Children will have to subtract $10 from $50 and give the answer as $40. This acquaints kids with finding the difference between two amounts of money.
  • It’s all about equality: The arithmetic operation of division can be taught to kids using money games. You can ask your kids a question like – “How would you equally divide $20 among five friends of yours?” Questions on dividing any amount of money equally among a number of people will let kids get an insight into calculating the correct numbers of notes and coins.
  • Osmo’s Pizza Co.: Osmo’s Pizza Co. is a brilliant money game for kids which teaches them how to run as well as grow a business. Kids get to run their own digital pizza shop where they make pizzas and calculate change using pizza toppings and money tiles. This will, in a way, teach them entrepreneurship as well as guide them through finding the correct change when they go shopping. Through various facial expressions of Osmo cartoon characters, this game also lets kids pick up non-verbal communication. For instance, every time kids give the correct toppings and change to the customer, they receive a thank you with a smile from the customer. And each time they go wrong with the toppings or the change,  they get a grumpy look from the cartoon characters showing that they are dissatisfied with the service. This is exactly how the real business works and that’s what this enticing Money game teaches the little ones.
  • Market at home: Yes, you can create a pseudo market at your home to teach kids how to deal with it in an actual one. You can assign prices to different items and ask your child to be the shopkeeper. Say that, in this game, your child owns a stationery shop. You wish to buy 2 pencils, 4 pens and 1 notebook. Your kid calculates how much you should pay for these articles, as per the prices you have assigned to them. 
  • Match the following: You can introduce coins to the kids by conducting money games for kids. Here, you have to show the card with the numbers written on it. For example, fifty cents. Keep a few coins on the table for kids in order to match the number with the coins kept in front of them. Kids have to pick up fifty cent coins kept on the table to match the card shown to them . In case they are successful in showing the correct coin, give them points. Continue the game until they get familiar with the coins. 
  • Earning money: You have to make kids understand the importance of money in their lives. Therefore, conducting money earning games for kids will be extremely beneficial in this regard. Create a scenario where they have to work hard to earn money. Give them a task which has to be completed within the given time. In case, kids are able to do so, you can give them a certain amount of money. They will learn how to earn money with complete dedication and hardwork. 
  • Saving money: Don’t you think along with earning, it is important to teach children how to save money? For this, you can conduct money saving games for kids. Let me give an example, you give 10$ to the kids and ask them to buy 10 items from that. But, they have to save 2$ from the given money. Now, you can assess kids on how much money they are able to save by purchasing the given list of items. You can check money games for kids online for all the age groups.

We hope that your children love playing the above-mentioned educational money games. 

Osmo also provides kids with a chance to play together with other kids. Learning multiplies manifold when they learn together. They communicate with each other and develop better social and emotional understanding. They also build a sense of leadership and higher-level thinking. So, with Osmo’s learning games for kids, playing is not only about having fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Money Games For Kids

What are some of the money games for kids?

Some of the money games for kids are counting the money, what is the lowest price?, determining the alternatives, what is the difference between $10 and $20, playing pizza company at home, conducting simple marketing at home, and earning and saving money in a smart way.

Why should money games for kids be introduced?

It is important for kids to have a solid understanding and knowledge of money management. Money helps kids in a long way in their lives. Therefore, money games for kids must be introduced because they get an idea about smart saving methods from an young age and implement the same in their future.

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