Easy Riddles for Kids

Easy Funny Riddles for Kids To Solve

Who doesn’t like brain teasers and riddles? All of us do!

Get ready to spend some amazing time with your kids as we have got plenty of super easy riddles that will brain-tickle them and bring smiles to their faces.

Little kids need to use their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to solve these funny riddles. 

Easy Riddles for Young Kids

1. Humans have landed on me. You watch me grow and shrink when you look at the night sky. What am I?

2. I have a long neck and a broad but small head. I have strings on me which people touch to bring melodious sounds out of me. What am I?

3. I look just like you and you will find me in the mirror. 

4. How many months in a year have 28 days?

5. What is that is yours but others use it most often. 

6. I look like you but I am not you. I can’t breathe nor I can grow. I stay the same forever. What am I?

7. I am the one who has big visible rings around me, but you can never wear them. Remember that I don’t belong to your planet. Who am I?

8. The ones who don’t keep me, break me. What am I?

9. The more you walk forward, the more you leave these behind. What are these?

10. This is what you keep inside when you don’t use it but throw it out when you use it. 

11. I grow shorter when I am used. I weep and bring light into the lives of people. Can you guess what I am?

12. I have four legs but I can’t walk. I give rest to the person who needs it. What am I?

13. I am as light as a feather but you can’t hold me for long. What am I?

14. I am the only book where you will find the index before the introduction and the epilogue before the foreword! Which book am I?

15. You need to break it to use it. What is it?

16. I can take you to places unknown and make you do things unreal. I can bring you the happiness of all kinds and sorrows of the worst types. I can make you feel scared and I can make you overjoyed. But once you are back to reality, it’s all the same as it was before I came. What am I?

17. These two are the things that you can never have for breakfast. What are these?

18. Feed it wood, it lives. Feed it some air, it stays. Feed it water and it dies. What is it?

19. We are identical and watch the world together. We stay not too far yet not too close to each other. What are we?

20. I have fingers and thumbs but don’t have flesh or bones. I can keep your arm covered but don’t have an arm of my own. Can you guess what I am?

21. You can’t see me until night although I sit right here all the time. Who am I?

22. I have got hands but I can’t touch you myself. What am I?

23. I get wet the more I dry. Can you guess what I am?

24. I have so many teeth yet I can’t bite. Can you guess me right? 

25. I don’t have money but I have my banks. I can be big or small at different places and I quench the thirst of people. What am I?

26. I do have heads and tails but I do not have the rest of the body. What am I?

27. What is the end of the beginning? 

28. What becomes shorter when you give two letters to it? 

Riddle Answers:

1. Moon

2. Guitar

3. Your Reflection

4. All of the months have 28 days, some just have more than 28 days. 

5. Your name

6. Your Photograph

7. Saturn

8. A Promise

9. Footsteps

10. Anchor of the Ship

11. A Candle

12. Chair

13. Breath

14. A Dictionary

15. An egg

16. A dream

17. Lunch and Dinner

18. Fire

19. Eyes

20. Gloves

21. Moon

22. Clock

23. A towel

24. A comb

25. A river

26. A coin

27. The letter ‘g’!

28. The word “Shorter”