Words That Start With Qu

Check List Of Words That Start With Qu

The letter q is a redundant letter making sound as /kw/ for the words such as queen, quiz, query, etc. Kids might find words that start with quite challenging in terms of recognition and pronunciation. However, there is a huge list of words that start with qu in teaching vocabulary for kids. Sometimes, you might have seen kids finding difficulty while pronouncing all the words that start with qu. In such cases, you should introduce q words for kids with well planned activities for better learning outcomes.  

Parents and teachers should make an effort to teach words that start with qu for kindergarten kids in an easy and understandable way. To make this process easier, you can conduct spelling activities for kids so that they can spell the words correctly. Initially, focus on short words that start with qu in a systematic way. 

A List of All Words That Start With Qu

Quite Quiet 
Queen Question 
Quarter Quin
Quintile Quack 
Quark Quilt 
Quake Quota
Query Quick 
Queue Quotes
Quality Quintal
Qualify Quantum 
Quarrel Quarterfinal 
Quantitative Quadruplet 
Queensides Qualifiers
Quotations Quotient 

Words That Start With Qu For Kindergarten Kids

Though kindergarten kids are pretty smart in memorizing words that start with qu, they need repeated revision for higher retention. To do this, conceptualize engaging activities with attractive images and content to enhance kids’ learning. If you give them words such as quintessential or quarrelsome, kids will not be able to pronounce or retain them in their memory. Therefore, start with five words that start with qu for their better understanding followed by other words.

5 Letter Words That Start With Qu

  • Quill
  • Quail 
  • Queen 
  • Quiet
  • Quite
  • Quiff
  • Quilt 
  • Quack

6 Letter Words That Start With Qu

  • Quartz
  • Quirky
  • Quoted
  • Quiver
  • Queens
  • Quicks
  • Quakes
  • Quilts 

7 Letter Words That Start With Qu

  • Quality 
  • Quarter
  • Quarrel
  • Quintal
  • Quivers
  • Quizzes
  • Queered 
  • Quicker

How To Teach Words That Start With Qu?

Are you planning some learning activities? If yes, then this is the right place for you to explore activities which are engaging as well as entertaining for your kids. Kids run around the house or make some excuse while learning something that isn’t interesting for them. A question keeps popping up in parents and teachers’ minds on how to involve these kids in learning. To achieve this, you need to make an effective strategy that includes activities keeping in mind their needs and interests. Focus on vocabulary words for kids in general so that they can understand and interpret information in a much better way. 

A Few Activities That Help In Learning Words That Start With Qu Are As Follows: 

  • Complete the word: Ask kids to recognize and write a set of incomplete words using hints or clues as provided on the sheet. Some of the examples are mentioned below:
    1.  Q u _ _ _
    2. Hint: female ruler in the kingdom. 

    3. Q u _ _
    4. Hint: set of questions asked during the game. 

    5. Q u _ _ _
    6. Hint: sound made by duck 

    7. Q u _ _ _
    8. Hint: people waiting for something in a line

    9. Q u _ _ _

    Hint: doubt or a question that you want to ask someone. 

    Also, explore riddles for kids


  • Color the word: We understand the fact that learning challenging words that start with qu is not so easy. But, once you are acquainted with all the words, it will remain throughout your life. Kids in preschool have enjoyed alphabet coloring pages with utmost enthusiasm and vigor. Similarly, you can offer coloring pages for learning words that start with qu to the kids. Provide attractive themed coloring pages and ask them to color all words that start with qu using watercolors or crayons. This will create interest in learning words that they used to find difficult in recognizing or memorizing. 

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