Yellow Fruits Name

What is the color of a banana fruit? How many fruits have you seen in yellow color? You can make them answer all these queries by teaching kids the names of yellow fruits. Learning the yellow fruit names helps kids to recognize and memorize the types of fruits available in yellow color. This will not only help kids to learn about yellow fruits but also enable them to recognize the color and retain them in their memory for a longer time. What are yellow fruits? These are seed-bearing parts of the plants that appear yellow in color. You can find different shades of yellow fruits in the market. You can conduct engaging activities for kids at home to enhance their vocabulary knowledge by teaching them yellow fruit names.

Yellow Fruits Name in English  

What are the yellow fruits that come to your mind? A few examples of yellow fruit names are bananas, pears, mangoes, papayas, jackfruits, muskmelons, etc. Not all kids might know the names of yellow fruits they eat on a daily basis. Therefore, you must teach kids the names of yellow fruits in such a way that they identify and learn the spelling of these fruits effortlessly. Learning the names of yellow fruits enables children to upgrade their communication skills by using appropriate names while communicating with others. With this, kids will not get confused with the names while explaining fruits to others. Besides this, learning vocabulary words for kids enhances their language skills for better learning outcomes. 

List of Yellow Fruit Names for Kids

Below is a list of all the names of yellow fruits for kids. 

Lemon Yellow pear
Pineapple Banana 
Passion fruitYellow Plum 
Star fruit Papaya 
Mango Jackfruit 
Orange Yellow dragon fruit 
Muskmelon Yellow fig 
Pomelo Canary melon 
Yellow peach Guava 
Durian Egg fruit 
Grapes Quince 
Golden kiwiYellow cherry 
Yellow tomatoNectarines 
Yellow watermelon Apricot

Free Printable Yellow Fruits Lists for Kids

Fruits are an essential source of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. You must ensure that kids eat fruits on a regular basis to boost their immune system and lead a healthy life. For that, kids must recognize the kind of fruits they consume. It is important for kids to learn the names of yellow fruits to enhance their fruit vocabulary knowledge. Learning the yellow fruits name enables children to read and write the names of these fruits correctly. Besides this, kids will learn to understand the nutritional benefits of including yellow fruits in their diet. A printable list of yellow fruit names for kids is given below. 

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Fun Activities to Learn Yellow Fruit Names for Kids 

Some engaging activities to learn the names of yellow fruits for kids are mentioned below. 

  • Cut and paste the yellow fruits: In this activity, kids must identify the yellow color fruits illustrated on the worksheet, among other fruits. Then, they must cut and paste the illustrations of yellow fruits in the space provided. This activity will help them to recognize the names of yellow fruits easily. 
  • Fill in the missing letters: In this activity, kids must fill in the missing letters of the yellow fruits name on the worksheets, for example, P _ P _ Y A, B _ N _ N _, P _ A R, etc. The answer is papaya, banana and pear. This activity will help the children to learn the spelling of yellow fruit names correctly. 
  • Show flashcards of yellow fruits: In this activity, you must show flashcards of yellow fruits to kids. They must identify the names of yellow fruits by looking at the images. You can assess children’s performance based on the number of correct answers they give. This activity will help kids recognize and memorize the names of yellow fruits effectively. 

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Benefits of Learning the Names of Yellow Fruits in English 

The benefits of learning yellow fruits names for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It increases children’s vocabulary knowledge about fruits for effective communication. 
  • It helps children recognize and write the names of yellow fruits effectively. 
  • It helps children communicate with others related to fruit names easily. 
  • It develops language skills in children. 
  • It enhances the learning experience of children for better academic performance. 

We hope this article on the yellow fruits name helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Yellow Fruit Name

What are some of the common yellow fruit names?

Some common yellow fruit names for kids are; bananas, papayas, jackfruits, muskmelons, mangoes, yellow figs, egg fruits, etc.

What are the benefits of learning yellow fruit names?

The benefits of learning the names of yellow fruits for kids are that it helps them acquire knowledge about yellow fruits and their nutritional benefits. Besides this, kids will upgrade their vocabulary knowledge of fruits for making effective communication with others.