S Words for Kids

Words That Start With S

Gone are the days where we’d flip through pages of a dictionary and hunt for words we didn’t know the meaning of. Now, everything has been digitized. We’ve listed some words that start with S below!

Our words that start with S can expand your child’s vocabulary in no time. You could even try out some fun alphabet activities to further test your child. Read to find out more.

S Words for Kids

What are some S words for kids? Refer to this list to find a wide range of letter S words for kids.

S Words for Kids


S Words for Kindergarten Kids

It’s not easy to get your kindergarteners to learn the alphabet. Maybe these S words for kindergarten kids can help.

S Words for Kindergarten Kids


Preschool Words That Start With S

Refer to this list of preschool words that start with S to enhance your child’s vocabulary! This might come in handy when they eventually learn to read.


More S Letter Words

Three Letter Words That Start With S

  • Sap
  • Sip
  • Sew
  • Sty
  • Sun

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Four Letter Words That Start With S

  • Shin
  • Stew
  • Side
  • Sign
  • Spin

Here are some ways to make ABC Learning for Kids easier and fun.

Five Letter Words That Start With S

  • Sting
  • Shine
  • Sweet
  • Slope
  • Store

Activities to Learn Alphabet S and S Words

  • Shape Hunt: Teach your child about a few simple shapes (because shape begins with ‘S’!), and hide these shapes around the house. Kids must find all of them within a certain amount of time!
  • Plant Seeds: Introduce your little one to some gardening with this fun activity. Let them help you plant some seeds in the backyard and then watch plants grow!
  • Draw the Sun: This is a super simple activity. All kids must do is draw the sun on a sheet of paper, and then color it too. You could even label the sun later. Explore our Letter S Coloring Pages too!

We hope our activities for letter S words for kids are helpful! We’ve also got Alphabet Worksheets your kids might like.