Letter B Worksheets

Can your child easily recognize the letter B on a chart and say B is for ball, bat etc? Then it’s time to introduce them to letter B worksheets to help them learn to write the letter B. The best way to teach your child the alphabet is with alphabet worksheets, images, games and flashcards. 

These worksheets for kids will help your child learn to write the letter B in both uppercase and lowercase letters. Our letter B worksheets will help your child learn how to write the letter with fun activities like tracing, coloring and connecting the dots. Additionally, printable letter B worksheets also help the little ones learn simple words starting with B. 

Printable Letter B Worksheets Preschool

Make learning the second letter of the English alphabet a fun and engaging activity with letter B worksheets. Here is a list of some free, printable worksheets to learn to identify, trace and write the letter B.

Trace Capital and Small Letter B Worksheet

Help your child learn how to write the letter B in uppercase and lowercase with this  letter B tracing worksheet.

Write B for ball on the worksheet: Letter B worksheets for kids

Identify the B Words Worksheet

Want to know more words that start with the letter B? Here is a fun worksheet to help you improve your B vocabulary.

Identify and write the names of the items mentioned on the worksheet: Free letter B worksheets

Check out B words for kids to learn more words starting with the letter B.

Practice Writing B Words on the Worksheet

Practice writing words that start with B in this printable letter B worksheet.

Practice writing bee and bag on the worksheet: Letter B printable worksheets for kids

Looking for more words starting with the letter B? Check out this list of B words for kids to improve their vocabulary and language skills.

Connect the Dots to Make B Worksheet

Help your child learn to write the letter B in uppercase letters by connecting the dots in this worksheet. Then ask them to trace over the lines repeatedly until they can write B on their own.

Letter B Worksheets

Identify the Letter B Worksheet

Check your child’s letter B recognition skills with this fun worksheet. Ask your child to find all the circles with the letter B and color it.

Letter B Worksheets

Want coloring worksheets for the letter B? Then check out these letter B coloring pages.

Letter B Maze

Help your child learn the letter B in an interesting way with this letter B maze. Ask your child to trace a line along the letter B’s to find a path out of the maze.  

Letter B Worksheets

B is for Bunny Worksheet

Help your child learn to write the letter B and spell the words “bunny” and “Easter” with this B is for bunny worksheet.

Letter B Worksheets

Check out these Easter bunny coloring pages for more bunny-themed coloring worksheets.

Here are a Few Letter B Activities to Try with Your Child

  • Draw Bears: B is for bears afterall. Make cute bears with your little one using Osmo’s Masterpiece! 
  • Paint Balloons: Get some balloons and paint them any color you like. This is a super fun activity and is a great way to teach your child what a balloon is.
  • Nature Walk: B for bird, B for bark, B for bin.. The list goes on! There are so many things we find in nature. You could point at each object (if it starts with B!) you see in your surroundings as you go on a nature walk with your child.
  • B for Breakfast: The next time you make breakfast, introduce your child to some breakfast vocabulary! You could even make letters using food.
  • Different Beans: Arrange beans of different kinds in front of your child and have them distinguish between them!

We hope your kids enjoy these free printable letter B worksheets! For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Letter B Worksheets

Can kids be introduced to letter B worksheets?

Yes, Letter B worksheets are one of the most useful and interesting tools for kids to learn the alphabet. These worksheets are helpful in teaching kids about hand and eye coordination as well as recognition of letters. Kids find these worksheets exciting and fun to practice.

What are the different types of letter B worksheets?

The different types of letter B worksheets are color the letter B, practicing writing on the floor and boards, learn some simple words that begin with the letter B, tracing and coloring the letter B.

What are the letter B worksheets activities for kids?

Letter B worksheets activities for children are teaching them some simple words that are used on a daily basis that start with the letter B, taking them for a walk and asking them to identify the words that start with the letter B and painting the boxes that have the letter B written on them.

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