How Do You Teach Math Interestingly?

Effective Strategies To Teach Math For Kids 

When it comes to math, most parents and teachers are plagued by the question, “How do you teach math interestingly?” Math is the study of numbers, patterns and shapes and how they relate to each other. It is one of the most important subjects that all kids must learn. Everyone uses math in their day to day life. We use it to tell the time, cook, play, build things and almost do any work in a systematic way. But the very mention of math for kids can induce fear and anxiety in most children. 

Mathematics is multifaceted and learning it is as essential as learning a language. So, how do you teach math interestingly? What should you do to develop the child’s math knowledge and skills. It can be taught in many ways, but the best way is to spark the child’s interest in the subject. When you teach math interestingly or in a fun and engaging manner, it makes the kids want to learn more. The first step is to allow the child to get comfortable with the subject and reduce their anxiety.

Then you can use worksheets for kids, games, puzzles or riddles to teach the subject in a fun and easy way. These learning tools make learning math effortlessly simple. In addition to these, plan effective strategies to teach math in such a way that they are not stressed. 

The Solution To How Do You Teach Math Interestingly?

Are you still looking for an answer to, how do you teach math interestingly? Then here’s your answer. We’ve put together 16 different ways that make teaching and learning math fun.

Making math fun and interesting can be a challenge for both parents and teachers. So they always wonder, how do you teach math interestingly? The solution is to get creative and conduct activities like math games for kids to boost their interest. Here is a list of activities that are the perfect answer to how do you teach math interestingly?

16 Strategies That Are The Answer To How Do You Teach Math Interestingly?

  1. Use picture books: Pictures and images always help kids learn easily because they’re visual learners. When they look at it visually, it will help children understand math. There are hundreds of picture books out there that you can use to help your child understand math.
  2. Math puzzles and riddles: Puzzles, riddles and brain teasers are really great ways to make math lessons more interesting. When children see the lighter and fun side of math, it dispels their fear and anxiety surrounding the subject. Before jumping into lessons, try math riddles for kids to get them thinking and laughing. This builds their confidence and develops their logical reasoning and thinking skills, which enhances their math learning.
  3. Play Games: All kids love to play games. Games are fun and make math learning more interesting and engaging. Additionally, when you teach math using math games for kids, they tend to participate more enthusiastically and learn better. These math games also develop their curiosity, creativity and analytical thinking. Here are some games that you can try with your little ones: Math Baseball, Bouncing Sums. Math facts Bingo, Math Tic-Tac-Toe etc.
  4. Encourage Math Talk: We all know that children love to talk. So, use this to make them more comfortable and eager to learn math. Create an open atmosphere that encourages meaningful conversation about math. You can even use math jokes or math puns for kids to brighten up the kids mood. This will help them dive more enthusiastically into learning mathematical concepts.
  5. Read Math Stories: Stories have been an integral part of kids’ development for a long time. If your child is struggling with a math concept and you’re wondering how do you teach math interestingly, then turn it into a story! Math stories will assist children in remembering, recalling and reevaluating their knowledge. 
  6. Create a story around the mathematical concept your child is struggling with. Then create a simple problem using the story and ask the child to solve the problem. This will help children look at it from a new point of view and solve the problem. Additionally, it’ll help them remember the particular math concept forever. 

  7. Ask Interesting Math Questions: Question and answer sessions are a great way to help children learn math easily. Quiz children on their math lessons and help them arrive at the answer. Give them enough time to think and respond to your question without fear and hesitation. It’s ok if they get it wrong, you can ask more leading questions to help them arrive at the solution on their own. 
  8. For example, if they’re learning the multiplication table for kids, ask them how much 3 x 4 is. If they’re struggling with the answer, explain to them that multiplication is just adding repeatedly. Then ask them, “What do you think the answer will be if you add 3 four times?” 

  9. Implement Engaging Routines: Setting routines for math lessons like structured activities makes way for easier understanding through practice. It also helps children develop their thinking, reasoning, strategizing, problem-solving skills and procedural fluency. 
  10.  Bring In Real Objects: One of the best ways to teach math interestingly is to use real objects or manipulatives while teaching. Touching and feeling real things give children a first-hand experience when learning concepts like counting, addition, multiplication, shapes etc. So, use tangible objects to boost their understanding and learning process. 
  11. Get Up And Move: Instead of teaching math using a single method where kids stay constant, mix things up a bit. Include math activities, which have your kids up and moving during their lessons. It makes math more exciting and stays in kids’ minds forever.
  12. Draw Math models: Drawing and coloring is something that all kids love. Teaching through picture representations will help children understand the concept clearly. Prepare some drawing models and show them to your kids. For example, drawing a multiplication flower helps kids learn the multiplication table for kids  easily. You can also use math coloring worksheets to help kids learn math concepts in a fun way
  13. Review With Math Flash Cards: Prepare math flash cards for topics your child is learning. Then quiz them using the flash cards to help them review and practice math skills.
  14. Encourage cooperative learning: Create an environment where children can work in groups. When kids work together to solve problems, it increases accountability. Additionally, they learn to brainstorm and get to learn through different methods. You can also have the children solve math worksheets for kids together.
  15. Include Parents: Share tips to make math very interesting by involving both parents and children at home. Doing math activities with parents will help students understand mathematical concepts better. 
  16. Celebrate Math Accomplishments: Children feel proud and look forward to doing more when you celebrate their accomplishments. So, however small the achievement might be, celebrating it and praising the child encourages them to try harder. Conduct simple math events or competitions and give your kids an opportunity to show their math skills. You can come up with creative ways to celebrate their accomplishments to egg them on.
  17. Know your kid’s interests: First and foremost, try to understand your kids’ needs and interests. What are your kids’ areas of interest in math? What do they find challenging in math? What do they like the most about math? Once you know their strengths and weaknesses, you can act accordingly to help them.
  18. Create friendly competition: Competition doesn’t mean that it should always be against another student or team. Let it be good and social. Let children learn about healthy competition and your expectations around it. This will ensure high levels of participation and enthusiasm to learn. 

These 16 strategies are the perfect solution to the question, how do you teach math interestingly? Implement them in your child’s math lessons to make them a math whiz.

Benefits Of Teaching Math To Kids 

First you need to understand the benefits of teaching math before you think of how do you teach math interestingly? If the kids are so afraid and anxious about the subject, is it really necessary? And does these strategies really answer the question, how do you teach math interestingly?

Yes, learning math is important and these strategies do work. Math plays a vital role in developing skills like logical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and understanding shapes and patterns in kids. Additionally, we use math in almost every facet of our everyday life. Math plays an important role in shopping, running a business, constructing, sewing clothes, designing vehicles, medicine etc to even cooking. So, it is crucial to teach kids math.

We hope that we have been able to help you find the solution to how do you teach math interestingly? For more interesting tools to teach math to kids, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Do You Teach Math Interestingly?

How Do You Teach Math Interestingly?

Math is one of the most important subjects for kids to learn and develop mathematical skills. You can engage them in fun and interesting math activities and motivate them to learn at their own pace in order to solve math problems easily.

How Do You Teach Math Interestingly in different ways?

Teaching math interestingly can be done with the following ways such as making use of number drawing books, providing them with number games, motivating them to talk more about math and numbers, reading math tales, etc.

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