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學校 Osmo



Osmo 可在 iPad 和 iPhone 把 實時反饋的數碼科技將與物理遊戲 結合起來。利用屏幕以外的遊戲,引導學生在桌面或地板上玩樂,通過使用可觸摸的遊戲組件,如數字卡片、字母卡片和 Coding 模塊來促進他們的合作精神。


Osmo 一直都在不斷推出新的 iPad 和 iPhone 遊戲應用程式,函蓋眾多知識範疇,亦包含不同程度的學生的挑戰關卡。

Words demonstration
words at school

Credit: @MMSylvestri


Words provides on-screen clues to mystery words. Students use letter tiles to spell their answers. Designed to feel like a challenging game, Words is a powerful tool to differentiate instruction.

  • 閱讀 - Develops the foundational skills surrounding letter recognition and decoding. As they gain proficiency and confidence, students are required to spell progressively challenging words.

  • 詞彙 - Connects images to words and supports the creation of customizable albums of words and images.

Coding Awbie demonstration
coding at school

Credit: @cf_coaches


Coding Awbie introduces the foundational skills of programming as kids join Awbie on a strawberry-munching adventure.

  • 計算思維能力 - 通過探索分解部分的功能,檢測模式,和巧妙的運算法來教學編程知識。

  • 邏輯推理 - 集成整合反映乘法思維的“loop”循環模塊,以及體現原因和效果的“if this, then…”如果,然後模塊。

Numbers demonstration
numbers at school

Credit: @000Dave


Numbers helps students dive into maths. Moving number tiles in this undersea world makes maths fast and intuitive.

  • 數字感 - 使用實體的點和數字的卡片,促進對計數、相對值、加法、級聯和乘法的理解。

  • 認知靈活性 - 透過無約束的遊戲,鼓勵以多種解決方法解決數學問題。

Pizza Co. demonstration
pizza-co at school

Credit: @FosterLibrary

Pizza Co.

Pizza Co. turns students into entrepreneurs as they make pizzas to order, calculate change, and invest their profits to upgrade their shop.

  • 數學 - 數值和分數的突出比較。

  • 非語言交際能力 - Animated customers give instant feedback via facial expressions and body language. Students use this feedback to inform their next move.

Tangram demonstration
tangram at school

Credit: @LionsLibrary


Tangram invites students to use tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes. With each success, the screen lights up in celebration.

  • 空間辨識 - Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and transform geometric pieces to assemble the shapes.

  • 自我改正 - 在遊戲過程中提供即時的視覺和聽覺反饋。

Newton demonstration
newton at school

Credit: @TeamMarshall2nd


Newton challenges students to guide falling on-screen objects into a target zone. Students experiment, by drawing shapes or using everyday items, to control the path of descent.

  • STEM - 把物理學和重力學的規律整合在墬落球體的移動路徑中。

  • 創造力 - Fosters inventive ideas through open-ended puzzles and escalating challenges.

Masterpiece demonstration
masterpiece at school

Credit: @CartersBees


Masterpiece transforms any image into simple outlines. This interactive tool helps students create drawings with perfect proportions.

  • 手眼協調 - Students improve their dexterity while recreating their favourite images.

  • 自我表現 - 通過藝術創作中的選擇發展個性。

Monster demonstration
monster at school

Credit: @MrD203


Monster brings drawings to life. Students help Mo, a furry orange friend, by drawing his world and sharing an adventure with him.

  • 英文作為第二語言 - Cements understanding of new vocabulary and comprehension through interactive activities with Mo.

  • 聆聽能力 - 把學生拉進一個 Mo 要求他們畫上特定圖畫的故事中。

Osmo 社群正在說甚麼

好好感受社群的溫暖 ,我們的老師如何享受 Osmo 的好處、分享他們的故事,並引起學生們的注意。

以 Osmo 教學

21 世紀技巧


如 1、2、3 般容易



Osmo 支持和諮詢團隊均由教師擔任導師


教師們一直在告訴我們他們的需要,所以我們設計了「Classroom Kit」。這套 4 部分包括有效的卡片儲存箱、可沖洗塑膠卡片、大小寫字母,模塊型儲物箱等等!

為您的課堂取得 Osmo

所有套裝包含 Masterpiece 和 Newton。 不需要其他組件。




Osmo 遊戲有超過 2,000 都是通過 集資的。


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Osmo 大使熱衷於 Osmo 為學校帶來的好處,並分享他們使用 Osmo 的經驗,亦為未來的產品提供反饋意見。我為大使提供支援、經驗和獎勵,使他們對 Osmo 的使用更上一層樓。

「我與 Osmo 持續維持良好關係,使我能夠為學校產品提供見解。Osmo 在會議上支援我,讓我樂意與其他老師,管理員和家長分享 Osmo 的好處。」

Dave Blanchard

Osmo 大使