Code it. Play it. Rock it!

Venture Beat
Osmo Coding Jam通过音乐教孩子编程。

Learn with our hands-on coding language

Each Osmo coding block is a programming command. By putting the blocks into patterns and sequences, kids create amazing music while learning real coding concepts.


Kids can unlock a whole universe of sounds – from prehistoric cave beats, to interplanetary pings, to science-lab techno grooves – and combine them into unique beats.

More blocks = more creativity!

Do you already have some Osmo coding blocks? Mixing blocks across our coding games unleashes literally millions more coding options!

  • 创作

    Make one-of-a-kind jams. The musical options are endless

  • 学习

    Use coding concepts like loops, sequentials, and multipliers to produce cool tunes.

  • 分享

    Share favourite jams safely with the jam community. They could climb to the top of the charts!



In most cases, if you lose a piece we will replace it for free. There is a 90-day warranty on the base. Learn More